Anyone heard from SM lately?


September 28, 2005, 12:24 PM
Has anyone heard from SM in the last few months? I have always enjoyed reading his stories and tactics. Very down to earth guy with lots of good ideas. I don't think he has posted since the end of June.

Anyway, hope he is doing OK and would like to see more postings from him.

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September 28, 2005, 12:55 PM
I believe he's posted recently on

September 28, 2005, 01:20 PM
He's pretty darned swamped with school as well.

Fred Fuller
September 28, 2005, 02:28 PM
I've had email from him since Rita came to call in that part of the country (Arkansas), he's doing OK. Bizzy with school and not doing much else right now, he says.


September 28, 2005, 02:34 PM
Glad to hear he is doing well altho' busy. Never met or PMed him, but as I said I have missed his brand of posting.

September 28, 2005, 07:28 PM

Shocked, humbled and embarrassed - Thank you for the kind words.

Yes I am staying busy, real difficult for an older returning student with bifocals to not stumble down steps and walk into closed doors these days. NO it has nothing to do with cute gals in mini-skirts or tight jeans. I am just getting old is all *ahem*

I have always interacted with folks off-forum. I tend to be doing more of that these days. Last time I tried to access THR for PMs, I could not get in.

Tip: Do not put username and password on a 9mm ctg. and fire the durn thing...

Granted just because I am taking CIS/ IT stuff does not mean I know what I am doing. I have umpteen usernames and passwords, some I have to change every 7 -10 days for security reasons. THR server was acting up I suppose, perhaps ... THRs server problems are the reason I goofed up getting in to my ATM. [ sounds like a good excuse to me...].

Well for sure that Cisco username and password won't work...or the WebCT, or the Moodle, or Panduit, or ...did I mention I am not as young as I used to be?

So to make my life easier - I was using PMs at TFL. I mean one less browser open when you have 17 tabbed does help...

Gun related:

Well I am getting nearer to *tweaking* a RJ45 jack to accept gun cleaning jags, brushes and such. Good thing about my efforts is in using Cat 5e cabling, it makes no never mind to learn TIA 568A or TIA 568B on termination.

So besides straight through, crossover, rollover, cables - I have a "yank it" cable.

IIRC I have always agreed with Improvise, Adapt ,Ovecome.

Works great for shotguns bores, from 12 down to .410. sizes. Forget cancellation effect and crosstalk, just twist them 4 pairs of wires anywhich way you want, NO spilt pairs, or all that other TIA/EIA standards to concern yourself with. I use a piece of white shop towel and Corrosion X to take care of bores. Amazing what one can come up in a CIS/IT storage room.

My next project - has to be a way to get a RJ45 Crimper tool to punch primers, seat bullets or something. I mean using it for a hammer is a no brainer.

My 10X shell bag has come in handy too. I had to pull cable and needed something to put tools in. Good thing I forgot to check and empty the thing.

Did you know three Cat5e cables will fit inside a 28 ga AA hull? Yep sure enougth they will. Just cut of the brass part, insert the cable, electrical tape the drop chain to the hull...real easy to spot that red hull when you need to find it to pull through the rectangle hole in sheet rock.

Gotta be a way to patent this idea. Where is that durn tilecrawler when I need him?

A 12 ga hull stomped on makes a great door stop btw. .410 hulls give character and personality to a well done cabling job. I was going to have my work tested, yeah well so we do the Standards on labeling on both ends, with 9 students to check work on...

"Which ones are yours...never mind...I guess those red "tubes" up on the crossover rack are yours - huh? "

Beats the heck out of trying to follow which student's cabling is what. Makes the "pull through check" a heckuva lot easier too.

Make that two patents...

I volunteered to check out some monitors and hard drives not long ago. FWIW Gateway monitors have the worst resolution when adjusted by 230 gr FMJ, didn't improve with 12 ga slugs either.

"Did you totally erase the HDDs".

Kill two tasks at the same time, Erase the HDDs and find out which slugs a 20 ga shot best. I mean since I was out learning and being productive and all...

Seems the Federal worked best from the 870 20 ga with 21" bbl and aftermarket external knurled chokes installed. Wood stock ( of course) took it down to 13 3/4" LOP, the semi-pistol grip is less so...not quite a straight one.

Added some touches to the palm swell, added Pachmyer Decelator recoil pad of course. The Toe, heel have been contoured, and for sake of fun, Used the Trulock swivel on the buttstock and "innovated" the normal Remington swivel on the mag cap. NO extensions, lights or such. Just a "bird gun" - Honest. *wink* *snicker* *snicker*.

Quail and fast flushers- ain't got a prayer, Skeet loads work do some 3/4 oz special loadings of # 8.5 shot.

So I am busy and yes I am "behavin'"

Took care of a need Denny said some folks in MS needed. I took it upon myself to take care of a little need for some Katrina folks. Would make a great read, then again some stuff one cannot talk about. Lets just say it was the right thing to do - no matter TPTB may say. Next time you crank up "Seven Bridges Road" or "Midnight Rider"...or some ZZTop, just grin, smile, let your imagination wander a bit. You might not be too far off.

Only loss on that trip, some gal assisting me snagged my BA/UU/R button. hehe...figured she would, reason I had it with me.

Oh...before that little excursion, I was in TN. Any of you folks see my Pink Floyd tape at the "Get Gas & Smokes in K-ville, or N-vill let me know- lost it somewhere, got my handwriting on the outside - you'll know it if you see it.

I never did get back my Stones cassette left on the pump at the station near the KY Speedway about a year either. I gotta quit fiddlin' with cassette tapes whilst I fill up.

Ain't the 'Net great? Here I am taking online classes pretty much. Now I am considered 'antiquated' - still have my dial up ISP...which I can access all over the place. My tests , assignments and class participation works just as well from KY, TN, LA, TX, I said ain't Laptops cool?

Other shooting stuff - gotta 12 year doing 100 repetitions of mounting gun to face with a 28 ga shotgun cut to fit her. Well most days anyway, homework and such cuts into this practice sometimes. She is getting quick, consistent, stamina, and gonna piss some body off if'n they think she can't shoot. I got ten bucks on the gal shooting a 1100 28 ga. Any takers?
You got a question about Brister's book, ask her. I believe she has it memorized by now.

Me, not gonna get to go hunt it looks like this fall. I didn't even bust any doves this year. I figure me not shooting all them dove limits might "up" Smokes averages.

I think the boy needs a bit more trigger time is all, someday, he can toofell a limit of 15 doves with 13 shells...
...maybe :neener:

Not getting to shoot like I want, still make an effort to practice when can. Seems the 'atmosphere' around my part of the world and travels have continued to go downhill. Had car-jackings, purses snagged , vehicle theft and home invasions afternoon alone was real busy. 3-4 block area, I was in the grocery store when 3 car jackings took place in the parking lot.

Elderly folks loading groceries, BG just jumps in and takes off.
People washing cars, vacuuming in driveway -BG walks and points gun, takes car...Sigh...

CRSAm always said one never knows...

Must be the new folks in town with new tatoos and graffetti...

Yep still CCW-ing of course, like you figured I wouldn't be.

Not sure how long I have on this school dealie. Depends on how the semesters and credits are worked out b/t Cisco and School.

Still, I am looking for something better to do as I attend. NOT going to rule out just picking up stakes, moving out of state, and doing this education bit elsewhere.

I mean everything is accessible with the Information Age. I even worked on a Project with a lady in Spain taking the same curriculi over there. We shared hunting, shooting and game stories as we teamed on the other class stuff.

I now want to shoot birds in Spain...

Well , I would prefer Quail to tend, upper elevations, less people and more serenity. I have shotgun and truck, all I need is a dog. This somewhere near some school with Cisco of course...

Maybe the dog will understand Visual Basics, looks Weird to me, "tump" in JavaScript does wierd stuff. You should try "Ultimate Shotgun"...yeah that went over about as well on JavaScript as it did here on THR...oops...

If you want to entertain a 4 y/o, snag some spent hulls and ctgs, and an ink pad. This will keep a kid busy playing with stamps.

You get to go the Auto parts store for orange hand cleaner later on...this cleaner works pretty good on vinyl tablecloths, the door facing, the wall....Mom's do not appreciate WW.38spl tattoos btw...

I am still an "adopted uncle" to the kid. Mom calls me something else. She has to be nice though...I am going to be the one tweaking her shotgun and giving tips. Ah...bribery, blackmail , deciet and such are such good tools for an old guy I tell ya...

Handled a Cane Masters cane...someday - when I get past all this other stuff, I gotta get into this Cane stuff more serious. This is really good stuff.

I have "gotten by" with regular old canes. I understand a lot more as to why LawDog and others talk up this Cane Stuff. Look into it folks- I am serious.

In handling new shotguns/ guns period : Well I ain't happy at all. Yes I have always recommended OLDer used ones. Folks...please please do look into these OLDer used guns, the metallurgy is so much better, the craftsmanship is there, and you do get what you paid for.

I have been very pleased with new 1300s for a bone stock pump gun. We really need to petition USRA to make the 1300 in 28 ga again, and one model for theyouth. Get busy contacting USRA folks.

I am supposed to wring out a XD, if I can wring steels at 40 yds with a Keltec P-11, an XD should be a piece of cake. :p

Yep my P-11 is still flawless, only tweak was the mag extensions. Best can figure over 15k rds thru mine. It fills a niche. Seems to filling a niche for a number of folks I know.

Well ya'll be good, thanks for thinking of me. Now I get to play with Access 2003 and do some weird off the wall stuff for DBMS class. Email notifications have come student has sent me 4 notices " get your butt in here [in class forum] - I am lost as I can be...some idiot aced the last project and ...

Hey who says an old fart cannot get the highest grades on the DBMS stuff so far...Must be the shooter in me...
That or stumbling down steps or running into closed doors on campus is good for getting my grey matter in gear.
Maybe the tight jeans and mini-skirts...




Larry Ashcraft
September 28, 2005, 08:07 PM
Does the old heart good to see a post by my friend again.

Steve, God willin', see you in Tulsa in April.

September 28, 2005, 08:44 PM

Another member of your "fan club". :neener:

You picked the right field, plenty of jobs for you.

And trust me you will blend in fine with some of the former inside plant, outside plant, and cable folks, at least the ones I have known that went down that same path... :evil:

Oh, and just 'cause ya'll are getting older don't mean yer dead! :evil:

(Tip: When running cable over a drop ceiling it is very advantageous to have some means of propelling the cable over a distance. Short fishing reels, dart guns, and small crossbow pistols can be very useful and fun! :D )

Take care!

September 28, 2005, 08:58 PM
You need yet another 28 ga?

Any truth to the rumor my picture is on a poster in Tulsa titled "Wanted" ? :p

Well, I am kinda commited to this instructor for 3 more classes. I have informed him come April of '06 I have some "licensures" to re-up. It is true my Res CCW is up for Renewal. My Non- Res is good until '07. [note to self, look at the durn thing and see which month]. I figure "Tulsa" has got to fall under "licensure" somehow...

To answer a PM. Yes- My truck is blue, yes the center caps are missing on the mags( high water does that btw), No I had Bon Jovi ( Steel Cowboy) cranked as I came out of the Washburn Tunnel.

Bob Seger was cranked as I entered the BBQ joint in North Texas. Yeah the lady is cute as a button ain't she- she was literally ridin' shotgun. Model 37 in case inquiring minds want to know. Old Colt Commander on her hip...she knows how to shoot it - well.

Texas is a BIG state, try doing the Washburn Tunnel to OK in one run. I / we made an end run to drop her off...Texan gals...ah yeah, nuttin' like 'em.

Yep we might of been in some gun stores...

That was me in Sallisaw, down the road - Hanging Judge Parkers old Stomping grounds have changed a bit, then took a backroad to somewhere I needed to be, from there southbound and down again, ZZTop and Allman Bros keeping me company.

Like the old mentor said to me back when I was a pup. Always a good idea to have medium frame revolvers and single shot shotguns handy...along with matches, candles, water, and canned goods in case of an emergency...

Don't figure he would fuss for adding 9mm, .38spl, 45ACP ammo, surgical supplies, coloring books...lever actions, and some tracphones...emergency type stuff you understand.

I hear the wintergreen oil was really appreciated, wish I could of carried more surgical masks...

I know very well how the wintergreen oil on a surgical mask - 'masks'some odors...I did my bit in a main OR once upon a time.

Paddle holters do work under scrub tops, since scrub bottoms are drawstrings.



September 28, 2005, 09:31 PM
(Tip: When running cable over a drop ceiling it is very advantageous to have some means of propelling the cable over a distance. Short fishing reels, dart guns, and small crossbow pistols can be very useful and fun! )

A trigger job on the string puller gun improve accuracy :D

The "mouse missle" is cool too.

I dunno, at guy's house we sent the puppy thru the attic to other attic access...puppy treats work. Might not been the lecture / text - but lab pups do work. :neener:

I just do this stuff because somewhere in Cisco's infinite wisdom, I have to do these labs.

Me...I have run my butt ( what little there is) up and down OR corridors, and in my former life did a lot of physical stuff too.

I want to get out, have something not so dependent on physical condition. Use my brain more. In the event my bones ache, I get hurt, and my eyes are not what they used to be.

I just want to own / know/ have CIS/IT skills. Has to be a company that needs a Fellow like me to run the company gun- range, Skeet Field, give lessons, and do the Software stuff when we the employees have informal tournaments.

I want to teach little kids to shoot, ladies too, spoil dogs, eat stuff on the grill like burgers, and have a good old time - and get paid for it. :D

Titles never meant much to me anywho. Titles don't buy groceries, or gas.

Has to be a Company that needs a guy like me , who knows something ( a little) about this 'puter stuff.

Help Desk - I can let kids use the company Stuff to print targets...

Workstation Specialist. "Mount gun to face and move your hold point out a bit more on station 3".

Network Engineer. " Your squad in on field 3, lets see here - you other folks are on field 2..."

Programmer - " Them kids are going to be hungry after shooting- hurry up with them burgers and lemonade..."

Routers - " stay on sidewalk, don't get your feet muddy"

Switches- ' this button here tosses a double"

See...I got this CIS/IT stuff all figured out. Just Employers are behind the times , don't know my description exists, and they don't know they need my services.

Lot more to this "Digital Divide" than folks realize. I am supposed to teach them. :D

Please send picture of Corp Skeet Field, where the quail to be tended are, dogs, shotguns...
...and maybe I will send you my Resume.

Somebody has to keep passing stuff forward...PICK ME!!



Larry Ashcraft
September 28, 2005, 10:25 PM

Maybe not a 28 ga, but we'll be on a mission, you can be sure of that.

Then again, another 28 ga is not a bad idea. :D

September 28, 2005, 10:42 PM
Steve, my friend, take a deep breath and push yerself away from the keyboard, empty the 200 octane coffee down the drain, blink yer eyes three times, take another deep breath, wiggle yer toes, take another deep breath and order a pizza. :eek: :D :neener:

September 28, 2005, 10:51 PM
Phil shared with me ...


Mustard Potato Salad Bananna Pudding mix

You read that correctly, it is all one "dish".

Granted it did not start out that way, seems there is an ingredient which automatically combines the normal two separate recipes.

ADD One 3 year old boy. Trust me, you do not want to exceed the "amounts" on this.

I went to visit an older couple , good friends, whom needed some assistance on something. Grandparents - babysitting Michael.

Michael is into Cantelope right now, he has this serious addiction. According to Michael all a fridge needs is cantelope. Word is his parents have found mustard,mayo, milk, jelly...on the kitchen floor, because he needed the fridge room to stuff ALL the cantelopes in the fridge.

Grandma made Mustard Potato Salad. Grandpa made the Bananna Pudding. I guess the secret to be married all these years - is they stay out of each others hair. If momma wants to go kill weeds, pa uses the kitchen. If pa wants to make noise in the shop, ma uses the kitchen.

No room in the frigde for more cantelopes. Grandparents also forgot "when a kid is quiet - they are usually into something". Ma is reading, Pa is making noise in his shop.

Michael decides since the adults are busy to pitch in and fix the fridge problem. Half of the Pudding and Salad have been removed, from eating and sharing with the neighbor. 3 year old math dictates "Why have two bowls taking up room in fridge when you can have only one" . I think there is a Postulate or Theorem that says if the contents are near enough in color to do this.

He "scoots" the tater salad over - and "plops" in the pudding. Hard part was finally deciding to share HIS 'Nilla wafers with the pudding. So another Postulate must mean you are to "identify" - the pudding. Pudding got the cru busted wafers,crumbs... the Salad got Olives because the jar is neat and he wanted to play with it. Good thing the 'Nilla wafers absorb Olive juice, would not want olive juice in the pudding. [ hey makes sense to me coach].

Michael had a real good time with the Grandparents. Not as much fun as Grandparents had waiting for the phone to ring from Michael parents...Seems the Mustard Potato Salad Bananna Pudding mix got sent back home with Michael. Being in a hurry to get home, and no time to really visit about Michael's stay...

"Yep, took about 9 minutes best we figure the traffic and time to get home, 'course about 7 of them was probably undoing something Michael did as soon as hit the front door".


Oh this is gun related, at no time were any guns or ammo harmed while killing weeds or breaking the lawnmower moreso. At no time did the thought of shooting anyone or anything occur.

The thought of using Grandpa's reloading room so he and Grandma can hide from Michael's parents is still under consideration. Grandma ain't gonna trust the lock...she suggests using 2X4 and nailing the door shut from within.

Brian Dale
September 29, 2005, 12:07 AM
Tip: Do not put username and password on a 9mm ctg. and fire the durn thing...Right. You know that a person needs to use a .45 for that if ya want it to get through... :neener:

Actually, to hit the target, I'd probably better use a revolver... ;)

It's good to see you back here, Steve. Figured you were working hard at school. :)

September 29, 2005, 03:45 PM
Steve - hey fella - been wonderin' like many. Thx to Larry I saw this thread - heck of a job keeping up with all threads these days.

WOW! What a news report - in of course your inimitable style. Thx for that :)

Stay in touch by whatever means - even if just now and again.

September 29, 2005, 11:44 PM
How is the Wifey? Tell her I said hello.

Went shooting today. I had a chance to do some of my infamous informal training. So I went to College early today, took my exams, did the labs so I could .

With all the car-jackings and such...

Chris I know you teach, I suggest You and others get ahold of a wrecked vehicle and actually use/ shoot one for a teaching tool.

I subscribe to this training and learning in real world conditions.
Yes like many I have shot 'stages' for competition, there is a difference in what I wanted to get out this...

Had a wrecked truck very similar to mine. So I -again-tested my carry loads shooting through the driver's door, (from inside - to outside) With the window up and the window down. Did various drills from the driver's side.

Windows down make a big difference! Glass does weird things to bullets, POA/POI and sorts of things as has been stated before by others and myself before.

Then I sat on the passenger side, and repeated the drills.

Take note of seat belts, type of seats, holsters, mag/speedloader carriers..

Note how if "forced out" of vehicle , how one gets out. Also "what if" shot by BG on strong side, can you transiton and defend? On the passenger side "what if" shot on weak side, and have to defend?

Thinking outside of the box - as I like to do.

Then afterwards I wanted to shoot using the vehicle as cover, from underneath, and similar.

This all at night btw. Night changes perceptions and so many things.

I then changed to shooting into the vehicle, in the event I needed to stop an immediate threat.

Then I/ we got into some other areas...

I ended up using my favorite shotgun loading - slugs. They continue to work from "right here" to "out yonder a bit". NO comparison to what a slug vs other shotgun loading will do to a vehicle door, back glass or windshield.

I was using a plain jane bone stock 1100 20 ga with 26" fixed IC. This one likes Win slugs best.

I have always said the best kept secret was a 1100 20ga , just needed to share "why" I always have.

The folks I shared with - no longer feel 'inadequate' about having this 1100 20 ga. as part of the HD set up and all around shotgun for smallest and newest shooter in the family.

After the vehicle shooting, we did some night shooting. Even had the lady shooting clays from a thrower with "headlights" only, target loads. Shooting sand filled buckets as I called out " right" , "left" or "center" with slugs

WE shot handguns the same way, draw fire onto target called.

Had the thower tossing low and slow for night shooting and all... my turn to play...who says you cannot bust clays with 20 ga slugs? ;)

Run 'em


September 30, 2005, 11:07 AM
Had an IDPA night shoot recently Steve - all fun of course but also very useful. Any practice in low/subdued light is I think of great value.

A private shoot earlier in the year had a car as star of the show - for most part it just got shot to blazes but there is a practice benefit too re the various drills you tried out.

If I cut down my Mossy 500C that would be a useful tool - I have no probs with 20G but because the 870 is already fairly short that takes top spot still for a shottie. Agreed on slugs - the do perform ''rather well'' :evil:

Take care fella - Bonnie says Hi.

September 30, 2005, 05:43 PM
I figure me not shooting all them dove limits might "up" Smokes averages.

Dear Steve,

Bite me.


Smoke :neener:

(Did I mention I love the new 20ga) There are not enough "A's" to spell DAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYUUUUUUMMMMNNNNNN


September 30, 2005, 10:24 PM
...nor did I shoot.

As per suggested by some.



Bob F.
October 1, 2005, 08:55 PM
Steve: good to hear from you; also missed you.

Stay safe.

Larry Ashcraft
October 1, 2005, 09:30 PM
Bite me.
Them Texans. :rolleyes: Never ones to mince words, are they? ;)

Hey Smoke, did you get that 28 ga yet?

4v50 Gary
October 1, 2005, 09:33 PM
Steve or "SM" is active at TFL. Read about his messed up shopping incident where a gun was pointed at him there. :uhoh: He's unhurt and got out in one piece. :)

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