My 10/22 is all done


May 17, 2006, 10:44 PM
I think I have my 10/22 mostly done. I am thinking about recoating my reciever with some type of black coating because the stuff the ruger uses is so crappy.

I was really hoping to get the weight down close to 5 lbs, but I am stuck at 6 lb 1 oz. This gun is going to see some range time, but is mostly going to be used for varmints. I wanted to have the coolest squirrel blaster of my friends which I think I have accomplished. If I go to a cheap Butler Creek stock I can knock almost 10 oz off the weight, but the thumbhole is so much nicer to shoot I donít know that I would want to switch it out.

My question is would you consider this rifle light at a little over 6 pounds?? With a scope what is the lightest you can get a 10/22?

My gun details

Tactical Solutions 16 inch barrel
Revival Cayenne thumbhole laminate stock
Horn Engineering bolt handle
Power Custom hammer
Power Custom sear
Power Custom trigger
Weaponkraft bolt buffer
Weaponkraft takedown screw
Leupold one piece base and rings
Simmons 3-9 50mm (I am going to replace this with a Barska)

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May 17, 2006, 11:27 PM
VERY nice looking gun. and I love that stock!!!

May 18, 2006, 12:19 AM
Yes, the stock is very handsome. How does it shoot?

My 10/22 with the Choate Dragunov stock is quite light. Haven't measured it - never thought to - but I will in the next few days and try to remember and post it here.

May 18, 2006, 12:22 AM
Beautiful!!! do NOT, I repeat... do NOT get rid of that stock... but if you do, I want it :D

May 18, 2006, 12:25 AM
quite a few ultralight builds over on RFC I saw that claimed sub 5lb weights. Frankly, if yours shoots (we know it looks good), I'd be happy:cool:

May 18, 2006, 12:55 AM

keep that thing of beauty AS IS, and start up on another 10/22 custom!;)

Tom C.
May 18, 2006, 09:24 AM
Why the concern about weight? If you want it really light, consider a graphite wrapped barrel or an aluminum barrel with a steel insert, and plastic stock. But why? You have a beautiful laminated stock, with what appears to be a steel barrel. Your combination looks like it should shoot very well. Isnít that the bottom line?

May 18, 2006, 12:44 PM
Actually this is a lightweight barrel. It comes in at 15 oz which really helps keep the weight of the whole gun down. This barrel and the trigger parts shoot like a dream!! I will not ever get rid of this stock it is way too nice!!

If anyone else would like to buy one check out Rimfire Sports ( they have a really nice selection of parts and accesories. They are on sale right not for $129.95 with free shipping.

May 18, 2006, 01:49 PM
The scope and mount looks a little beefy for a lightweight. I think most of the extra weight is in that 2.5lb laminated stock. The standard Ruger carbine stock is only 1.6lb.

Got any pictures that show the whole gun? How do you like your Tactical Solutions barrel? Is the lettering on the barrel painted on, or engraved through the anodizing? What sort of accuracy do you get with that?

May 20, 2006, 10:36 PM
Vor I think you are correct. I am going to get an aluminum weaver base and some aluminum rings to lighten things up some.

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