Crimson Trace LaserGrips and holsters


August 18, 2005, 07:09 PM
I want to build a list (data base) and need some help from the gun community. As you may know, Crimson Trace LaserGrips have a laser diode integrated into the grip. This means that Laser grips fit well in some holsters and not so well in others. I would like to know what Lasergrip’d guns fit in what holster and what does not (to assist costumers who may call in) Anyone willing to share what works and what does not?

It can be CCW and Police Duty holsters. What fits is as important at what does not. I'll post the list on CTC website when done.

Thanks for your help. SDnR

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August 19, 2005, 12:54 AM
SDnR is a good guy Moderator over at the Crimson Trace forum. I'd offer some info, but I carry my CT-equipped:
J-frame in my pocket
Colt Compact in waist band with Universal ClipDraw
K-frame in a cheap nylon holster for range shooting & plinking
BHP on my nightstand.

Good Luck!

August 23, 2005, 12:23 PM
Thanks Bubby, So far we are are getting good response back from most of the forums and police agencies.

Thanks for your help.

Anyone else? laser/holster....anyone? :) SDnR

August 23, 2005, 12:27 PM
Joe ~

I've got a Glock 26 with the built-in CT laser. It still fits the Blade-Tech "Ultimate Concealment Holster," but it no longer snicks in as positively as it used to before adding the CT.


August 23, 2005, 12:28 PM
OK, let me go through my list...

1. SIG P220, with LG, and Milt Sparks VM2 - OK.

2. S&W 442 & 642 with LG-205's in DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster - OK.

3. S&W 13 & 65, 3", with LG, in various holsters including Kramer MSP, Uncle Mike's nylon bash-about, etc. - OK.

Hope that helps.

August 23, 2005, 12:29 PM
I carry my CT equipped J Frame in a Kramer Leather pocket holster and there is no interference between the CT grips and the leather.

August 23, 2005, 12:37 PM
My CT-305 equipped S&W 340SC (Airlight hammerless J-frame .357) works fine with an Uncle Mike's pocket holster. No interference at all.

August 24, 2005, 12:31 AM
I have a Springfield 1911A1 with C/T grips on it. I have never seen a holster for a 1911 it would not fit into. Military, Bainchi 105 open top, High noon lined or unlined, Uncle mikes ect.

August 24, 2005, 05:25 AM
S&W 642 universal IWB clip on and I'm left handed so the lazer itself is against my gut if that means anything.

August 24, 2005, 06:41 AM
Sig P220ST with CT fits nicely in my Milt Sparks 55BN.

August 24, 2005, 08:27 AM
I have a Beretta 96 Brigadier with CT grips that fits fine in the Tucker Texas Heritage.

August 24, 2005, 09:01 AM
my berretta m9 doesn't fit too well in the Fist K1

August 24, 2005, 09:13 AM
SIG P229 .40S&W Bianchi Model 7 – Shadow II (Style size 09) - OK


September 1, 2005, 01:41 PM
Wow you guys are great... I have updated the data base... (not posted it yet..)

Superb! Keep em' coming... SDnR :D

September 2, 2005, 12:00 AM
I have CT on a Kimber Pro Carry in a Pager Pal IWB holster. Works great.

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