Anyone for a reactive target shoot?!?


April 19, 2003, 03:55 PM
Okay, all...sitting around the house, wrapping up the hollow chocolate bunnies for my kiddie has put me in that peculiarly inventive frame of mind...and you all get to suffer, as a result. Lucky you!!


It occurs to me that these cheap-o little hollow bunnies will be around for practically pennies, come Monday. And, as they are worth every penny of what will be the likely $.35 price tag (being, as they are, such fine, fine chocolate), I'm considering a Post-Easter Splatterfest, to nicely balance out my Post Hallowe'en Pumpking Chop. I figure, a quick trip down the aisles of my local supermarket should avail me of TONS of possible options for fillings for a hollow bunny. I mean, most of your jams come in squeezable containers, there's aerosol-powered whipped cream, and even such exotics as barbecue sauce and Mayonnaise.

My intent is to buy about fifty of the little cocoa-laden communists, and a few jugs of assorted fillings, head out to the country while it's still cool enough to pull this off, and splatter the landscape with bunny-goo (Ssssshhhh! Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...hehehehehehhehhhhh!)

So, what about the rest of you? Anyone else come up with any particularly entertaining, or mildly disturbing, reactive targets? I hear that televisions are quite satisfying, at least for the first shot or two, and that cars can also be fun (especially if they've let you down once too often!! :evil: ) Anything else?

Oh, and what's the calibre of choice, and bullet type, to get the maximum spray of raspberry jam from a six-inch bunny at, say, fifteen to twenty yards? I'm considering a plywood backstop, just to catch the moment. Heck, with what passes for art, nowadays, I might be able to recoup the cost of the outing (or buy more bunnies!!!).


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April 20, 2003, 01:44 PM
Cheap and entertaining reactive targets I use are Ice blocks made from frozen water balloons. They're either colored like a balloon, or white if you peel 'em. Either way, they're highly visible, and vanish in a cloud of sparkles when hit solidly. Or they break into a couple of more difficult targets if clipped, until they get muddy whereupon they vanish.

For longer ranges, use party balloons with about a quart of water. Close range use can be grenade-sized "water bomb" ballons. The little guys can be frozen up 3-4 at a a time in a bowl in the freezer, and then stashed in corners once they're hard to make room for more. Just pile 'em in an ice chest at target time. You can roll 'em out from the firing line easily. Less hiking.

The best part? No mess to clean up, except brass.

Frozen milk cartons and 2-litre bottles work ok too. 2-litres can take lots of hits befor finally shredding.

Freezing up square blocks in Tupperware-style plastic bins can make building blocks. Build a castle-y looking thing, cover it with army men and you can play Regime Change-The Home Game. Sounds fun to me, I just might try that! :D

Best caliber for jelly Varmints? Something fast, but not too big, with hollow points. Say, .17 and .22 mag rimfire, .22 LR Stingers, .30 carbine, .32 Mag, .25-20, .32-20, 7.62 x 25, .22 hornet, .357's, Sig and Mag, .38 super, 9mm will prolly do fine, 10mm's a stretch, but feasible.

Faster than that, and you get sticky vapor. Slower, and you get shattered shells around big blobs, kinda like squished snails. Neither works for good artistic splatification.

Sounds like a load of silly fun. Beats having those little critters languishing around the house and tempting one to eat your way into a diabetic torpor.

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