Effect of Pink Tutus, Purple Propellers & Tweety Bird Socks on Competitive Activities


November 24, 2005, 07:49 PM
The Effects of: Pink Tutus, Purple Propellers and Tweety Bird Socks on Competitive Activities.

Life is a human zoo.

I being human and all not only get to observe this “zoo”, I get to participate as well.

Now be honest, brutally honest. Have you aped someone and had no idea why, or what you were aping – still you did?

It has been written and verbalized “One cannot buy skill and targets”. Yes one spend money to obtain a firearm for a task, spend money to get the gun to fit them, appropriate ammunition, and accessories needed. Only thing is, the firearm itself is not, cannot, fire all by itself and make the hits.

Firearm requires someone to actually operate the weapon.

Firearm may be the most accurate, well fitted to shooter and task, top of the line accessories…no tool or machine is any better than the operator.

True Story about Yacht racing:

The Yachtsman had invested years in learning this competition, learned from his shortcomings, and shortcomings of others. Investment in training finally pays off, he starts winning. Now all this time he noticed how folks always did what whoever was winning was doing. His mentors had shared this with him. He had taken notice of this, separated for him the fun traditions from the ridiculous

He made various modifications –yes some were in fact legitimate, well thought out – and some were – well none of which had anything to do with winning- to his yacht. His skill, learned from years of training, practice along with good winds and luck.
Sure enough he would note these modifications at the next Regatta.

One day, he mounted a Purple Propeller onto his yacht, came off a child’s toy airplane. Just up there spinning in the wind…He won again.

Most everyone had a Purple Propeller next Regatta, why even some could explain in technical detail as to why they had one…and others should too.

Standing at the Podium accepting his accolades for winning the Regatta, he simply stated “I just the stuck that Purple Propeller on my yacht, just to see how far folks copied winners.”


Another good friend shares how his wife competes with some top notch shooters, no matter what, whatever the winners are doing, the up and coming are going to do so as well.

“We could start shooting wearing Pink Tutus, and next time folks would be wearing them…” She and other shooters said. She and they spent hours and hours on practice, not buying Tutus.


Lady Shooting partner of mine got herself a pair of Tweety Bird Cartoon socks. We too had been noticing the equipment race.

One of our older friends, well his grandkids got him a pair of Mickey Mouse Socks as a joke. He understood Mickey Mouse cartoons, these new cartoons “Grandpa, pay attention, we already explained this one to you already!” He wore these socks to a Skeet Tourney and took HOA.

It was a running joke about his “lucky socks”. My lady partner just could not resist ribbing him, hence the Tweety Bird Socks. We were going to be attending the next Tournament in about 2 weeks.

I had my signature of wearing a bandana, I often had a feather on front of forearm…we were having fun…

Well Lady Partner ran a straight in the ladies only pump gun event. Our friend took HOA , I took next up and won the gents only pump gun event.

Sure enough we meet up again, and we see more cartoon socks, bandanas, feathers on competitors.

At times we did clinics for kids. Just fun stuff to introduce, cook on the grill, ice cream, lessons and every kid won a prize. Kids went home with eyes, ears safety material…

Do you realize the funny look you get from a store when you request 20 pair of cartoon socks in various kids sizes? The bandanas were easy, feathers no problems, cartoon socks had to be ordered.

Kids went nuts. We explained one cannot buy skill and targets. Kids understood. There is always one smart little girl in the bunch –“do these go toward “style points too”.

Yeah well seems *someone* had mentioned the “style points” along with ‘mental game” as well.

Fun competitions of these kids and other kid groups occurred from time to time. Might just be shooting balloons, or stationary clays for little kids and more advanced as ages allowed to actual Skeet– it was simply fun to let the kids shoot and have a big picnic. Introduced kids to shootings, quality family time, and even introduced adults to shooting.

Lady Partner and I , along with the Older Gentleman – were informed all the kids showed up to shoot against another group of kids in another small town…wearing cartoon socks, bandana’s , and feathers on guns.

“Our kids won” we were told with laughter. Informed the opposing kids adults had jaws drop and other kids too busy focusing on the gear.

All in fun, all explained, and good time had by all.

“What happens if the other kids show up with stuff like ours next time”.

I sent itty bitty tiny cow bells to the kids to keep the “Lost Bird Gremlin” away.

Suggest to them to have in range bag, shooting pouch or best to have clipped to back pocket. That way the next shooter was watching the bell, not the birds…the one that had just shot and missed – would still be thinking of the bell and not why he missed a bird.

The effects of…



My very sincere thanks to a couple of members sharing with me their true stories. You know who you are, and how much I treasure our friendship. Oh...pay the wives the dollar you bet them that I would not share your stories. You should know better than to bet against me. *grin*

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November 24, 2005, 07:59 PM
Steve, you really need to get creative about this stuff. How about incorporating some powder paints in your cartridges? You know - your shotgun puffs a cloud of green, or pink, or yellow smoke with each shot. Sex-based, of course: you can't have a guy with pink smoke, now can you?


November 24, 2005, 08:20 PM

So you heard about them Custom shells did you? Lady pard's had Increments such as a ruler, with big bold 8" on her AA hulls...

Mine...err...well...This is the highroad, and you would have too many Hail Mary's for me to say.

Folks too busy watching our hulls fall, bending over to pick one up...
Not only did that mess with their mental game - bending over messes with Blood Pressure...messes up shooting. One of the reason a clay shooter is not supposed to bend over and pick up a shell ...for sure not until after shooting, never before.

Yes I am serious...

Couple of Native American Indians , brothers , had the most beautiful painted shotguns they competed with. Very detailed and indeed spoke of a tribe folklore. It would psych folks out.

So with a special young child, we painted her .22 bolt rifle. She was seven years old and won her first "rimfire shoot". She still has the gun, even though kid sized, she can shoot that gun. She can shoot, anything - period.
Neon Psychadelic tied dyed rifle stock. Jimi Hendrix T shirt too big down to her knees, one yellow tennis shoe, one green. I was so proud, her mom was so proud, and her granddaddy - she never met, whom passed away, was probably looking down and laughing hard. Proud too I am sure.

November 25, 2005, 03:32 PM
***mustanger98 sits back in the back of the room listening and takes notes on "psychological warfare" which has got to be as much fun as the main event.***

:D :D :D :D :D

November 25, 2005, 06:16 PM
sm, there are times I would like to have you come for a visit, then I get to thinking of how you would corrupt my kids. :scrutiny: :rolleyes:


November 25, 2005, 06:42 PM
kudu my friend,

Kids adopt me, dogs make me their bestest new friend. Why I even have kids and dogs argue over my attention.

Still keeping tabs on that Indiana dealie...You do have Ruark's Works and "Rocky Horror Picture Show" on tape or DVD - correct?

There is something about kids learning stance and having a song to remember foot positions. Oh...we need popcorn, and marshmellows...how are kid supposed to get the full RHPS movie experience w/o throwing stuff at the screen?

You put your left foot out
and crack that knee
I hope you kids didn't forget to pee

<giggles usually here>

Now pull your right foot back
and whaddya see?

Mount gun to face
and keep a swinging
Blast target into space
okay to be grinning...

You should hear how I incorporate Rock & Roll in teaching...

You can leave your hat on-Joe Cocker
Get some looks, folks remember stuff though. :uhoh: :D

November 25, 2005, 09:08 PM
I have quite a bit of Ruark, but I never got into RHPS. Saw it once, that was enough. About all I listen to is old classic R&R, with a bit of other genres thrown in. But was never big on music, spent too much money on guns and ammo to buy cassettes and CD's. Wait, I bought a CD last year, or was it 2 years ago, a good one too. It had a bunch of classic bluegrass on it. The kids really like it too.

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