Wanting to start reloading


January 2, 2003, 11:11 PM
I have done some research...read posts on various forums, read Lee's reloading manual. I have decided to start this year. I probably have 2,000 + once fired brass in .38 spec. and .357. I will also be shooting .45 colt this year. I will only be reloading these 2 calibers. I shoot weekly about 100 rounds currently (50%.38 spec. and 50%.357) in addition to .22lr. Which kind of Lee set - up do you all recommend in regards to press, primer, powder dispensing etc. ( looking for some concensus Hopefully):D

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January 2, 2003, 11:34 PM
I started out with the anniversary kit then a year later bought a 3 hole turrent. If 100 rounds a week is all you shoot the turrent is all you need.
I know some will say go Dillon, and if the budget allows why not. They'll also say you can't break a Rockchucker if you try, probably not but if you break a Lee it's because you tried to.
I've loaded literally thousands of rounds of 9mm, 38spcl, 357mag, 45acp, 41mag, 30 carbine, 22 hornet, 25.06 & .270win with absolutely zero problems.
I still use the Perfect powder measure for charging rifle cases but use the auto disk measure with the adjustable charge bar in lieu of the disks for the handgun loads.
I put sizing dies on one turrent, size & reprime in seperate operations. That leaves an empty hole in a 3 hole turrent except for the calibers that I use the Factory Crimp die with. Personally can't see the need for the 4 hole.

January 2, 2003, 11:44 PM
If you're just loading plinking rounds, than the Lee turret, and the Lee powder scoops, are a great start, HOWEVER you still need a scale, the powder measure numbers are just good guesses.

I would probraly start with a pound of Unique powder, and use it for mild loads in all 3. For magnum loads in the 357 you'll want a different powder, but Unique will get you started in all 3 calibers. Also Cast bullets obviously save you quite a bit of money, and Unique is a good cast bullet powder.

Good luck, and always wear eye protection.

happy old sailor
January 2, 2003, 11:56 PM
i think the turret press will do you nicely in the beginning. i have one of the three hole guys and it has turned out thousands of nice rounds. when you upgrade, it will still be useful for project work. don't expect it to run like a Dillon and you won't be disappointed.

check fmreloading for the best Lee prices i have found. Midway and Cabela also carry Lee products.

if you are starting with nothing, get the kit. several useful items in it. the scale may run you nuts, but it is accurate. you may want an extra turret and another set of 38/357 dies to save time adjusting between the two as you load and shoot both. maybe another powder dispenser to save more time and trouble. all this stuff is inexpensive and will make your reloading more hassle free.

January 2, 2003, 11:56 PM
To add to what jjmorgan said, you'll need a dial caliper for checking OAL - 'cause you need to know.
Kenetic bullet puller, 'cause you will someday need one!
Get both at www.midwayusa.com if you're not already getting their catalogs, get one of those to.
Weidners www.wideners.com & Graf & Sons www.grafs.com are also good sources.

January 3, 2003, 01:59 PM
Turret press
Powder through expander die
digital scale (like the PACT BBK)
dial caliper
Impact bullet puller
chronograph (like the PACT 1)

January 3, 2003, 02:10 PM
I also started with the Anniversary Kit. I haven't used the Turret Press, but lots of people seem to like them. Definitely check out Midway; they often have the kit on sale.

I like the idea of 2 sets of dies (1 for 38 and another for 357) so you don't have to keep adjusting them.

January 4, 2003, 06:11 PM
RCBS hands down!:)
When "I" brake something:uhoh: They replace it N/C:)

January 5, 2003, 06:15 AM
i am not a fan of lee, so i'll reccomend nothing of their product line.

since all of the ammo made is going to be handgun ammo, i'd go for a progressive set-up. if you were going to load any rifle ammo at all, the single stage set up is superior.

January 9, 2003, 09:25 PM
A turret press gives a new handloader the simplicity of a single stage press, without having to re-set dies every time he wants to switch to a different operation.

January 10, 2003, 08:28 AM
In your position, I'd start with the Deluxe pistol reloading kit. It's got everything you need except a puller and caliper. The auto index is worth getting, as is the pro auto disk update. The scale isn't great, but it does work. Mine has loaded tens of thousands with no problems.

(link for refrence only, buy it somewhere else)

Freedom in theSkies
January 10, 2003, 11:24 AM
I still prefer the Speer #13 manual. There is a lot of really solid info on how, why and why not.
Lee is an inexpensive way to get started in the reloading hobby. RCBS or Dillon are more expensive, but I feel the after sale factory service is the best in the industry.

happy old sailor
January 11, 2003, 02:04 PM
a progressive press can run an experienced reloader nuts trying to get it set up and running. without ANY experience, best to keep things simple until experience is gained and you know what you are looking at/for.

bullet puller ? i have these and have not used them in years. i just pinch my mistakes with the pliers and chunk em into the discard box. why spend fifty cents of my time trying to save a ten cent article.

caliper for oal ? for pistol, i crimp in the crimp grove. for rifle, i have prepared dummy rounds for each gun (no pwdr/primer). use them to adjust my dies for diff projectiles. no technology involved. case length guage is used to check stretched cases. again, no technology, just an inexpensive piece of metal with some notches in it.

other makers than Lee produce turret machines that will load everything up to, but not including, 50BMG. Dillon makes a little turret mdl too. i have a 40 yr old Lyman Spar T that has 3 sets of rifle dies living on it for about the same 40 yrs.

keep it simple. learn to swim in shallow water. progressives are super nice, until it goes boggle boggle. then the turtle passes the hare.

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