Newbie Questions


December 27, 2005, 11:57 PM

Got a 4 hole Lee Turrett press for Christmas :)

Pretty exciting. Have a couple of questions.

First, it came with a plastic square piece (hollow) that fits into the auto index slot on the 4 hole turret plate. Anyone know what this is for?

Second, whats the difference between the 3 hole and the 4 hole handgun dies? The 4 hole dies are about $5 more each at Midway. Is it worth the expense?

Finally, I am looking to eventually reload the following: 45 ACP, 45 Colt, 38Sp/357Mag. In the interest of saving money, whats the best powder you would recommend to a newbie that will adequately power the most different calibers?

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December 28, 2005, 01:00 AM
This is what I started with and still use after many thousands of rounds assembled. IIRC the square plastic piece (Lee uses a lot of plastic) is an extra piece and is part of the indexing mechinism. The usual difference in a 3 die and 4 die set is the four die set contains a Lee factory crimp die and is well worth the extra money. In fact a lot of people call Lee equipment "cheap plastic junk" but use the factory crimp die anyway. By using this you can seat the bullet to depth in one operation and then crimp, it is a lot easier to adjust two dies than try to seat and crimp all at once. I have a FCD for every caliber I load for.
I load for the 38spl, 45acp and 45 Colt, I have found Hodgden's Titegroup is a good powder for all these. I don't load for the 357mag but I do for the 41mag and like Alliant 2400 for it, it also is my usual choice for HEAVY 45 Colt and 454 Casull loads.
I really hate that thing Lee supplies to insert the primer on this press and would recommend the Lee ram prime or any one of the hand held priming tools, allmost every reloading outfit makes one.
The reloading manual from Lee probably came with the press, if not they are pretty cheap from Midway USA or others. You should have at least one other loading manual and if you are mostly interested in loading for Handgun calibers I recommend the Lyman PISTOL & REVOLVER manual.
Read them a couple times over untill you feel comfortable with what you are doing. Follow the safety rules they spell out, pay close attention to what you are doing and enjoy another part of shooting. Jim.

December 28, 2005, 05:23 PM

It didn't come with the Lee manual but I do have the Speer Manual (vol. 13) and have read it cover to cover probably a dzen times..

Should I get the Lee manual anyway?

December 28, 2005, 07:49 PM
I would say to get the Lyman next, I think it is good because it contains a lot of information on loads using lead bullets which are a lot cheaper than jacketed even if you buy them. I also like the Lee and it is cheap compared to most other manuals. Jim.

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