Opinions on Horus scopes


February 21, 2006, 12:03 PM
Has anyone used one? How do they hold up? Will it fall apart if I put it on my M1A? Is the reticle easy to use and can you get off fast shots with it if you know the distance and your bullet drop?

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February 21, 2006, 02:41 PM
I have sorta used one. It's still very new and the rifle (a .308 about the same weight as an M1A) has only had enough ammo through it to pretty well break in the barrel. I got the scope with some trepidation, because I couldn't find any discussion where anyone had said anything good about the scope itself, as opposed to the reticle. But it was the only practical way for me to get the reticle.

Every time I look through the scope, I do a happy dance. Plays hob with my aiming, but I can't help it, I just dearly love that reticle. And the scope itself is surprisingly good, clear and bright. I have not yet done a rigorous box test, but so far whenever I have adjusted it to move the point of impact, it has moved in the expected direction the expected amount, sort of confirming that the reticle and the turrets are square and straight, which they had appeared to be when I tried the scope on V-blocks before mounting it.

The reticle's performance is user-dependent. Someone who understands it and has the holdover/holdoff data handy will find it very quick in use. I have no long-term data on its durability, but I don't see anything about it to suggest any fragility.

This HorusVison scope has one Big, Egregious, Horrible deficiency. It only has about 40 (s)moa of total elevation travel. That's 20 up and 20 down from mechanical center. Their literature (all of it leftover from the previous model) says 40 up and 40 down for a total of 80, and that would be very good, but it's half that, and there's nothing I can do about it. The adjustment range on mine is actually 11.4 mils, which translates more or less to 40 minutes.

The reticle illumination is uneven at high settings, and is below my threshold of detection at low settings. In the middle, spanning a range of about 4 or 5 notches, it lights up the center of the reticle quite nicely. It is usable at the higher settings, but by then it is too bright for what I consider practical use anyway. I can't see any illumination at the lowest 3 settings, but I have not tried it in a completely dark environment.

The magnification adjustment ring is harder to turn than any other scope that I have handled, and that is said to be a consequence of the "geared" mechanism, which is supposed to be stronger than others. (???)

Overall, I am very happy that I got the scope. The optics are better than I had expected, I love the reticle and the 0.1 mil clicks, and the terribly short range of adjustment is the only disappointment. I mounted it with Burris Signature rings, using the +/- 0.010 inserts, which give me about 17 inches of slant, and the scope is zeroed near its "down" limit. That leaves me with about 10 mils of "up" available. Based on ballistics programs, I think that I can get to 700-1000 yards with that 10 mils and using the reticle for holdover. It will be sometime this Summer before I get to try that.

I love that reticle. And I am very glad that I got the scope. There is a high probability that I will get another one. But it isn't for everyone.

February 24, 2006, 11:13 PM
glad to hear someone likes it.. i just wish I could try before I buy.....:(

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