Best shooting range in Portland, OR area?


May 4, 2006, 03:20 PM
I want to find a better shooting range arrangement in the Portland, OR area. I live on the west side so I would prefer that, but most ranges seem to be either south or east.

Can anyone offer suggestions as to what range you enjoy most?

Currently I shoot indoors at The Place To Shoot in the Delta Park area north of town. I belonged to the Tri-County gun club a few years ago, but now most of my rifle as been done at the English Pit over east of Vancouver, or at gravel pits in National Forests areas. Both of those are a bit far for convenince and for minnimal facility (English Pit only has 25 yd - 100 yd).

I have been looking at Tri-County or Douglas Ridge(?) and I have heard there might be others.

What I am looking for:
* Highest priority would be for rifle (informal, service, DCM shoots) out to 200 yds minimum, perferably 300+. Must allow various field positions for prone, sitting, standing. Often they seem to be oriented for standing or bench only.

* I would like to be able to show up on a flexible schedule without a lot of administrative overhead (that is early and late hours, open year round). Easy membership process. I don't want to go through a bunch of rigamarole to become a member. Tri-County was nice, but you can only join on something like one Wednesday night a month or somehting. Not convenient. I'ld like to be able to show on a saturday, fioll out a form, read the rules, pay my dues and start shooting.

* Second priority would be for outdoor pistol and rimfire ranges.

* Third would be a range where I could practice shotgun with slugs and buckshot. Only doing that at FS gravel pits and that is kind of far.

* Training classes in service rifle, defensive handgun, rifle, shotgun would be great.

* Fun shoots for defensive pistol, service rifle, shotgun would be a plus.

* Skeet, trap, clays courses would be nice, but not mandatory as there is a clay sports range near the house already.

* Cost and distance from Hillsboro area would be trade-off concerns. Closer would be nice, but better facilities or cheaper membership.

Is that too much to ask for? Tri-County seemed a bit expensive and not convenient for joining. Douglas Ridge appears to be more my speed but is a ways out east. What is your favorite range? What would you recommend as the top two ranges to investigate more? Any small ranges that aren't widely advertised that you like?


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May 4, 2006, 03:57 PM
I have had a hard time with finding a decent place to shoot too. I shoot pistols indoor at "The Place To Shoot" over in Delta Park and I have just started going to Tri County Gun Club for outdoor shooting and rifles. :)

falling leaves
May 4, 2006, 06:03 PM
It may be a bit far to drive from Hillsborro, but Clark Rifles in Hockinson (NE of Vancouver) has a good outdoor range. Anyone in the area should check them out. The range is open to the public on Wed and Sun for a modest fee. Their website is at Good luck with the search - I would be interested in hearing what you find.

May 4, 2006, 10:18 PM
I only shoot thee on occasion,for cas shoots,but this past year they have REALLY been renovating and enlarging the place.May be a bit spendy or 'unhandy to join' but I can't think of a place that offers more variety.
Clark rifles is ok,but 'smallish' and can sure get crowded fast.English pit closed down several years ago,no?

May 5, 2006, 12:55 AM
Not really Portlandish but a nice range is about 5 miles from me.Im not a member yet but have taken 4 or so NRA firearms classes there.Its a very nice place but it mite be to far for you to travel..I just need to save up so money to join.You must join to shoot there unless you know somebody who shoots there and will take you there.

May 5, 2006, 02:06 AM
I am a member at Clark rifles, i like it but with the pit closed it has gotten somewhat crowded and they are starting to get into a lot of that "letsmakealotofrulesthatannoypeople" kind of thing. Last I heard the county was trying to find a way to reopen the English Pit, though I do not know if that got anywhere.


May 5, 2006, 12:10 PM
I'm a member of the Albany Rifle & Pistol Club. It's a great facility, basically the rules are "be safe and have fun". Full auto rifle caliber is limited to about half the hours the range is open (whenever it's light) but subguns are always welcome. We have Service Rifle, IPSC, full auto matches, Cowboy, etc. Mebership is about $75 per year and it's a card access system.

It's a fairly long drive in miles, but not in time, and we have a lot of guys who drive down from the Portland area.

Come down the weekend of the May 20 and 21 for the big Spring Full-Auto shoot, kind of a smaller version of Knob Creek.

Check out

May 6, 2006, 04:50 AM
Albany sounds interesting though far. That is where I shot for the DCM qualification to get my two Garands. Folks there were terrific. May be OK for the weekend, but I probably would not make it there during the week.

Sounds like Douglas Ridge, Clark Rifles and Tri-County are the best bets for now. I guess I'll have to call and visit each one again to make a final decision. Thanks for your input guys. I like being out at the Forest Service pits, except with those couple of ambushes out there in the past few years I am leery of going out there alone. Plus, I enjoy the camaradirie of a real range.

Do any of those ranges allow bringing your own steel targets like the swinging tree style? or do most of them allow steel?

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