Senator Edwards on Guns/bill of rights


Mark Tyson
January 2, 2003, 02:52 PM
The media are reporting that Senator John Edwards of North Carolina will seek the Democartic presidential nomination in 2004. He does not seem to be rated by Gunowners of America. Does anyone have any information on his position on RKBA, or other constitutional issues?

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January 2, 2003, 03:02 PM
No specific info, but I'm willing to bet that he is "for sensible gun laws", against assault weapons, in favor of background checks and ............bbbbbbblllllllllllffffffffhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrr

OOHH, what's that nasty brown stuff coming out of his mouth:what: :neener:

Actually I was unable to find much at all regarding his stand on guns, but did find this:

North Carolina (15 electoral votes) Good
Governor: Mike Easley. Governor Easly supports sensible gun laws and was given an "F" rating by the NRA in the 2000 election cycle. North Carolina's U.S. Senator John Edwards also supports stronger gun laws such as closing the gun show loophole.

So let's see- he supports "stronger gun laws" and "closing the gun show loophole". WHOA, yeah that is some strong leader there! Thank god we live in the USA instead of some stinking third world hole, no we have us some REAL LEADERS. I'm getting all goosebumpy just thinking about how safe I can sleep at night with such dynamic leaders in charge.

And he is handsome and charasmatic. So by all means let's vote this one in- yessireebob- oh, keep that shovel handy.

Of course the scant info I found (do you really think a Demoncrat is going to open his mouth on this subject w/o the jaws of life) does come from the Brady site- so it could be a bald faced lie. Yeah that's the ticket- I'll bet he's secretly in favor of repealing every non-constitutional gun law ever passed by his Communist cronies and executing all traitors to the country and Constitution, while at the same time making available to anyone not adjudged a lunatic or violent felon an AK47, on airplanes and school yards or any other place they d@mn well please.

Edited to add info and rant.


2nd Amendment
January 2, 2003, 03:35 PM
OOHH, what's that nasty brown stuff coming out of his mouth

The DemoncRAT Party Platform?

January 2, 2003, 03:40 PM
Voted YES on background checks at gun shows.
Require background checks on all firearm sales at gun shows.
Status: Amdt Agreed to Y)50; N)50
Reference: Lautenberg Amdt #362; Bill S. 254 ; vote number 1999-134 on May 20, 1999

Voted NO on more penalties for gun & drug violations.
The Hatch amdt would increase mandatory penalties for the illegal transfer or use of firearms, fund additional drug case prosecutors, and require background check on purchasers at gun shows. [A YES vote supports stricter penalties].
Status: Amdt Agreed to Y)48; N)47; NV)5
Reference: Hatch Amendment #344; Bill S. 254 ; vote number 1999-118 on May 14, 1999

Voted NO on loosening license & background checks at gun shows.
Vote to table or kill a motion to require that all gun sales at gun shows be completed by federally licensed gun dealers. Also requires background checks to be completed on buyers and requires gun show promoters to register with the Treasury.
Bill S.254 ; vote number 1999-111 on May 11, 1999
More info in the the next link about Senator Edwards

4v50 Gary
January 2, 2003, 03:58 PM
He's no friend of the Second Amendment from what we see here.

January 2, 2003, 04:17 PM
According to a political analysis I saw this morning on TV news, the inference is that he is an empty suit. Talks in generalities, but has no specific ideas on homeland defence, subsidized medications, Social Security, education, etc, etc.

Background prior to his first term in the Senate is very successful and wealthy trial lawyer.

I get the impression he is just an egotistical pretty-boy who has yet to prove he has Presidential credentials. But that may be enough for the left-wing, national news media to give him plenty of undeserved coverage.

January 2, 2003, 08:05 PM
His big platform push is helping "regular people". That will likely mean that REAL regular people's taxes will go up to pay for the entitlement programs for his definition of "regular people".

January 2, 2003, 08:16 PM
The guy comes out of nowhere. Rides into town and votes to protect Clinton's keester during impeachment.

Coincidently he just happens to get appointed to two of the most prestigious committees in the senate: Intelligence and commerce // banking. Not bad for a good ol' boy from down east. Just recently it came out he purchased a $6 million house in DC.

Because of his performance during impeachment he was vetted for VP by Gore. Him him with the klege lights and he ain't been right in the head since. He got Gore's media guru running his front work, hence the similar rhetoric.

Personal approval poll numbers are below 50%. The seat he holds is the one that historically turns over every 6 years.

His support is found in three groups: unions, environmentalists, and trial attorneys. The same group that supports Ted Kennedy. Which brings up another issue, his apparent closeness to Kennedy. Not a really popular crowd to run in here in NC.

My assessment? Empty shirt. He just has that . . . . .I know, he has that Dan Quayle quality. I do think he is a future player in the democrat party. You don't get the senatorial support he's gathered as well as the external support without being on someone's radar. He may have a hard time getting re-elected especially if he pulls a Lieberman and runs for two offices at the same time. I am beginning to get a whiff that he is an heir-apparent to Ted Kennedy.

If Bob Graham enters the race, Edwards is toast.

January 2, 2003, 08:50 PM
What I have heard is that he collected enough money (2B or so) in a tobacco suit to buy a seat in the Senate. He's now looking to buy something bigger.
You bet the trial lawyers like him!
Of course he's there to help the 'rgular guys', look at the TV ads for any tort lawyer. They're _all_ there to help the little guy.:evil:

Standing Wolf
January 2, 2003, 09:33 PM
Leftists are moral and intellectual parasites—and assault lawyer leftists are the most unscrupulous of all.

January 2, 2003, 09:53 PM
He is Hillary's male (?) counterpart and I want him gone! A few months ago he hired a focus group to tell him what folks from NC want. Now he's claiming to be a hunter and has hired a dirt track car in Iowa to put his name on the car. He will say anything to get elected. He is an elitist sociocrat of the highest order his voters are blue zone. He must be stopped.:cuss:

January 3, 2003, 01:35 PM
God bless the Internet.

Here's a site that gives his record on a wide range of subject. His anti-gun stance is enough for me, but his track record in other areas is just as revealing.

The home page is neat:

They have pretty even-handed defintions on gun control at:

The site appears to be a good one for checking up on anyone in your own state. It might be a good source for asking some embarrassing questions the next time your elected rep comes to a town meeting.

I've got quite a few for "pro-gun" congressman Gibbons (NV).

Bob Locke
January 3, 2003, 06:35 PM
No specific info, but I'm willing to bet that he is "for sensible gun laws", against assault weapons, in favor of background checks and
So he and the current President are on similar footing. What's the big deal?

January 3, 2003, 07:26 PM
Am I mistaken, or does currently accepted wisdom dictate that dems campaign to the extreme left, repubs campaign to the extreme right (to get the nomination), then both party platforms drift toward the middle for the general election?

Seems to be holding true for Edwards so far...just this week he's promising free college education for anyone willing to work 10 hours per week; free drugs for seniors. Also thumping the typical class warfare drums (fighting for the "common man" against evil corporations)...same old mierda.

What I want to know, how can he have been working as North Carolina Senator, while spending most of his time the last year traveling between Iowa and New Hampshire? Also, remember, it was a BIG issue that Bob Dole resign his senate seat while campaigning for pres last time around. All the media seems to have amnesia on this issue...Edwards, campaigning for two offices in problem!

Bob Locke
January 3, 2003, 08:47 PM
Edwards, campaigning for two offices in problem!
I don't recall them getting on Lieberman in 2000 for it, either.

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