Pocket holster for glock 26,leather or nylon?


April 21, 2003, 03:39 PM
I am wondering what a good pcket holster for my glock 26 should I go nylon or leather and what are the pros cons of each? ? I am most interested in how well it conceals i.e. breaks up the out line of the gun. Does anyone have any experiance w/ the desantis nemisess rig? what about the galco pocket holster for this gun?

I'am aware that the type of pants you wear matter to with this type of carry. I have a few pairs of jean short with lose fitting legs and deep wide cut pockets my g 26 in them w/o a holster draws fits well so i figure a good pocket holster would be all I need.

Last anyone here carry mini glock this way if so how do you like it? I figure this gun with a flush fitting magazine is a great little back up gun I mean how can you go wrong w/11 rounds of 9mm and I will be adding nite sights to this gun soon. In the end can I get a good pocket rig for this gun w/o spending alot of money? Thanks for any replies guys.

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April 21, 2003, 03:52 PM
I love my little Glock but really consider it too thick to carry in a pocket. Be interesting to see others' opinions on this.

Moving to handguns.


Good things, when short, are twice as good. -- Baltasar Gracian

April 21, 2003, 04:08 PM
I think I only have two pairs of pants a G26 would even fit in, let alone fit in well. ;)

April 21, 2003, 10:57 PM
Have to agree with the other replys here - the G-26 is just a bit chunky for pocket carry in anything but maybe a heavy coat pocket. It's probably really best suited for ankle or IWB carry.

I'd also be a little leary of carrying a Glock in anything but a rigid, well secured holster that doesn't allow access to the trigger until there is a firm grip and the gun is cleared of obstructions. I shutter to think what could happen trying to yank one out of a tight pocket under stress.

In a major caliber - the bobbed or enclosed hammer snub revolvers are probably best suited for pocket carry.

April 22, 2003, 12:05 AM
I've been carrying a G27 this way for the last six months. Believe it or not, I use an Uncle Mike's inside the pocket holster. I bought the holster just to "prove the concept" of pocket carry with a G27 with the intention of buying a "better" holster someday. So far I haven't seen the need.

I'm 6'3" and weigh around 235 these days. I carry in loose fitting khakis or jeans. You can tell there's something in my pocket but it's not something that anybody would associate with a gun.

I've gotten in the habit of carrying my wallet in my left front pants pocket vs the right, even when I'm not packing. I carry absolutely NOTHING in the same pocket as the gun.

I've practiced the draw at the range with live ammo. You have to follow the same rule you do when you carry a loaded gun in any other fashion: don't ever, ever f*&k up.

BTW I don't think there's that much difference in width between a Glock 26/27 slide and a j-frame smith's cylinder.

Good luck,

El Rojo
April 22, 2003, 12:06 AM
I find that dress slacks are fairly easy to carry a Glock 27 in with the regular flush mag. Yes if someone is checking out your package, they might ask, "Is that a Glock 27 (26) in your pocket or are you happy to see me." Respond cheerily, "BOTH!" How many people stare at your unit in public? The great odds are that no one is going to see it printing on your pants and call the cops on it. And it is reasonably concealed, so I don't see how anyone will get you on it.

Anyway, it is not as easy to draw as a holstered Glock, but you can still get it out with practice. DO NOT CARRY ANY OTHER ITEMS IN THAT POCKET! Only the Glock should be in that pocket, all keys, pens, extra mags, flashlights, chapstick, etc. needs to be in another pocket.

I prefer Mexican style carry with properly fitting pants for my Glock 27. No one else is going to encourage it and they might even call me a fool for doing so. However, in three years of carry, I have had zero problems with carrying in my wasteband. I find it very comfortable, extremely concealable, and easy to draw from. If you aren't comfortable carrying that way try an in the wasteband (IWB) holster or if you have to tuck in your shirt go for the ankle hoslter or nice dress slacks pocket carry. As far as a pocket holster goes, good luck on that one!

Master Blaster
April 22, 2003, 11:37 AM
I carry my G-26 every day when not at work, In a desantis Nemisis pocket holster, it has a nylon lining and a rubbery outside that makes it stick to the pocket.


With a Glock you must keep the trigger covered. I choose my pants carefully so that the holster and gun fit. That means big pockets with a wide low cut opening. The pants have a baggy loose fit, which I like and is currently in fashion, I have found both jeans, and dress pants, and Shorts ( arizona /sonoma carpenter jeans, and Lee khakis and carpenter jeans, tailored tropical wool pants) that fit just fine) with a proper pocket and the desantis holster, I find that no one notices the bulge, even my wife, and I carry junk Keys knife change, spare mag, in my other pocket, so it has a bulge as well.

Last week I went to a child welfare conference were I was sitting next to several state and county plain clothes police officers, all day. I even inquired about their guns (some were wearing p239s in open belt holsters!, and mentioned I had a permit to carry, and guess what???? No One NOTICED my G-26, or asked about the bulge.
If they did:
I would say its my Unit, or its my insulin injector, or its my phone, or its my colostomy bag:what: , or ignore question, but in two years NO ONE has asked.

I'm a Computer guy / social worker, So folks dont see what they dont expect.

I also have a Milt sparks watch six, and another desantis IWB for the glock. I can draw much faster, and more inconspicuosly from the pocket holster, than the IWB, since there is no covering garment to move.

In a hold up I would reach for my wallet, and low and behold its a g-26 and firing at that, IWB not as fast or as stealthy.
IWB much less comfortable.

You do need to select proper pants and a proper belt,
same as for an IWB rig

Thats me YMMV

Master Blaster
April 23, 2003, 10:09 AM
Anyone with similar experience?

Have any of you timed the draw and compared the IWB to the pocket for speed?

It seems the covering garment slows my draw way down, and even requires two hands sometimes.

How about You?

April 24, 2003, 10:18 PM
Draw from a front pocket holster is fast. I have a S&W 442 in a Kramer pocket holster and it is very quick. I also have a Glock 26 and they are hard to carry in the front pocket if you are 5'10" like I am. Tried it with a Galco pocket holster and it just did not do the trick. Guess I will give the DeSantis a try. For pocket carry, however, a J Frame is hard to beat.

gristle head
April 25, 2003, 10:49 AM
I carry a 27 in the DeSantis Nemesis and have found it to be efficient so long as you are wearing the right pant. It absolutely will not work with cowboy cut jeans, but works very well in dress slacks or Riatas (a Wrangler product similar to Dockers).

The draw is not super fast but better than many other methods, for me at least.

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