May 12, 2006, 02:07 PM
First, were there ever any with chrome lined barrels? The search I did yielded a lot of NOs for the B version, but I didn't find any directly saying NO for the pre-ban version.

Second, does a non chrome-lined barrel severely limit the ability to fire mil surp ammo and/or the life of the barrel (assuming one cleans the rifle after each firing session)?

Third, in Terminator 1 it appears that Arnie has a larger-than-standard AR-18 magazine. How many rounds does it look like it holds, and are they available?

Picture attached

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May 12, 2006, 02:31 PM

No, non chromed barrels are fine.

Those are two 30rnds taped togather.

May 14, 2006, 08:02 PM
Can the 180B take the original 180 magazines? I take it as a no, since the original couldn't take m-16s and the 180B can, but I want to make sure.

Is the only magazine that should be used in the 180B a GI m-16 mag? I want to buy magazines that will work without modifications. Are these GI mags plentiful?

I have read a lot of people on here saying that the 180B is prone to breaking apart around the front pivot pin area. First, what is the front pivot? Second, is the front pivot notorious for being weak in the original 180 as well? Third, is there certain steps one can take to ensure that this almost never breaks?

In terms of robustness and/or reliability, does the original 180s lower fare better than the 180Bs polymer lower?

About how many rounds can be fired out of the 180B before the lack of heat shield in the handguard starts to be a noticeable problem?

Also, can someone describe to me what a match chamber is compared to a military chamber and why the match chamber wouldn't be a good choice for rugged use?

Is the missing ejection port cover a huge drawback in terms of getting "down and dirty" with the 180B?

"Go hit this survey if you want to see the AR180 get an aluminum lower receiver, folding stock, flash hider and other features long overdue." This was posted by NH AR Shooter in February of 2005. I take it the results of the survey didn't show a demand for these features and they weren't implemented into the 180B?

Sorry for all the questions. I decided to buy a lot of semis instead of an m16.

May 14, 2006, 08:21 PM

Yes, the most plentiful magazine in the US marketplace is USGI M16 mags.

The rifle is held upper to lower with two burly pins, for cleaning you remove the rear pin and clean. Rough handling and (snapping) will damage the front pin when the rifle is broken down. Be gentle and its not an issue.

No the newer ones function better due to improved magazine design.

How many rounds is determined by how bothered ya are by heat, the ammo, if your wearing gloves and the outside temp. It doesnt cool better or worse than an AK or cheaper ARs. Wear a comfortable pair of gloves and the heat issue goes away.

A match chamber is -tight- to keep a .223 from wiggling around and ensuring accuracy, however because its tight it also tends to gum up with less dirt than a military chamber. This is sort've a big deal if you want to use surplus 5.56x45mm ammo.

No not really, the ejector port cover doesnt do much for mud and even then its not a huge deal.

No, Armalite doesnt want to spend money on the unpopular and slowly dying AR-180.

I say, you and I are thinking along the same lines and I considered an AR-180 for awhile. However the receiver's tendency to break, lack of folding stock, and the match chamber kept me from purchasing one. I ended up with another piston operated .223 rifle, the SU-16. Its as reliable as an AK, as accurate as an AR(Its chamber is sort've the middleground between match and combat). Its lightweight, its tough and its less expensive. it also takes 30rnd AR magazines, has a built in bipod, build in optics rail and carries a spare magazine in the buttstock!

May 14, 2006, 09:21 PM
Heck the M16/AR15 will break the front pivot pin lugs if the operaator doesn't exercise care when breaking the rifle open.
I have seen this happen more than once and it trashes the lower receiver.
We usually saved the upper receiver assembly and trashed the whole lower receiver assembly when this happened.
Never ever let the upper receiver group drop down of its own weight, always control it while opening the rifle up.
Any good M16/AR15 magazine will work just fine in the AR180B and they are plentyful right now so stock up.
Non chrome barrels usually shoot more accurately than CL barrels and they aren't an issue other than I detail clean the chambers every time I shoot my non chrome chamber barrels and get a bit lax with the CL barrelled rifles.
This isn't a good thing.

There are 40 shot AR magazines available, avoid them, most don't function well.
The rifle will accept a 100 round Beta C magazine and these are expensive but a much better choice if you need that much on board ammunition.

I like the AR180B, I like it a lot better than the Ruger Mini 14 actually.
if I needed another .223 I would consider buying one.

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