Need Advice


January 17, 2006, 10:56 PM
I have gotten into contact with a guy who and he has agreed to sell me a Sigma 9mm that is about a year old. I have not definativly said "I will take it" at the moment. Wanted to get advice first.

Firstly, the pistol is a year old comes with the case, manual, two magazines, and he mentioned some ammo he had left over since it's his only 9mm and he wouldn't have another use for it. He says good condition but I haven't seen a pic, he will be getting me that tomorrow since his digital camera is at work. With that discription is 200 a good price?

Also what would be your reccomendations for shipping? Anything special needed when shipping a firearm outside of shipping anything else normally? And if not needed anything that would just be reccomended?

And lastly to those who have bought firearms in a private sale through the mail (going through an FFL of course, I mean buying from a private party in another state through the mail) what kind of payment arrangments were there? Paid in full before shipping? Paid in full after receaving? Half now half on delivery? Any advice on this or is it normally paid in full before shipping and the buyer is more taking his chances? Guy doesn't seem fishy or anything, was just curious on that one.

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January 17, 2006, 11:05 PM
normally paid in full before shipping and the buyer is more taking his chances. I have been burned once out of about 150 deals. If its going through Ebay or something like that you always have the option of going to that source to cause the seller some grief.
Get all the info even have a contact by phone and if you feel right go for it.
Just did a deal with another member and went great.

January 17, 2006, 11:09 PM
Like I said he doesn't seem fishy, just wasn't sure how it is generaly handled.

Also as to the shipping do carriers like UPS require special shipping fees or anything?

And I am thinking 200 for a year old Sigma that has sat around quite a bit (DAO and he hates it aparent;y) is a good price. Wrong there in my thinking?

January 17, 2006, 11:22 PM
Just insure it , thats all I did when I sent one back to SIG last week and have shipped others that way.

January 17, 2006, 11:24 PM
Lupinus, are you 21? If not, I think that the FFL will not be able to transfer the gun to you. Sorry for asking but I've seen some of your other posts and I seem to recall that (at least at the time) you were not "of age". If so, I believe that the only way you can get a handgun is via a face-to-face private sale in-state. Even though this started as a private sale, once you bring an FFL into it, it's no longer private. I could be dead wrong on this and if I am I expect to be quickly corrected. :)

With that said, $200 for a Sigma with ammo is not too bad as long as it's not heavily used, or even a little beat up. Here in Mass (where handguns are expensive) I can sometimes find a new one for just under $300. Although, if he's giving you lots of ammo, it might still be worth it. Is he offering an inspection period? Lots of sellers will give you a three-day, non-shooting inspection. If he hasn't offered it, I'd ask for it.

January 17, 2006, 11:29 PM
It looks like a brand new one lists for about $300.

I paid about $275 for a .40 Sigma. I like it but it has one fault that bugs me a little, but not much. I learned handguns on a Glock, so this is a good alternative for me. The fault is the trigger. It's much stiffer than I would like. The gunsmith I took it to said there was really nothing he could do to lighten it up. Because of that my groups aren't near as nice as I would like. I have a 1911 with a NM trigger and sights that will give me a group more than twice as tight. The Sigma will hit what you are shooting at, with a decent group, but you get what you pay for.

Sigmas are a Glock knockoff. If you don't like Glocks, don't get this gun. If the pictures look good to you and you don't get this voice in your head telling you it's a bad deal....Go for it. If a stiff trigger bothers you, I'd pass. Personally, I'm not selling mine anytime soon.

January 17, 2006, 11:40 PM
It is legal for my mother to buy the gun and gift it to me ;)

And here a new sigma will run me about 350. So I am saving a hundred and fifty bucks give or take is good, considering it will take me a few weeks to get 200 dollars to spare.

As for an inspection he is willing to agree to half to send, half on delivery, need to discuss specifics reguarding an inspection period though.

And I have heard a lot about the really heavy trigger. I have heard though a lighter spring from a glock 23(?) will fit and reduce the pull a bit.

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