Walther P22 and Springfield XD .40 Range Report (LONG)


March 27, 2003, 11:22 AM
Ok, I finally got out to the indoor range and put the two new purchases through their paces. I would like to say one thing about going to the range. It can really be a pain if you have with you three guns, ammo box and shooting box. You have to clear three or four doorways, two steps etc etc etc … I have got to just bring one gun plus the .22 (in shooting box) with me for now on. Or find a better way to transport everything, short of a foot locker.

Walther P22 3.4”
I took the gun apart to oil it down and check functionality. Take down was started simply, remove mag, cock hammer and pull down takedown levers, The slide assembly slides back a little, you then lift it up in the rear and slide it forward. This when the fun began …the guide rod and spring shot five feet across the room. Pick that back up off the floor, oil rails, barrel area and trigger assembly slighty. I try to put the guide rod/ spring back in, but not seeing it installed caused a problem. I put it in backwards to start, took about five minutes to realize the knob end of rod goes into frame point and the spring extends into slide assembly point. Once I made that switch, the slide moves back over the barrel at an angle until it slips down over rails, then slide forward and push up takedown levers. I worked the action a few times to lubricate and check. All seemed well.
I loaded up two mags (one a –A, the other older which was causing me a worry due to reports of issues with these model numbered mags) with Blazer .22 HV. Started off slow, but this little gun is a blast. Recoil was snappy due to size and weight, but fun. Accuracy was great out to 15 yds. I then shot some PMC HV .22 in it and another 50 rounds were gone. Then some Remington HV.
In summary:
- Not one misfire, FTF, FTE, not one hiccup.
- Accuracy was very good and once I get used to size and grip, it will improve.
- Fun factor is very high, I would love to have a hicap mag for this just to keep on pulling the trigger.
- I think it is a winner and Walther seems to have worked out any bugs with mags as I had not one problem.

Springfield XD .40
I once again took this gun apart and oiled it a little to prepare for first firing. The barrel seemed a little dusty, so ran an oil patch down it and dried it out. It had not been fired and it came clean after two swipes with patches. It came apart so simply, just pull slide back, turn takedown lever up, pull trigger and move slide forward and it slips right off. Wonderful, nice build touches, good support around chamber. To my novice eye it appears to be overbuilt. We shall see.
As a comparison I shot about 40 rounds of 115gr 9mm thru my Steyr M9 (I really like this little gun) first. I then loaded the XD with some GeorgiaAmmo reloads in 155gr. The pistol is much larger and heavier then the M9, but lighter then my CZ85. Beefy is was I would call it (and people call me.) I do hate the sights, the posts just seem high and skinny to me. I ordered the Ghost Rings for a Sig 226 from Entrepise and will install as soon as possible. Firing was easy and trigger was crisper then I expected. Recoil was stout. I liked it. It is exactly as I expected and since I was looking for a gun with more power then 9mm for possible bear/pig/jackass encounters while in the mountains it seems to be perfect. I tried some double taps, and while reacquiring the target took a split second longer then the Steyr did, I was able to put two holes in paper quickly. With work I am sure I could gain better control and speed. Once again, my shots were all hitting low and right ( I am lefty) indicating my grip was to low. Changed my grip some, and bye bye 10 ring at 15 yds. Had one FTF in the third clip, but it could have been due to limp wristing the follow through. I did not have a chance to put some high grain shells through it, but will do soon.
In summary:
- Nicely built. I did not like my Springfield 1911, I think I will like this gun.
- Stout recoil is not troublesome and somehow soothing in a strong way.
- Sights suck, but will be replaced soon.
- Gun is very large compared to Steyr yet not to heavy to carry all day.
- Accuracy was good combat quality. Should get better with sights and usage.

Anyway, that is my report. I think I got some winners here. Every once in awhile you roll the dice and it works out for you. By the way, I think I am a converted man, polymer all the way!!!!

:) :) :)

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March 27, 2003, 09:25 PM
That's great! I am getting my p22 next week or so and I hope that I have just as much luck with mine!

March 27, 2003, 09:34 PM
I've been debating whether or not I should get a P22 myself. They look like fun little guns!
As for the XD, do you plan on getting a 357sig barrel for it? I've shot a few hundred rounds through a rental & have enjoyed every round ;)

Sir Galahad
March 27, 2003, 10:09 PM
The XD series are screaming deals for the gun you get per buck spent. I, too, have an XD-40. This pistol feeds it all from Wolf, to Magtech, to Remington without a hitch.

March 27, 2003, 10:40 PM
Good report. Thanks. Been looking at the p22 for a while now. don't really need one but it just looked like a fun little gun. already have an XD but I saw my first subcompact XD at gun show a couple of weeks ago and I really think I might have to have one. now I will have to decide between that and the P22. I hate decisions like this..... may have to get both... hmmm. anyway, glad you liked the p22.

March 28, 2003, 09:56 AM
Since I just got the gun, I think I will hold off on the .357 sig barrel. And, to be honest, since I have a .40 I dont see the need for the .357. In my opinion, the .40 is faster, heavier, cheaper and more readily available. Maybe I should ask everyone what the pluses and minuses are.

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