Son starts carry - proud session.


November 20, 2005, 11:32 PM
Well folks - one of them days when not much time on puter - a rare event!

All morning and into pm was shooting - but this shooting with my dear son (he's near 29) - always a real treat. The day was just beautiful - even warmed up - could not have been nicer. Wish I'd taken camera but neither of us remembered.

Prime purpose was to do with CCW - totally unbidden by me (tho I have wanted to nudge him for some while) - he decided it was time to set up for carry. I had not been totally sure how his wife would be - tho she knows I carry - but seems she is fine with it, and his in-laws too.

Sadly his work policy is no firearms in work but - small plus - he is allowed to have gun in car in parking lot - small recompense but better than some.

He is a revo fan and always shot great with me back in UK days when we did competitions - and so chose a snub - well, for initial carry anyways!! He picked up a 637 Airweight other day and this needed use! Unfortunately he had to relinquish his almost NIB GP-100 because no spare cash right now (that you may expect was sold almost next day in the gun shop!).

First stage of session was actually checking his 7mm mag deer rifle at 100 - and I also had to dial in my L1A1 after a sight change - that done 100 was about finished, except for a few grin-making rounds sent down to 100 also with the 45-70 BFR . ;)

Ok - on to ''business''. :) . At risk if boring him a bit - I ran thru about everything re CCW, per courses I teach - safety he knows well but we refreshed that - carry method will be for now my old Jim Burke belt slide I used for SP-101 before - suits well. Gave him a spare Comp 1 speedloader too. We also went into legal, mindset, allsorts.

He LOVED the gun - and oh my - shot like a champ. Gave me no small measure of pride to see him quickly getting some truly impressive hits, all DA of course - and we included quite a bit of holster work too - draw, shoot - draw, double tap - draw, engage two tagets at 90 apart - numerous drills. Use too of speedloader.

Heck guys, I know I am biased but the thrill I got out of seeing him just settle in and perform - I was impressed as well as proud. Showed me just how much skill he had acrued since way back, despite not being a very active shooter. I can say honestly, he is even as of now - totally ready for carry.

All he has to do is squeeze in a lunchtime plus a bit this week to visit Sheriff's office and get the permit.

Sorry to ramble but - some may understand what a great few hours company and shooting I enjoyed earlier on. :)


Oh and - Did forget to add - after he'd finished up his practice ammo - I got him into some semi stuff - seeing as he had had very little (if any) time on semi's in past. Yet again - oh my - he did GOOD!! Did run over manual of arms first, of course but hey - he's a real quick learner.

Stoked him up with a full 15 rounder on 226 - he got part ways thru - looked over - and I said - ''take it to slidelock dude" :) He did - and did darned well. Then he put a mag thru the 220 - equally satisfactory - and finally some rounds thru the diminutive Rohrbaugh R9 - he rather liked that - and shot it better than me - eek!

Know what folks - when a son is married, kids and works hard - times are few and far between to manage this stuff - heck it was almost exactly two years ago we had the last proper range session, tho some shotgunning in between I admit, but that ain't the same as just us two in an empty range.

These are truly special days - some of you know this - others will I hope find it out. Hard to quantify in words - but stuff he will remember long after I am gone I think - no, I know.

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November 20, 2005, 11:43 PM

Chris, thanks for sharing a great event indeed!

I know how you have been concerned about how to approach all this, glad it worked out. I also know you feel better knowing that Grandson has his daddy CCW-ing.

I did not have this with the guy that sired me. I did learn the Art of bugging the fire out of folks, my Mentors and Elders, in regard to firearms and other life skills. Now that I am older I understand why their grins were often bigger than mine. ;)

November 20, 2005, 11:51 PM
Chris, thanks for sharing a great event indeed!Thx for reading Steve.

Stuff like this is severe indulgence on my part - writing reams of stuff out of shere pleasure :) Probably bores the crap outa most folks but - I do know there are some here who will identify and nod heads - ''knowing'' what it is I am mumbling about ;)

Larry Ashcraft
November 21, 2005, 11:46 AM
Chris, very cool indeed. Range time with your son is always special. The only reason I competed in IPSC for a while was to spend some range time with my own son. We also had some drills in the back yard together while he was competing.

However, his job in Denver and his three little ones have curtailed that quite a bit. He wants to get back into it when he gets transferred back down here, hopefully soon.

November 21, 2005, 01:53 PM
Hi Folks,

P95Carry's offspring here! - After reading what the Ole' Man had to say, I just have to write a reply. I think my Dad maybe a little biased, however I did feel very confident after putting near two boxes of Winchester's through the S&W 637, both from the holster and from a rested position. The semi-auto stuff was very enjoyable too and I may yet go to one 'at some point' but I have to admit my love of revo's was the overriding reason for my current carry piece. Nonetheless, it may make a great back up piece if I end up carrying an auto down the road.

The rifle shooting was incidental (though necessary) but still enjoyable and the BFR 45-70 is just AWESOME to shoot (I only shot is twice - didn't want to wear out my hands!). The L1A1 with open sights was a real challenge at 100 yards but equally as enjoyable. We were just so lucky to be blessed with almost the perfect day and a range all to ourselves - almost too good to be true eh Pops?!

I won't try to put into words just how lucky I am to have a father that is as great as he is because it would take far too long - so let me just say this:

My Dad is my best friend and always will be, and to share some shooting as well as benefitting from his wealth of experience is such a pleasure especially since life is so hectic these days with long working hours, family and all the other things we all have to do. To get a day at the range with him was very special and will join the massive pile of incredible memories we've created over the years that WILL stay with me forever!

I consider myself so lucky to have such a great relationship with my father and it is memories like these that no amount of money can buy.

Thanks again OB!

November 21, 2005, 02:01 PM
Hey Dude - :):)

Oh my - you's bin and gone and done joined up. Welcome aboard fella :) Oh - of course you signed up last year - well then - I salute your first post!

Great to see you here and even if you don't visit that often (knowing your time constraints) - hey, nice to know you are on board.

No need to add to what you and I have said, and thank you for your kind words - there are plenty of folks here who I know will identify totally with what we are saying.

Life does have some special moments eh!

Larry Ashcraft
November 21, 2005, 02:08 PM
Welcome, b2crzy! Do try to post more often.

Oh, and your daughter's a cutie. :)

November 21, 2005, 04:35 PM
Larry - I have to say I agree with you about my daughter... she really is a cutie and such a 'ham' for the camera!

Anyway, I shall try to post more often from now on seeing as I signed up ages ago and only have one post!

I look forward to talking with you all again soon.


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