Walther´s P99 owners?


September 18, 2005, 02:15 AM
Any opinions on Walther´s P99 pistols?

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September 18, 2005, 02:54 AM
The Walther P99 in 9mm is my carry gun. It goes bang every time. In the first 3000 rounds, before I stopped keeping track, I had exactly 3 malfunctions. They were all failures to go into battery. Proper lubrication (esp. on the top front of the barrel hood) seems to have fixed those.

The interchangable backstraps are why I bought this pistol: With the smallest backstrap, It fits my diminutive hands.

The trigger, with its 3 modes, seems complicated to some people, but all it takes is practice to get used to it. Of course you're going to practice a lot with your carry gun, so that doesn't matter. The trigger reset is nice and short. This guns can be had with other triggers, but I'm pretty happy with the 3-mode trigger.

Field strip takes all of two seconds and no tools. It's easy to clean.

The grip is too fat to conceal well in a Smart Carry on my small frame, but I open carry most of the time. My sweetie is nice enough to let me borrow one of her smaller pistols when I need to conceal. I think larger people (I'm 5'5" and 160 pounds when I can stay away from the potato chips and apple pie) can conceal it better.

Mine has a rediculous hump in the trigger guard that pinches my trigger finger a bit, enough that after a few hundred rounds the end of my finger can get mildly sore. I think they got rid of that hump on later models. Good riddance.

The decocker is very nice.

September 18, 2005, 03:07 AM
P99, one that sees frequent time in my carry rotation. Damn good, reliable, dependable firearm. MIne goes bang everytime, had 1 problem in over 4000 rounds, which was a mag related problem, spring kinked in the mag. Other than that, I am confident evertime I carry it, that god forbid I need to use it, it will work.

Also, do some research on this board regarding that hump, I did, ended up taking a dremel, worked slowly, now no ski slope hump to put a blister on me trigger finger.

September 18, 2005, 03:07 AM
We have a P99 fullsize and a P99 compact, both in 9x19mm. Neither have ever had a malfunction and are spectacular guns. The compact is still very new, with only a few hundred rounds through it but the full size has had numerous rounds through it, at least a couple thousand.


September 19, 2005, 03:40 AM
Nice pistols.
Mine's been retired from carry because it's an original P99 with a low serial number and a date code "KK"!!!! :cool:

September 19, 2005, 02:25 PM
Awesome pistols. I recently traded mine but that doesn't mean it wasn't a great gun. I just didn't show it the attention that it deserved.

September 19, 2005, 02:54 PM
regarding the ski bump inside trigger guard, I believe it's made so trigger is same distance from guard at all points of the pull, and reduces chance for shooting glove fabric getting caught or something like that. In my shooting I have not had a problem with it blistering my finger. I wonder if it's due to the way you pull the trigger.

September 19, 2005, 03:46 PM
Maybe it's because I don't wear shooting gloves when I practice. "Oh, a mugging? Hold on, let me get my gloves on... Ok, thanks for waiting. Now drop the knife!"

I can tell you that I can just reach the trigger properly with the smallest backstrap on the pistol, so maybe that has something to do with it. The pinch happens during recoil, so it might take a high-speed camera to figure out how my trigger finger is ending up down there.

September 19, 2005, 04:13 PM
I also don't shoot with glove but I think it maybe a placement of finger on trigger that results in the blister finger. I do hear it happening more often with polymer trigger than steel ones as polymer trigger tend to flex and give a little extra bounce to trigger finger.

I also use the smallest backstrap for the perfect fit, but my finger tend to stay toward the midde of the trigger, rather than toward the bottom. Try it when you're drying friing.

September 19, 2005, 04:21 PM
P99 is my primary. Nice piece. Reliable and accurate.

The trigger did require some modification though. First, you have to figure out which trigger you have - there are two. The early P99s have a trigger with a second pivot that is quite low on the trigger. I found that if I quickly picked up the gun and pulled the trigger my finger would be high enough to prevent the first pivot from breaking - all the rotation was accomplished by the second pivot. This is BAD of course, because the whole reason for the two pivot design is a drop safety. So, when I grabbed the gun quickly and pulled the trigger...it did not go 'bang' (lump in stomach).

Dremel, meet drop safety catch.

The first trigger also had it's tip well ahead of the ski hump when at rest. This led to my putting my finger very low on the trigger (especially after the drop safety incident). Flesh from my finger easily bulged over and rubbed on the ski ramp as it was pulled back. Blisters result after 100 rounds.

Later model P99s have a redesigned trigger that raises the drop safety pivot (making it much more difficult to pull the trigger high enough to engage the safety) and a shallower curve to the trigger such that the tip of the trigger is right at the tip of the ski jump bump when at rest. This lets you know immediately if you put your trigger finger too low and will rub the ski bump.

The second trigger is a notable improvement. Unfortunately, you cannot install the new trigger design on the older guns, so be forwarned before purchasing.

September 20, 2005, 03:37 AM
007 now has one, good enough for me :D I have yet to have shot one, but I like the idea of the removeable backstrap.

September 20, 2005, 09:44 AM
Here's mine...I'm very pleased with the reliability and accuracy.
http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y68/OH25shooter/th_DSCN1027.jpg (http://i3.photobucket.com/albums/y68/OH25shooter/DSCN1027.jpg)

September 20, 2005, 09:48 AM
For me, the Walther P99 has one of the most comfortable grips of any pistol out there. It is very accurate for a combat pistol. I have found it to be very reliable. I have put almost 8K rounds through one in .40 S&W without a hiccup. However, be aware that there are some defective "Clinton era" 10 round .40 S&W caliber mags out there. MecGar used some substandard plastic for the floorplates and they were prone to breakage. The problem has since been solved with the return to standard capacity mags and the use of better plastic.

I'm a little surprised to hear of people having trouble with the trigger. I've never made contact with the little ramp (that was part of the original design) during my trigger pull. The ramp was placed there to aid in the shooter in the proper placement of his or her trigger finger but was cut from the current, redesigned version of the P99.

FWIW, I feel the P99 is one of the best options available if you are looking for a pistol with a polymer frame. The gun is very well engineered. It is well made and durable. In addition, Walther offers excellent customer service through the gun's American importer S&W. If you get a chance, I recommend visiting a range and renting one.

September 20, 2005, 10:28 AM
Maybe a bit off topic. Just wondering, the Walther P99's are good pistols but why hasn't it gained popularity? I meant popularity or following in the likes of Glocks or HK's? I tried shooting the P99 and kinda liked it better than the glocks probably due to the grip angle. Anyways, thanks for reading.

September 20, 2005, 12:02 PM
to do this. Give them a few years and we'll see.

Ex-MA Hole
October 29, 2005, 09:32 PM
P99QA in 9mm.

1 1/2 Years old. She doesn't have the ski slope in the trigger guard.

Love the gun. About 3,000 rounds through her, has gone bang every time (well, except for the two or three time I forgot to put the mag all the way in, but that's shooter error, not gun error).

October 30, 2005, 05:15 AM
I own mine in .40SW
my first "real" or larger bore pistol. Love it, very very acurrate well more accurate than me. Grip is perfect because of the straps, this was a large factor for the purchase of mine. I didnt know james bond used it until after i purchased it, so that wasnt a factor for me. I at first wanted a glock, then I got to hold one of these... wow. no where near as blocky.. and has gone boom everytime, ate everything I have fed it.. cleans up really nice.. I rotate it for carry. It will be a very good winter pistol for me.. It not to large, and not too small. The recoil is snappy but very controlable. The plastic guide rod threw me for a while as my friends glock was steel, but it has never failed once, and since I delt w/ smith and wesson's support over my p22, if it ever fails or if anything ever fails on the pistol, I know S&W will send me a new part no questions asked... they are cool like that. I think they are one of the best looking polymer pistols, them and H&K USPs...

November 1, 2005, 07:51 PM
The P99 IMNSHO is the best polymer pistol out there. I like the design so much that I have three of them, and I still need to pick up a P99C.

November 3, 2005, 06:54 AM
I've had a P99 (9mm) for a couple of years, along with Berettas, H&Ks, SIGs, Kimbers, FNs, etc. It's the equal of any of them, including the H&K P2000, and costs a lot less. I don't think anyone would ever regret purchasing one. Can't think of any post I've seen of an owners complaining of his/hner P99.

November 3, 2005, 10:21 AM
What's not to love? It's great for carry, and I competed with one for a while.

BPPP (Best Plastic Pistol Period) IMHO.

November 3, 2005, 06:21 PM
P99C AS owner here. My name is indicative of my gun preference; however, I have a new-found interest after purchasing my first P99C AS on 10/3/05. Very accurate and reliable after appx. 500 rounds. The AS (DA/SA) trigger is great but unfortunately no longer being imported in the US . . . My suggestion . . . Get one while available. Mine came with a German test target which measures a 1 7/8 inch 25 meter (27.25 Yards converted) 5 five shot group (I think ths is exceptional from a 3.5 inch barrel). Anyway, I liked it well enough to purchase a second on 10/10/05 (FYI Special Note : Availability of P99C AS: Each came from CDNN. Price $429.99 ea. + shipping to FFL, then FFL transfer fee, tax, etc. I always deal with Jerry at CDNN, he is a great guy and I have always been no less than pleased with his selections whether new or used units . . . he is honest and has described each rub mark and scratch over the telephone).

November 3, 2005, 10:12 PM
I have the P99 and love it, for all the previously mentioned reasons. It is the best fit of any polymer pistol I tried; I use the smallest grip. Very accurate, never a problem in the 500+ rounds I put through it. Bought it used. The fast and easy take down function was also a big seller for me. It cleans up very well after shooting.

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