Differences between Redhawk and Super Redhawk


September 5, 2005, 11:25 AM
Im starting to get into Ruger`s revolvers, and was looking to buy one of thier DA 44 mags. My question is, what are the differences between the SRH and Redhawk revolvers (outside of thier appearance)? Thanks-

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September 5, 2005, 12:33 PM
The super is slightly heavier and beefier with a barrel shroud. It has scope scallops. The super is probably the most heavy duty mass produced 357 - 44 (actually I'm not sure if it comes in 357 although I know the redhawd does.) I'm not sure what the new Alaska packs, but it may be bigger frame wise.

Both are great revolvers. If you don't plan to scope it or develop heavy handload there is little need for the superRH unless you like the extra weight. That said the RH will withstand some serious loads that would send metal flying from many other guns.

Both have barrels longer than I care for.

Ruger Redhawk
September 5, 2005, 12:56 PM
The SRH has a heavier frame.The SRH has the scope intrgral cutouts. The Redhawk you can get with or without these cutouts.The Redhawks are available in Blued or Stainless. The SRH's are only S/S most with the target gray coating.I have both the RH's and SRH.The RH is allot nicer to carry.For shooting heavy loads the SRH fits the ticket.The new Alaskan is a SRH w/a 2.5"bbl chambered in either 480 Ruger or the mightly 454 Casull.It depend what you plan on doing with these. To carry all day in the field I would go with the RH. For range use and occasional carrying it afield I would go with the SRH.Both are very strong guns. I give an edge to the SRH because of the heavier frame.The RH's are not available in the 454 Casull or the 480 Ruger.As a matter of fact it appears the Redhawks are only being made in the 44mag.
Fisherman66 the SRH never came in 357 mag.The Redhawk did but was discontinued years ago along with the 41 Mag Redhawk.Now the Redhawk in 45 Colt has been dropped.

Ruger Redhawk

September 5, 2005, 01:08 PM
The Redhawk has lockwork unlike any other Ruger handgun. It uses the mainspring to both drive the hammer and return the trigger. There are those that say this slows the hammer fall. After its introduction, Ruger built no more guns using this system.

The Super Redhawk is pretty much similar to the GP100 as I understand it. In fact some parts- grips,etc.- are interchangeable, I believe. Kind of like a GP100 on steroids.

There both excellent guns in my view. I have a Redhawk in stainless that I really enjoy.


September 5, 2005, 02:15 PM
I was leaning toward the Redhawk from what all of you said, but then the lockwork comments from "Thehogman" makes me believe the the locktime is slower on the Redhawk. Has anyone noticed a perceivable diffence between the two, in that reguard?

September 5, 2005, 02:20 PM
I have compared the gp100 and standard redhawk side by side. I didn't disassemble the redhawk, but they looked identical except in scale. Trigger cant and set up included.

September 5, 2005, 03:00 PM
Fatelvis - You've ceratainly got some varied info here. Sfhogman is correct in that the Redhawk has a different lockwork than the Super does. While there may be some theoretical difference in lock time you will not notice it in practical terms. I have found that with the lockwork on the Redhawk is very easy to get a superb double action pull with a little polishing and changing to a lighter mainspring. The accuracy of both my Redhawk and Super Redhawk is the same. The Super Redhawk IS NOT heavier than the Redhawk. The 7 1/2" barreled version of the Super is listed at 53 ounces, the 7 1/2" barreled Redhawk is listed at 53.5 ounces. This is because the Redhawk has a full metal grip frame, the Super does not.

Ruger Redhawk
September 5, 2005, 06:57 PM
I forgot or wasn't thinking the Redhawk and the SRH have different lockwork.Jaybar I guess you are correct about the weight of them. For some reason the SRH's feel heavier to me. Might have to do with the 9.5" tube I have on mine and the scope. I stand corrected.Either way they are both great guns.

Ruger Redhawk

September 5, 2005, 08:14 PM
About 2 weeks ago I shot my 44 Redhawk (5.5") and my 44 Super Redhawk (7.5") side by side. I used Hand loads with 240 Remington JSP and JHP bulk bullets. Powder was Win 296 and Blue Dot. All loads were max loads according to manuals. I was shooting 25 yards and less and could not see any difference in accuracy between them.
The 2 guns feel completely different when shooting. You can let the regular Redhawk roll up in your hand like a Single Action Colt while the Super Redhawk pushes straight back into the web of your hand. I know it might sound strange because the Super Redhawk is bigger and heavier but I think it has a lot more "felt" recoil than the regular Redhawk. Both triggers feel about the same. They seem to get smoother the more they are used. The sights look identical.

When it comes to disassembly both come apart real easy for cleaning, but reassembly goes faster with the Super Redhawk. The regular Redhawk has a little hook as part of the Hammer assembly that has to be fumbled into the spring Assembly. This operation can drive a short tempered person up the wall (sometimes). ;)

Either way I like both a lot, but the regular Redhawk is clearly my favorite Revolver.

Tom C.
September 6, 2005, 08:36 PM
I have a couple of 5 Redhawks, in .44 mag and .45 Colt and a Super Redhawk with a 6 barrel. The grips are different. That is a personal thing. The mechanisms are different, as has been said. What it boils down to, for me: the Redhawk takes some work to get a pretty good single action pull, the Super Redhawk can get a very good single action trigger pull very easily, but the double action pull is not as good as the Redhawk.
Like most things in life, it is a matter of personal preference.

September 8, 2005, 09:10 PM
I have both the RH and SRH, both in 44 Mag. Don't let the main spring thing bother you, I prefer my RH over my SRH. Both are 7 1/2"

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