KelTec Sub 2000


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February 10, 2006, 03:06 AM
Even using the "search" I didn't find much on this board about these carbines. Anyone besides me have one? I just picked one up used in 9mm for under $300, in nice shape, with extras. Other than needing to take the edge off of some of the seams on the stock and fore end, workmanship seems pretty good. The action is smooth. Barrel pivots and locks well. Trigger pull is a bit heavy but not to bad. Mine takes Glock mags. I've put about 200rd thru the gun so far. The gun will group around 3" at 25yds, offhand, with the "iron" sights. The ammo has been WWB and Blazer. I see now after downloading the manual KelTec says to avoid the aluminum cases. I didn't have a problem. Has anyone besides me used Blazer without problem? Better yet has anyone had a problem? Take down for cleaning is pretty simple. No small parts to drop. Only thing to watch out for is the warning about NOT de cocking the hammer while cleaning. I have the scope mount from KT. Workmanship on it isn't up the carbine. It is a clever idea that should work well with a red dot or long eye relief pistol scope. A downside is it will only work with a 1" tube max. I plan to use a red dot from Millet. I'll add to the post when/if I get it sorted out. Overall the Sub 2000 looks like a solid, simple, inexpensive and useful little carbine. For only a little more money it seems to be a much better carbine than the Hi Points. It looks better, is easier to clean and has high cap mags available. It way less money than the Storm. I'll have to wait till the carbine matches this summer to see if the Sub2K can run with or beat the other pistol caliber carbines heads up.

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February 10, 2006, 10:45 AM
Congratulations, the Sub-2000 is one of the coolest pistol-calibered carbines. I've had my Kel-Tec S2K in the Glock 19 config for about a year now and I love it. I have put on a Blue Force Gear Front Sight, tube cover, Hogue grip, and a Kel-Tec picatinny foregrip rail. Mine shoots in the 4 MOA range at 100 yards, I have been very impressed with it. ( ( (

And here, ready for deployment... (

February 10, 2006, 10:56 AM
Thanks for the review. I read all of them on this rifle, as I will be looking to buy one (probably used) pretty soon. I have yet to see many complaints aside from the front sight, so for the price of buying one and shooting 9mm ammo, it appears to be a great deal.

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February 11, 2006, 04:12 AM
Spent the day messing around with the KelTec scope mount. What a PITA! :cuss: Got everything on and snug so a range trip was in order. Red dots like the Millet SP1 I used makes a huge difference in how easy it is to shoot this carbine well. Groups went from 3" with the open sight to right around 1" with the SP1. The KT mount IS a very clever idea it just doesn't work all that well. It uses a spring to hold the mounts in place and to allow for the scope to pivot around the barrel, there by allowing the rifle to still be folded even with the scope in place. When put together it does work. It is a pain to get together, plus I found the spring wasn't strong enough to be sure of holding the scope in the same place with repeated movement. At 25yds I noticed a change of up to 2" in the placement of the group on target. Not horrible given the use I had planned for the Sub 2000, but more than I was willing to accept. Back to the drawing board. I took it off and re assembled it as a fixed mount. I can't fold the carbine now but it paid off in the end. The mount doesn't look out of place. It's solid and still allows the use of the "iron" sights. Truth is with the dot turned off and using the scope body as the rear sight I was still able to get OK groups. A little bigger than before but much faster. Staying on an IDPA target at 25yds would be no problem. The next thing I may try is a little work on the rear sight. It folds down out of the way but the opening in it is to close to the same size of the hood around the front sight. I think a little careful work with drill bits should open things up. After that I may try a Hi-Point muzzle brake. It looks like it may work with almost no fitting. The other thing I may try is adding some weight to steady the carbine on target. I'm thinking some epoxy mixed with 7 1/2 shot to fill in the bottom half of the forearm may workout nicely. This could be a half price Storm killer when it comes to steel plates.:evil:

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February 23, 2006, 02:27 AM
Got around to mounting my new scope base. The Kel Tec mount just wouldn't work well enough for me. The new mount has 3 rails each about 2" long, just enough for the single ring I need to use. Works pretty good. I can't fold the carbine up all the way but it does fold enough to fit my small case again.

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