Help. Ruger P95 problem


Rebel Gunman HK
March 30, 2003, 07:17 PM
Hey guys, I have a new Ruger P95 with 3 factory magazines. Ive never had a problem with this gun in the years I ve had it. Today I went out shooting and the slide would not lock to the rear after the magazine was emptied. It has always locked the slide to the rear in the past. I was using 3 different brands of ammo so i know this cant be the problem. This is my duty weapon that I use for work so I need it to be reliable, and I always thought it was. I shot about a hundred rounds through it today and never once did the slide remain at the rear after firing. Any ideas as to why? Is it the magazines? Which are in good shape?, everything seems to be fine on this weapon. Ive been keepin my mags loaded the last couple months because I was told that they wear out faster from compressing them than releaseing them. Isnt it the follower on the mag that keeps the slide form going forward. Please any input you guys can give will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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March 30, 2003, 07:29 PM
Rebel, if you look at the left side of your mags (bullet tip forward), you see the slot there. Your slide stop sits in that slot when the mag is inserted. You can see the the little tab on the mag pushes the slide stop up when the last bullet is stripped. If its not locking back, it means either the tab isn't hitting the slide stop or the slide stop itself is broken off where it sits in the slot. Take the slide stop out and you can see how it fits in the slot and how the follower makes it rise to lock the slide. Check the bottom of the slide stop to make sure its not broken. Looking at it from the bottom, it should look like a square finger sticking out of a larger rectangle. It will have a slight angle on the outside edge where it fits in the slot.

If the slide stop looks ok, then maybe the mags need cleaning to make sure the follower is rising all the way.

Rebel Gunman HK
March 30, 2003, 07:50 PM
I checked out the slide stop. It appears to be fine. I see where it engages with the follower of the magazine. Everything looks cool. When I took it out to shoot today it was pretty clean. Cant immagine the slides being so dirty as to prevent the follower from coming all the way up. I dont think thats the problem. Its just weird because this gun has always worked flawlessly. I dont understand what has changed. The only thing that Ive done different is Ive kept the mags loaded for a couple weeks at a time, rather than unload them efery weekend. Could this have weakend the mag spring to the point its not puttin enough pressure on the slide stop? Thats all I can think of. In which case Ruger makes very weak mags....

March 30, 2003, 08:12 PM
I've got over 10K through my KP95 and have kept a loaded mag or two for three weeks without a problem....both Ruger and Mec Gar mags. What happens when you hand cycle through a full mag?

March 30, 2003, 08:25 PM
Ten to one odds that new mag springs will solve your problem.

Does the 95 take the same mags as the 85, 89, 90 or 94? If so, Wolff has your answer. If not, call Ruger.

March 30, 2003, 09:47 PM
What ammo were you using? I had problems with UMC ammo; the slide would not lock after the last round in the mag. I stopped using UMC and the problem was solved.

March 30, 2003, 10:09 PM
i agree with morgan, take the base off one off your mags & strech the spring out. if that works. get some new springs from wolff. 187

Rebel Gunman HK
March 30, 2003, 11:09 PM
Well, when I hand cycle the gun the slide locks back just fine. I used Fiocchi, then CCI, then Winchester ammo. Did the same with all of them. How do you take the base pad off the Mags? Ill try and stretch them out, but I gotta say that they havent seen alot of action. If they wear out as fast as they did. I need to sell the gun. One of the mags I am using is only a couple months old.

Rebel Gunman HK
March 30, 2003, 11:11 PM
Are wolff springs supposed to be better springs? Or just new ones?

March 30, 2003, 11:35 PM
When I first started shooting my Sig 226 I would accidentlly hold down the slide release. Check to make sure you are not doing this.


Rebel Gunman HK
March 30, 2003, 11:39 PM
Definatly not holding it down.

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