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February 26, 2006, 06:41 PM
I ran into a fellow where I was working that came up to me and says that I looked familiar. It turns out we had met at a little hole in the wall gun shop that I frequent several months ago. I had offered then to get him and his BIL started in some skeet shooting.

Turns out that he was real interested in trying, but didn't have a shotgun to try it. He is rather new to guns, only getting into them in the last year or so with his BIL's help. Has a few rifles and a pistol. Has an old 12ga single that he wasn't sure was even safe. I offered to show him the ropes and do a bit of instuction for him and Brother-in-law.

I brought 2 different guns for them to try. His BIL couldn't make it so I instucted one on one while his wife watched from the warm cab of their truck, it was about 33degrees out with a stiff cold breeze. I let him try my Ruger 28ga Red Label for the first round, he was worried about recoil, but found that there was none to speak of with that gun. He ended up with about a 10 on the first round with all singles. We all warmed up in the club house for a while, nothing fancy but he and his wife were impressed with the politeness of the other shooters. I couldn't get his wife to try it, this time. She said she would when it got warmer.

Second round, broke out a 870 20ga Wingmaster. Had to show him the operation of the gun, he caught on fairly well. Throughout the time on range always stressing safety and range etiquette so he understood the why's and wherefore's of things.
He started shooting some doubles this round catching on to the shucking of a pump gun. Ended up with a 14, I believe, with one pair of doubles smashed to powder. He really got some confidence with that set.

We sat out for a bit more to warm up, he watched some trap shooters on line for a while and we went for a third try. I gave him the choice between the Red Label and the Wingmaster. He chose the Remington. He started breaking targets with a bit more enthusiasm and ended with a 17. He ran a station of 4 targets, as well as 2 station's doubles. I supplied all the shells for him to shoot which are light target loads and he paid for his targets. He also bought a membership to a shotgun club without owning a shot gun.

His wife now hates me, now I know how sm feels with so many people out to get you for corrupting new shotgunners. She told him if he was getting a shotgun he had to sell one of his other babys. He is now in the market for probably an 1100 20 gauge so his wife can also shoot. In the meantime, although he doesn't know it yet, I will let him borrow the Wingmaster if he wants.

As sm says, "pass it forward" :D

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Larry Ashcraft
February 26, 2006, 07:40 PM
I let him try my Ruger 28ga Red Label for the first round
Probably a mistake, but what the hey, it's his money. :D

Dave McCracken
February 26, 2006, 09:08 PM

Good job. The wife will ease up, especially if she tries a few rounds.

If all of us who know taught ONE new shooter......

February 26, 2006, 09:12 PM


Thanks for sharing! Always a great day when there is new shooter exposed to 28 ga, guns in general, polite folks in a clubhouse, and Dust in the Wind-Kansas

Hey ya'll remember when Larry did not know what a 28 ga was? :neener:

So I guess you haven't gotten to the part about vacuums yet - huh? *snicker*

Larry Ashcraft
February 26, 2006, 09:27 PM
Hey, Hey!

I'll let you know, Sandy and I spent a good part of today playing with BB guns and ping pong balls. Steve, you didn't tell me this was FUN! I thought it was training. Geeze.

And don't be talkin' about vacuums. Who knows who might be listening. :uhoh:

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