Some pols are fed up with mexican antics


March 30, 2006, 11:13 PM
'Let the prisoners pick the fruits'

House conservatives criticized President Bush, accused the Senate of fouling the air, said prisoners rather than illegal farm workers should pick America's crops and denounced the use of Mexican flags by protesters Thursday in a vehement attack on legislation to liberalize U.S. immigration laws.

"I say let the prisoners pick the fruits," said Rep. Dana Rohrabacher of California, one of more than a dozen Republicans who took turns condemning a Senate bill that offers an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants an opportunity for citizenship.

"Anybody that votes for an amnesty bill deserves to be branded with a scarlet letter A," said Rep. Steve King of Iowa, referring to a guest worker provision in the Senate measure.

Their news conference took place across the Capitol from the Senate, where supporters and critics of the legislation seemed determined to heed admonitions from both Bush and Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist to conduct a dignified, civilized debate.

The House has passed legislation to tighten border security, while the Senate approach also includes provisions to regulate the flow of temporary workers into the country and control the legal fate of millions of illegal immigrants already here. Bush has broadly endorsed the Senate approach, saying he wants a comprehensive bill.

Note: this is an excerpt.

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March 31, 2006, 12:30 AM
They have finally done it.

The radicals have finally (FINALLY!!!) wee-weed in their own frijoles, so to speak.

All that meCha, Aztlan, Mexia, Reconquista crap that the protestors pulled a couple of days ago has served to only wake up even the most myopic and the clueless when it comes to the illegal immigration issue.

Now, just a couple of days later, millions more Americans realize that there are ill-intentioned invaders in the country, driving around the American Southwest with bumper stickers that read "F**K You! This is STILL Mexcio."

The little stunts of pulling down the US flag and supplanting it with the Mexican flag at that school near Houston has quite simply pushed a lot folks over the proverbial edge.

This looks bad for the short term, but it's basically like the hanging of abolitionist John Brown. Yeah, it was a big hit to the abolitionist movement in the short term, but it heralded the coming storm.

I am NOT hoping or calling for a war, Civil or otherwise here.

I am just saying that all the radical Reconquista idiots have done nothing more than turn millions upon millions of Americans against them in a fashion and an intensity that quite simply didn't exist a couple of days ago.


Don Gwinn
March 31, 2006, 12:35 AM
Profanity. . . silly proposals to use prison labor to pick farm produce. . . but no connection to civil liberties or gun rights to speak of.

Not enough.

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