Range Kit


October 16, 2005, 12:56 PM
I have a range kit, a bag that has tools in case I have to doctor/adjust the guns I take to the firing range or hunting. In my kit is a set of gunsmith screwdivers, punches (brass & steel), linemans' & needlenose pliers, steel wool (000), leather pad, gun lube, Bore Snake and bore cleaner. The lineman's pliers I use in lieu of a small hammer. What do you have in your range kit?


PS I also have a one piece range rod but it does not fit in the bag:p .

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October 16, 2005, 04:50 PM
well whenever I take my guns out, I take a small nike duffel bag. It has that hoppes range kit with a multi-piece rod, various cleaning parts, tools, work towels etc. it doesnt take up much room, and since I never have any problems at the range with an SKS, I never really have to use my kit. I think I have the bare minimum in my kit.

October 16, 2005, 04:55 PM
I take my back pack (small nike pack). I have a broken shell extractor (.223) in it,
sharpie pen, tape, thumb tacks, spare "Shoot N See" bullseye targets (all these for targets)
Screwdriver and bits, multitool w/ flashlight, front sight adjustment tool (for AR and scope tweaking)

Eyes and Ears, 2 small black hand-towels

Extra ammo and ammo boxes
Boresnake, patches, CLP

My soft-side tactical carry bag for the AR holds 5x 30 round mags.

Need more???

Lex in NC

October 16, 2005, 05:32 PM
Semi-automatic staple gun.

October 16, 2005, 05:44 PM
I have a Michaels range bag which contains tape, patching tape, some small tools for quick repair and cleaning, a Swiss Army-type knife, an expanded first aid kit, shooting gloves, spare foam ear protectors, and a smaller bag inside which contains a Walther P22, ammo, and various cleaning accessories and tools also. Pretty much everything I'd need to support a typical day at the range.

The foam ear protectors became a staple after I was at the range one day and a guy had his kids there with NO ear protection.

October 16, 2005, 08:20 PM
Leatherman tool and a bottle of gun oil. Dats it folks.:)

Standing Wolf
October 16, 2005, 08:31 PM
I make sure I've always got aspirin, some cleaning patches, an assortment of screw drivers, and a few dollars just in case I forget my wallet. When you get to be my age...

October 16, 2005, 11:40 PM
allen wrenches
dial calipers
set of punches
hockey pucks (bench blocks)
bore light
cleaning equipment (rods stored in pvc pipe)
battery powered glo-stick lights

roll pins
various screws
assorted steel rod in a piece of pvc pipe
assorted all-thread in a piece of pvc pipe

battery powered dremel tool
assorted bits and cutters
regular cut off wheels
"thin" cutoff wheels for cutting screw slots (for making set screws)

hi-point 995/C9 "armorer's" kit that I made up

remington 870 tool kit

couple of those towels that walmart sells in the automotive section that absorb oil

That's the basic tool kit...

October 17, 2005, 02:18 PM
I have a nail in my back pocket in case I have to doctor/adjust the Glock I bring to the range. :neener:

Someday I might have to tote the gun back out to the Honda and add some more lube off the dipstick... :D

October 17, 2005, 02:47 PM
Someday I might have to tote the gun back out to the Honda and add some more lube off the dipstick... :D

:D that's funny!

October 17, 2005, 03:13 PM
squib stick. havent needed it but im sure i will someday:scrutiny: other then that, screwdriver, knife, sand bags, targets, staple gun.

October 17, 2005, 04:58 PM
Semi-automatic staple gun.

That's funny, too. lol. I never thought about it, but they are indeed semi-automatic.

October 17, 2005, 05:09 PM
M1 combo tool, castle nut pliers and spare bolt for the M1A, empty 30-06 shell, gas cyl wrench & gas cleanout drills, assorted bore and chamber brushes, a pistol cleaning rod, 2oz bottle filled w/ solvent, grease, toothbrush, latex gloves, a handfull of patches, a screwdriver, a small film cannister sized bottle of pins, springs, extractors, etc, a rag, some pipe cleaners, Gerber tool, allen wrenches. Basically, if it's not something I can fix on the line in under 10 minutes, I leave it at home. 1 piece cleaning rod goes in the rifle case.

October 17, 2005, 06:45 PM
Forgot to mention the walmart bags or discarded clay pidgeon boxes for picking up empty brass and hulls when people leave.

I got all the way up to the range one day (28 miles one way @ 45mph), and found out that my firing pin spring was not in my pistol.. :o :banghead: :uhoh:

If I'm going away from "civilization", I tend to carry more...

Also have GoJo hand cleaner in the truck, first aid kit, alcohol hand cleaner, napkins, some plastic silverware, oil, mercon-dexron, sand bags for shooting.

Range bag has also doubled as a shooting rest.

I'm also known to give ear plugs to those beside me who put their hands over their ears while the other shoots or when I go to shoot.

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