Bought a Megastar 10mm at OH gun show


January 21, 2006, 04:04 PM
Went to the Pro Gun show today in Wilmington, OH. Had been curious to see if anyone had a 10mm pistol for sale.
This guy had a Star Megastar 10mm W/ box, papers, cleaning swap and handle, disassembly tool, and 2 14 rd mags, blued finish. He claimed he paid $650 for it 15 years ago.:rolleyes: After I bought the gun and looked through the papers there was a price tag from B.C. Cornett Firearms Co. for $429.95 with a paid price of $445 on the back.

I didn't know these things even existed. I had been tracking some Star B and BM on gunbroker to see if I wanted to get a 9mm, but had never seen the 10mm on any of the online sites.

So I don't know if I got took or got a decent deal. I paid him $375 cash OTD. I can't say that it is ANIB but everything is there including the plastic bag that the pistol originally came in. It has obviously been shot, but not a lot based on the appearance of the mags. The finish is at least 98%

Can I get my money back if I get tired of buying ammo for it? (I don't reload) poppy

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January 21, 2006, 05:53 PM
I think you did very good poppy. These are supposed to be built like a tank, and a good platform for the 10mm. Plus $375 OTD is a great deal for any like new 10mm. Heck, its a great deal for any all steel hi-cap DA if you think about it.


January 22, 2006, 05:02 PM
Stars were generally a good deal for the money when new. I had a PD years ago that was somewhere around $300 NIB so $429 sounds about right. I looked at the megastars when they came out. Man, what a tank of a pistol! People talk about S&W fullsize autos being big and heavy. That megatstar, as I remember them, was positively huge and you could of used it as a boat anchor. With that being said, that weight translate into one heck of a durable piece and probably perfect for 10mm. Enjoy that 10mm. I've always liked the 10mm and wondered why it never caught on more.

January 22, 2006, 05:10 PM
I paid him $375 cash OTD :what:

You stole it. Check completed auctions on Gunbroker and you'll see that those babies have been selling for over $600 w/o all the box and only one mag.

Just the mags bring close to a c-note each.

Get over to and sign up.

January 22, 2006, 07:05 PM
You stole it.
Thanks High for that. I truely didn't know if it was a good deal or not until I got feed back here and some information over on 10mmtalk.

Plus when I made my original post I had not yet field stripped it or cleaned it up. Since I had not seen or even read about one of these beasts, I was a little nervous making the buy from a kind of scruffy looking individual who didn't even seem to know if it was a SA or DA/SA (it's DA/SA) and lied to me about what he paid for it.

One gun show buying rule I have mostly stuck with is to never buy a recent production pistol that does not have the original box and at least most of the accessories. This one had everything including the as new hi-cap mags, so I figured my risk was less. If the seller had cleaned it up, he may have gotten the $400 he was asking.

You all are certainly right about it being a tank. Even though it is no longer and not much higher than my 1911, it weighs 51.37 oz. with an empty mag. That's 3.2 lbs! (compared to the Glock G20 at 30.32 oz.)

I have yet to figure how to flip off the safety with one hand, so I can see why it didn't get favorable reviews. Before I found this deal, I was thinking of going for a Glock just so I could have a 10. Fortunately 10mm is not in big demand around here.

Who says you can't find a good deal at a gun show any more? poppy

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