opinions on s&w m&p 40??


March 5, 2006, 01:58 PM
just picked up a smith and wesson m&p 40, just wondered some opinions, and thoughts? improvements i can make...etc....feels really nice..havent had a chance to shoot it yet..but will in a day or two..thanks...

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March 5, 2006, 02:18 PM
Well, if you just picked it up you probably don't want to hear any negatives. Actually, I own several S&W handguns and just handled one the other day. It fit my hand (small) pretty well. They were on sale for $549.00. The .40 cal ammo is alittle high for me. I prefer 9mm. You should enjoy it. Just get ready for the "anti-smith" guys to report in and put it down.

March 5, 2006, 02:33 PM
I have had one for a few weeks. It handles nicely, fits my hand well, and shoots straight. I have not experienced any problems with any of the ammo I have used. I am very happy with it. Oh yeah, the trigger pull is very nice as well. Enjoy!!:D

March 5, 2006, 02:56 PM
Our PD is evaluating them.

Ergonomics are subjective, but most people really seem to like how it feels, points and recoils.

Trigger pull is good for a service weapon.

They seem to be reliable, with two caveats:

1. Light primer strikes seem to happen with some guns.

2. Magazine baseplates can be popped off a little too easily.

Our PD does a torture test of guns when we eval them, and they've been pleased with how they've worked so far. The light-strike issue is one that gave them pause at first, but word is that this has been resolved by S&W.

Personally? I really like it.


March 5, 2006, 06:09 PM
I've had for a couple weeks and have put through ~400 rds and shot part of our tactical match with it. It is a really nice peice, comfy to shoot, accurate, and smooth trigger pull (although not quite as good as my XD45 :D ). I have not had a FTF or FTE and have used a variety of ammo, WWB 165 & 180gr, Magtech 180gr , WinClean 180, Hornady TAP (nice carry ammo), and American Eagle (Federal reloads). I shoot the pistol best with 180gr, 165 tends to be low and left while 180 is right on the mark. Only complaint is the mag disconnect :( I shoot with a Marine this weekend who had the P99 and MP side by side and chose the P99 due the mag disconnect. I personally think it is just a little annoying, but I'm not LEO. I can see why the LEO would want a disconnect, but military and civilian could probably do without it. Some range officers have you dry fire after visual inspection of the chamber to verify clear. This means one needs to install an empty mag to release the striker. Overall, I'm happy with the pistol, although I tend to squeeze my whole hand when firing this pistol resulting in shots falling between 7 and 8 O'clock relative to the X ring. I think that plus too much trigger finger are easily fixed with practice. :D Enjoy!

Treebeard, did you get to range today?

March 5, 2006, 07:10 PM
Like it so far , sort of like Distra's my M&P shots low but to the right w 165gr WWB (Haven't tried 180's yet). Not to bad to carry but the extended tang does poke a bit in the side while driving . I just think I need a proper holster for it since I just using my Uncle Mike's #12 pancake belt slide which I also use for my SW99 and Stery M357 .

March 5, 2006, 07:34 PM
I have not shot 180gr. yet, but I seem to shoot low and to the left with 165gr. I have an odd feeling that I will shoot better with 180gr. I have ordered so much ammo for my .40 and .45 in the past week that I will be all set until May!! No range today, I spent all day on the couch trying to recover from the flu, which has not turned to laryngitis.:(

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