The Regent Firearms Intl. Corp


February 27, 2006, 07:43 PM
I picked up a .22 8 shot revolver The Regent made by Firearms Int'l Corp.
It seems like a nice little gun but the cylinders are all messed up from someone dry-firing it, I cant even get a round into it. I was wondering if someone might know where I could buy a new cylinder for it? Ive tried Numrich and they dont have anything. Any info would be apprecated!

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March 1, 2006, 02:25 AM
Sell it to Numerich. That would be your best bet.

September 27, 2008, 04:33 PM
to hunt 4679
do you still own the regent 22 pistol i have one that the firing pin and the hammer is broke

September 28, 2008, 12:46 AM -- give this thing a try. It's supposed to get rid of the burrs in the chambers from excessive dryfiring...I've never tried it myself, although one of my .22 revolvers would probably benefit from it (I bought it that way).

March 4, 2009, 08:28 PM
I just cam into one of these.

November 4, 2009, 05:23 PM
I have one of these . Would"nt get rid of it.Mine is in pretty good shape i enjoy shooting it.

February 1, 2010, 08:04 PM
Howdy all: Just joined here since it looks like someone may have the part I need to put one of these back together or sell me an entire gun for parts. I am an FFL and would send you a copy if I can pick up one of these. Thanks. Fred

March 15, 2010, 05:15 PM
Im looking for a cylinder hinge for a regent 22 cal revolver. I've had it a long time but recently found it again after my dad passed away. I'd like to repair it if i can. I also need a front sight. Any help?

March 15, 2010, 05:43 PM
I just answered the same question in the Gunsmith forum post you made.


Ron James
March 15, 2010, 05:53 PM
Firearms International never made firearms, they were importers. The Regent is probably a Hermann Weihrauch " Arminius ", Model HW-3, Germany. These were inexpensive firearms and never imported in great numbers so there is no parts source in the U. S. Any parts, other than generic springs, will have to come from a parted out gun.

June 6, 2010, 07:49 PM
Regent 22. cal

Hello, I just recieved a regent 8 shot revolver, and have a few questions. When I inspected it the cylinder wouldn't stop rotateing and noticed there was a spring missing inside the lock assembly. Now that that's fixed, does anyone know how the fireing pin retracts? I've never owned 1 like this and it appears the fireing pin floats. I tryed running the gun through it's cycle and the pin stays out and the gun locks up after 1 squeeze. Just curious if the recoil from a shot fired resets the pin?
Thanks, Ryno1117

November 15, 2010, 08:16 PM
The firing pin spring may be broke or missing.

Ohio guy
November 16, 2010, 01:07 PM
I have a regent 22 also, its the 6 inch barrel model. Its it priety good shape, and it shoots 2 inch circle at 25 yards, not to shaby for a cheap gun. I found a schematic for it, and a parts price list at N.U.M.R.I.C.H, hope this helps.

John Wayne
November 16, 2010, 01:12 PM
This thread has been resurrected 6 times over the past 4 1/2 years, without a single reply from the OP.

Ohio guy
November 16, 2010, 08:12 PM
John, you may have something there ? But do you really watch threads from over 4 years ago ?

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