Three calibers for the rest of your days


May 28, 2006, 11:41 AM
Hypothectically, let's say you were limited to three rifle calibers for the rest of
your days. What would you pick and why? After a fair amount of thought I have chosen .22LR, 5.56/.223Rem and 7.62/.308Win.

.22LR because it is so useful, accurate and fun. Also great for training new shooters. 5.56 because I find it a useful and available intermediate round. Also because I am a big AR15 fan. 7.62 because with a bolt or semi it will do just about anything I would ever need a high power rifle to do. As a bonus my two centerfire choices are obviously highly supported by the reloading supplies manufacturers.

As an aside, the three I would hate to give up are 7.62x39, 7.62x54r and 30/06. Really like to shoot those AK/SKS rifles and Mosins. At least I could rebarrel the M1s to 7.62!


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May 28, 2006, 11:44 AM
Easy..22LR, 5.56/.223Rem and 7.62/.308Win.

May 28, 2006, 11:46 AM
The same I have right now, because I can never afford an AR or an FAl, so I';ll stay with 7.62x39mm, 303 Brit, and .22lr - don't count the 7.62x54R, as I rarely shoot it anymore.

May 28, 2006, 11:56 AM
I'd have to agree with you on the caliber choices, jagd. You could do anything you want with those three. A wide variety of commercial loads should be available in any local store for them. I've often thought about simplifying to just those (but it's never going to happen, although I wouldn't lose too much sleep over giving up .303, and 7.62x39).

You could do even the first two calibers with the same AR15. Heck, you could buy an AR chambered in each of the three.

22LR is definately a must have because it's so cheap, easy practice, highly accurate and a great small game round. You can buy a rifle with any kind of action chambered in this round.

.223/5.56 is a great HD/SD round, highly accurate, and a good varmint round. It's also lightweight and easy to store/pack. Lots of good bolt action, single shot and semi-auto rifles chambered in this round.

I thought about 30.06 for the third, it's highly versatile, very common and good for any N. American game, but since I have a real fondness for battle rifles(especially the FAL), I'd choose .308/7.62x51. It's a real close second to 30.06 in almost every category. Lots of good bolt action, single shot and semi-auto rifles chambered in this round.

Bonus for me: since my M1 has been converted to .308, I could still keep my favorite rifle. :)

May 28, 2006, 11:57 AM
:what: For my low end how about .22 magmun. for use in both pistol and rifle, ditto for the .44 magnum, I have a .44 Ruger Deerfield & Ruger Super RedHawk, and IMO the best close quarters combat round the .45 acp. for GLOCK 21 pistol and Thompson semi-auto. That would be my choices for my wants and needs. :cool:

May 28, 2006, 12:15 PM
1. .22LR
2. .30-06 Springfield
3. .45-70 Government

About covers the bases for me. :D

May 28, 2006, 12:28 PM
.22 LR
.50 BMG

The venerable '06 will cover everything between the other two.

May 28, 2006, 12:48 PM
22lr for practice, training, and small game.
.243 Win for everything from varmints up to small deer.
.300 Win Mag for everything else in North America. It'll duplicate any 30'06/308 load and then some.

May 28, 2006, 01:17 PM
Your Hypothetical choice clashes with my reality............ I have ALL of the calibers mentioned above:rolleyes: - and more than a dozen others as well, :evil: + dies, bullets, brass and primers and an assortment of powders for all that would give my homeowners insurance carrier a case of hives if they knew about half of it:neener:
Marvelous Fantisy you got here:rolleyes: - but ain't playing ;)

May 28, 2006, 01:22 PM

Tough choice on the last one because I actually prefer the .30/06,,,I just own more rifles in .308.
Guess I should also add that I would also keep a 12 guage and a 9mm handgun.

lee n. field
May 28, 2006, 01:42 PM
.45 ACP
And whatever rifle cartridge I decide is appropriate for zombie hordes.

May 28, 2006, 03:53 PM

May 28, 2006, 04:09 PM

Pistols.... 9mm, .357/.38, 45 acp

rifles.... 22, 30/06, 45-70

Sorry had to be inclusive....:D

30-06 lover
May 28, 2006, 04:42 PM


May 28, 2006, 05:25 PM
Interesting. Certainly .22LR as a training and plinking round. Probably .30-'06 instead of .308, so as to get the heavier bullet weights available in that caliber. And for the high end, dealing with nasty stuff with teeth, either .45/70, if I were only worrying about relatively short ranges, or (my preference) .375 H&H Magnum as an all-round "heavy", with a ballistic profile very similar to .30-'06, and decent power out to 300 yards or more.

May 28, 2006, 06:20 PM
.22 LR
7.62 NATO
.50 BMG


May 28, 2006, 06:25 PM
.22 cal, for small game
30-06, because you can load such a variety of bullets in it
.50 cal, black powder because I could make the powder myself if needed.

May 28, 2006, 06:52 PM
.223 Rem. / 5.56x45 mm Nato
.30-'06 Springfield

And while no-one is looking. . . . I'm tossing my Guide Gun in .45-70 Go'vt. into my dufflebag! :evil:

May 28, 2006, 07:14 PM
After numerous hours of research, deep soul searching, and attempts to convince myself there may be a better 3 than jagd suggested, I've come up with the following perfect three for me.


Great minds, ya know. :D



May 28, 2006, 07:52 PM
223 /243 / and 7mm rem mag

May 28, 2006, 07:57 PM
22LR, 308 and 338 Lapua will do me just fine

May 28, 2006, 09:11 PM
Assuming I can handload I'd go Hornet in lieu of the .22RF. No need for body shots on small stuff. I don't eat heads, anyway. Can take turkeys and stuff up to deer. Come to think of it the Hornet would be enough for everything I'd likely ever need to do.

Still, it would be nice to have a .300 Win or WBY.

Forced to pick a third, I suppose .223/5.56 ammo would allow for recreation with the M16s.


May 28, 2006, 11:10 PM
.22LR, 5.56/.223Rem and 7.62/.308Win

While I might have the same choice as you, I really don't like the way how it is said:

you were limited to three rifle calibers for the rest of
your days

This is really somewhat too discouraging. Limit by what? The liberals might use this as a strategy: first limit your choices, then wipe out your rights. We have to stand firm and cannot accept this tone, to do so, please first don't say it from our own mouth!:neener: We should not discourage ourselves first! We did an excellent job in ending the AWB, we cannot let that or similar things back again!

May I suggest that we consider changing the title of this to something like: What are the three most favorite/practical/whatever rifle calibers in your lifetime? That sounds much more positve!:D

P.S.: though I like these above three calibers, I really love trying different calibers!

May 28, 2006, 11:24 PM
.22lr, .308,.375H&H:)

May 29, 2006, 01:23 AM
.22 LR
.45 acp (for carbine)

May 29, 2006, 01:37 AM
Im surprised at the general consensus of 22lr!

I would replace my 22lr with 223, based on the fact of comparative recoil and longer ranges of a 223. But who need a mouse cartridge anyway :neener:

So here it is:


Bout covers everything from food to cyborg robots from the future :rolleyes:

May 29, 2006, 02:36 AM
.22lr for being cheap and useful on most pests, ease to train on.

.303 British in which you would understand if you ever saw my Lee Enfield collection. Taken down just about anything the world has to offer in the 100 or so years its been around

7.62x39 or .240win as an intermediate round. Good enough for most stuff without the excess recoil and fairly common.

May 29, 2006, 02:42 AM
1) 22LR- cheap, light, useful food harvester round
2) 7.62x39- cheap and effective business round
3) Either
7mm Rem Mag
50 BMG
-reach out and touch someone

May 29, 2006, 03:26 AM
.22lr, 7.62x39 for the SKS and 7mm, which I choose mostly because I happen to own a 7 mag, and its my favorite hunting rifle. If I had to choose to only one big bore caliber, I suspect I would go with .308 or .30-06 only because of availability of ammo.

May 29, 2006, 04:21 AM
If only 3 calibers forever, it would be the only 3 I shoot now:

1. .22LR
2. 7.62x39
3. 9mm Luger

May 29, 2006, 04:41 AM


May 29, 2006, 05:26 AM
.22 LR
.375 H&H

I'm surprised nobody else picked the .375 H&H. It's the .30'06 of the big bores--extremely flexible and pretty much universally accepted. My choices cover all ground from small game and plinking to elephants.

May 29, 2006, 06:48 AM
If I was choosing, then buying weapons to fit:




If I had to choose between what I currently own:




May 29, 2006, 08:17 AM
Quote: "I'm surprised nobody else picked the .375 H&H. It's the .30-'06 of the big bores--extremely flexible and pretty much universally accepted. My choices cover all ground from small game and plinking to elephants."

Personally, if I can't readily kill it with a .30-'06, I don't wanna mess with it....:what: ;)

nero(down Jumbo, down....)

May 29, 2006, 08:29 AM
I agree with nero45acp. If you can't do it with the three that he mentions then I don't want to be shooting at that critter.

May 29, 2006, 08:52 AM
22LR - good for practice and just plain fun.
223 - Good to 600 yards. cheap to reload.
6.5 Grendel necked down to 6mm or something in the 6BR family.
Must be hand loaded but makes a great target rifle caliber out to 1000 yards. If I was a hunter I'd probably change the last one for 308.

May 29, 2006, 09:16 AM
I currently am attempting to do this as a simplification and cost cutting move.


These three rifles meet my needs. I have a pistol caliber carbine as well but we are not discussing those I gather. If we were I would be in a pickle.

My handgun minimum is 4 but 6 would be ideal for me. I could get by without the .44 magnum and the .40 auto

.357 S&W Magnum
.44 S&W Magnum
9mm Parabellum
.40 S&W Auto
.45 ACP

I guess I better save this one for my favorite pistol calibers. :D

May 29, 2006, 09:28 AM
Rifle calibers - No need for 3 - 22 LR and 308 WIN or 30:06 - however it would be an impoverished life.

May 29, 2006, 09:35 AM

Hmm, just need two rifle calibers. Add 12 guage shotgun and .357 magnum to handle all my shooting needs.

May 29, 2006, 01:00 PM
Three rifle calibers, meaning ONLY used in a rifle (to me). .223- most everything will go down from it and toting around 100 + rounds ain't that bad. 7mm mag- excellent flexibility and tremendous power with a wide range of bullet weights. 376 steyr- own one and am suprised how well it shoots as compared to the 375 H&H with very minor degraded ballistics.

May 29, 2006, 01:08 PM
.22LR - up close/cheap
7.62x39 - mid-range personal defense
6.5x55 - long range

I think that would just about do me for the rest of my days. ;)

May 29, 2006, 01:42 PM
I only have 4 rifle calibers now, and only plan on having 4 for a very long time.

they are

If I had to I could easily get by without the 30-30, leaving the 3 which seem to be very popular in the thread.

Brass Balls
May 29, 2006, 01:57 PM
22lr for practice, training, and small game.
.243 Win for everything from varmints up to small deer.
.300 Win Mag for everything else in North America. It'll duplicate any 30'06/308 load and then some.

I didn't have to search too far into this thread to find someone with the same answer.

Although it would be tough to do without .308.

May 29, 2006, 02:08 PM
I wouldn't be happy about it, but as much as I enjoy the 7.62x39 and 10mm Auto, I would give up each for the sake of commonality and ammo availability. I would also probably ditch the .22 LR, though it goes against my better judgment. I think I would opt for a semi-automatic rifle such as the SIG or FN in 5.56mm/.223 Rem to cover all the small tasks and finish upgrading my 7mm Rem Mag for all the bigger tasks, while keeping a .45 ACP around to cover the handgun base.

May 29, 2006, 05:02 PM
My handgun minimum is 4 but 6 would be ideal for me. I could get by without the .44 magnum and the .40 auto

.357 S&W Magnum
.44 S&W Magnum
9mm Parabellum
.40 S&W Auto
.45 ACP

What is the .44 S&W Magnum?

Don't mean to nitpick, but if you're going to include the full nomenclature of a cartridge, make sure you credit the right firm. Remington developed the .44 Magnum, S&W developed the M29 to fire it.

May 29, 2006, 05:17 PM
I'm not paring down to three to make some socialist do-gooder happy.

However, in the spirit of self-imposed economy:

Depending on availability of ammo and components, I'd prefer a .22 Hornet to a .22 long rifle. Probably cheaper to reload for light stuff and more horsepower for the heavier stuff. I don't have a .22 Hornet right now, but I do have a .32-20 bolt gun; the positive aspects are very similar.

I do have a .35 Whelen. That would stay as my 'anything' rifle. It shoots 250 grain bullets at 2600 f/s and I can load .38 caliber handgun bullets for small game and plinking.

The middle caliber is my delimma. I have a very nice Remington 700 in .308 for serious target work. It takes three men and a boy to carry it further than from the car to the shooting bench. I have a 1917 Eddystone sporterized and rechambered for an improved .30-06 that will fling a 200 grain bullet at 2800 f/s with no problem. But it's a reloading only proposition. The third contender is a sporterized 6.5x55 Mauser. The Mauser is really a very handy and useful gun.

Like I said, much depends on ammo and component availability.

Happily, I don't have to choose. I'll just keep them all and then dither if I have to grab one and shoot.

1911 guy
May 29, 2006, 06:12 PM
Chalk me up for .22LR, good for putting meat in the pot and training new shooters, as well as staying in practice myself. Just plain fun, too.

An AR will cover the SHTF as well as varmint role, deer if you use heavy for caliber (72gr or more) bullets and have a barrel twist to stabilize them.

My .308 covers anything that walks in my neck of the woods.

Bwana John
May 29, 2006, 08:22 PM
.22 LR ;)
7mm X 57mm Mauser :cool:
.375 H&H mag :eek:

May 29, 2006, 10:29 PM
.22 LR
.375 H&H

May 29, 2006, 10:32 PM
1. .22 RF

2. Its a tie between the .223 Rem and .243 Win

3. Easy choice, the classic .30-'06

May 29, 2006, 11:35 PM

May 30, 2006, 10:42 AM
Another vote for:


May 30, 2006, 10:51 AM
9mm, .45acp, and .308

May 30, 2006, 11:48 AM
.22 LR

May 31, 2006, 04:24 AM

May 31, 2006, 07:50 AM
223 or 22-250
308, 7.5x55, 7.62x54R or 30-06
12 ga slug gun


Old Time Hunter
May 31, 2006, 08:33 AM
.444 a Winchester '94, in either a 18"(Timber Carbine) or 20" barrel(BB). I can load 'em light for distance or heavy for physical effect.

.44 well in handgun and not a bad medium range hunting cartridge in a rifle.

12Ga...for everything else.

No girly, girly .223 or .243's!!! Possibly 30-06, but needs more of a man's kick!

May 31, 2006, 09:15 AM

The Real Hawkeye
May 31, 2006, 10:37 AM
How about .22 LR, .30-06 and .375 H&H? You pretty much have all of North America covered. You could argue that you have the whole world covered too, as .375 H&H loaded with heavy solids is good to go for Cape Buffalo and Elephant. Loaded with heavy soft points, its good for African lion too. In North America, you have Elk, Moose and Grizzly covered with it too. Anything from Elk down to Deer, Boar and Black Bear is covered with the .30-06, and the .22 is good for small game, varmint and small predators up to Coyote.

May 31, 2006, 10:49 AM

.40 S&W/10 mm (same caliber different case size)
.45 ACP
.500 S&W (great for hunting w/bullet sizes ranging from 275g to 700g)

May 31, 2006, 11:01 AM

6.5 X 55

12 guage


May 31, 2006, 03:29 PM
.357 Mag
.30-06 Spgfld

May 31, 2006, 03:38 PM
Seems most folks went with 22lr, 223 and 308.

I'd suggest .22lr, .308 and 45/70.

I'd want something for big critters.

May 31, 2006, 04:04 PM
I'd suggest .22lr, .308 and 45/70.
Me, too. .22lr, .308, .45-70 Perfect.

May 31, 2006, 04:09 PM
The .45-70 has a very limited effective range and a rainbow trajectory. A .375 H&H is superior as an all around big game rifle.

could argue that you have the whole world covered too, as .375 H&H loaded with heavy solids is good to go for Cape Buffalo and Elephant. Loaded with heavy soft points, its good for African lion too. In North America, you have Elk, Moose and Grizzly covered with it too. Anything from Elk down to Deer, Boar and Black Bear is covered with the .30-06, and the .22 is good for small game, varmint and small predators up to Coyote.

Hawkeye gets it! Indeed I think you could get away with the .357 H&H and a .22 LR for everything.

Old Time Hunter
May 31, 2006, 04:20 PM
Thought they had to be AMERICAN calibers. What the hell is a 5.56 or a 7.62? Are they some kind of commie or illegal immigrant size?

May 31, 2006, 06:48 PM
.22 lr

May 31, 2006, 07:43 PM
.22 lr
44 mag

May 31, 2006, 07:54 PM
22 Magnum
6 X 45 MM

Still 2 Many Choices!?
May 31, 2006, 10:21 PM
.223, 7.62X39, .308,.......... .22 lr, .40 cal, and .45 ACP

I could piece together a helluva collection off just those six calibers, and I like the .22 lr cross over effect between rifle and pistol. Plus you can't forget pistol caliber carbines:evil: ...

May 31, 2006, 10:22 PM
.22 lr .223rem .30-06

pete f
June 1, 2006, 05:11 AM
i am claiming that rimfire will never be blocked so i am going with 3 center fire.




the latter two of course in model 99 savages. the .223 in a whole bunch of toys, PD guns, EBR's A SAW if the NFA goes away.....

June 1, 2006, 05:16 AM
A hard choice but I would choose the following calibres:

.22 LR ,.308 and 5.56mm.

All good for target use and hunting.

June 1, 2006, 11:06 AM
What would you pick and why? After a fair amount of thought I have chosen .22LR, 5.56/.223Rem and 7.62/.308Win.

Those are the 3 that came to mind for me also.

Brian Williams
June 1, 2006, 11:27 AM
357 MAG
45 ACP
I am mostly a handgun nut and would be satisfied with only my Marlin 1894C if I had to...

June 1, 2006, 11:44 AM
338 Lapua:D

June 1, 2006, 12:22 PM
well i seen a few but i would say
12 gauge

i am shocked more people didnt think to bring their marlins on this come on i know more of you out there have 30-30's dont you

June 1, 2006, 12:26 PM

That's my only three list.

Not very original, but I'm thinking that's meaningful.

s&w 24
June 1, 2006, 12:43 PM
If I could have one and only one it would be a 376 steyr scout. But as I write this I'm thinking that 35 whelen or 375 hawk would do a fine job. When I'm faced with this question I usualy start thinking about only having one rifle and then having a custom job put together. Something along the lines of a classic 30's 1903 sporter.

If I answer this under current conditions and I'm just trying to cut down to a few well used and practical guns that are off the shelf box stock then I'd pick

1) 7.62x51 general use hunting/3-gun/trunk gun
2) 22 lr cheap practice/small game/training/fun plinker
3) either 375 hawk,375 epstien,or 376 steyr for ctitters larger than black bear or close range brush hunting

This fits closely with my current battery of long guns
mossberg semi 22lr
mossberg bolt 22lr
steyr scout 308
cetme 308
98 mauser sporter 8x57 (grand dads) loaded with 220 grain bullets

At some point I'll either rebarrel the old 98 or get one more working rifle in a larger caliber. I could get by just fine with what I have but I have this crazy Idea that I might go to africa some time and would want a rifle that would fit there laws on FPE and bore dia.

June 1, 2006, 07:45 PM
Thought they had to be AMERICAN calibers. What the hell is a 5.56 or a 7.62? Are they some kind of commie or illegal immigrant size?
-Old Time Hunter

Now i truly hope you are joking. Sir if you are not joking, your not dumb or stupid, just uneducated. I an not suggesting uneducation in general , specifically pretaining to firearms.

7.62x51mm NATO - This was a standard NATO ammunition. Not sure when it was adopted, but nonethe less all (or most correct me if I'm wrong) NATO countries use 7.62. The M14 rifle, that is still used in Iraq by our soldiers today, is chambered in 7.62x51mm NATO. It is also used in M60 when that was used before it was virutally replaced by the M249 SAW. 7.62x51mm NATO is NOT to be confused with 7.62x39mm (7.62 short, 7.62 ComBlock). 7.62x39mm is used in the AK-47 (other AK models like the AKM) and the SKS. The .308 Winchester is a "civilian" 7.62 NATO that operates at higher pressures and slightly smaller so not suggested in 7.62 NATO chambers.

5.56x45mm NATO - Current standard of NATO and our military. 5.56x45mm NATO is the chambering for most M16 derivadives, including, but not limited to the M16a2, M16a3, M4a3, xm177. This was adopted in the early 60's along with the introduction of the M16, then later offically adopted by NATO. Just like the 7.62 NATO it has a civilian counterpart, the .223 Remington. The .223 can be fired in a 5.56 NATO chamber, but not visa versa.

I hope this was informative and articulated. If this did not inform you, having prior knoledge, my hopes were to inform others.

Happy trigger time! :D

June 1, 2006, 08:54 PM
I am sort of working on doing this myself. I just find it impractical to have a whole lot of different calibers around.
As things stand right now, I have it down to .22LR, .308 / 7.62x51, and .223 / 5.56x45. I also still have an SKS but only because it isn't worth selling. I figure that the SKS can stay at my dad's house and add to his firepower. I don't count this as one of "mine" anymore.

The others will do all that I need to do from a rifle. If I were pushed, I could even get rid of the 5.56 and still be OK.
Not much that I can do with a 5.56 that I can't do with a 7.62x51 with the right ammo.

June 1, 2006, 10:58 PM
Honestly, I now only have two; .22 and .223.

If I buy another it'll be a K31 in 7.5x55 because it is inexpensive, well-made and can shoot better than my abilities.

June 1, 2006, 11:07 PM
22 magnum
.375 Holland and Holland - I have a great affinity for this caliber, so it's more of an emotional choice and I have the knowledge that a well placed 06 round can do anything I ever need to do with a rifle up to 500 meters. But the romance of the .375 is there. And so, it makes my list.

June 2, 2006, 12:31 AM
Just 3:


Though, I'd miss many of my others...
(and since this is the "rifle forum", I assume I'd still be allowed at least 1 handgun caliber, right??? ;) SO, add 10mm to that list).

June 2, 2006, 05:10 AM
.25 ACP
.30-40 Krag

;) :rolleyes: :D

Probably .223, .308, and 7.62x39. Pistols would be .22 lr, 9mm, and .357/ .38... I'm not proficient, comfortable, or rich enough for anything more powerful than those six.

Old Time Hunter
June 2, 2006, 09:16 AM
Magnum Caliber357,

Please do not confuse my post generated from a sarcastic point of view.

Frankly, you did not explain anything to me that I did not know already. My point still stands...why do we discuss anything in a "global" (i.e. NATO) bent? If a 7.62 commie size is actually a .30 Cal, say .30 cal. Same goes for the 5.56 (5.56/25.4= .2188) and the .223 Cal. Let the eurocrats have their moniker's, just keep 'em out of my back yard.

Guess my sun burnt neck shines through and boy, am I proud of it! Just a little tired of urban "boy racers" with techno gismo's that require absolutely no skill invading my euphoric realm. They probably could not tell gun powder from saltpeter!

June 2, 2006, 09:33 AM
Myself, I just retired after 20 years in the military, and I have no problem differentiating 7.62mm NATO from the 7.62x39 M43 Soviet round.

Likewise, if somebody refers to the 5.56mm NATO round, I know it's not .22 Long Rifle or the 5.45x39 Soviet AK-74 round.

We only adopted the 7.62x51mm NATO in 1953, with the M14 as the rifle to fire it in 1957 - after deliberating between it and the FN-FAL. That's a relatively short 53 years for the cartridge, and 49 years for the rifle, so I guess I can understand the reluctance to adopt the nomenclature.

Of course, one can always refer to the NATO rounds as .308 Winchester and .223 Remington, but that would be a half-truth. ;)

June 2, 2006, 09:54 AM
Well many of my purchases are limited by budget, ( for many they are );



12 gauge

Under each of those selections I paragraphed why and all that but then chose to delete that jazz. Look 90% of everyone here knows why they bought their guns or what any particular cal is good for. But I will say I selected the shotgun because of location.

frank c
June 2, 2006, 09:22 PM
My picks,17hmr,223,and 308 cal.coobie:D

October 21, 2006, 03:03 AM
Since the thread title is about "calibers",
I'm going to resist listing "gauge" as one of mine
(assuming the 12 ga. gets to go along anyway).

Here are mine, which are changing daily.

.22LR (CZ 452)
.30/30 (Marlin 336W, coming soon)
.45/70 (Marlin 1895G, coming later)

Of course, this probably all depends upon where one lives,
and what one needs those calibers for.

YMMV, of course.


October 21, 2006, 03:09 AM
.223, .308, and 7.62x39. I like my .30 cals :D

.223=low kick, but not .22LR. .308=nifty. x39=intermediate.

s&w 24
October 21, 2006, 04:39 AM
first : 221 fireball. You could count it as a pistol round but in a rifle it can be loaded between 22 lr ballistics and 222 rem on the top end wich would cover all small bore needs

second : 350 rem mag. Can be loaded with light 140 gr bullets for vermin,200 grainers for general use and 250's for moose bustin'

Third : 375 epstien. 375 weatherby power in a '06 length package.

wizard of oz
October 21, 2006, 05:06 AM
I can do it if I get 12g also.

.22lr (rifle and handgun)
.38/.357 (rifle and handgun)

October 21, 2006, 01:05 PM

.44 mag


Boy, if those were the only guns i had, I'd have a lot more money for.........more guns? :scrutiny:

October 21, 2006, 01:07 PM

October 21, 2006, 03:50 PM
If I were forced to choose for hunting it would be .22-250, .300 win mag & 12ga.

For survival/protection .45 acp, .300 win mag and 12ga

October 21, 2006, 06:16 PM
I agree with belton-deer-hunter.

.22 lr

Those three are the minimum i would like to live out the rest of my days.
I'd miss 357 but could do without..

October 21, 2006, 08:28 PM
I'd go with

.223 Rem
.280 Rem

I also go along with the philosophy that if a .280 (30.06) can't stop it or drop it, I don't need to be shooting at it.

October 21, 2006, 09:04 PM
I'd go with

.223 Rem
.280 Rem

I'm curious why the 7mm-08 and the 280? They both fire the same 7mm bullets at velocities within 200fps of each other. So why the (seeming) redundancy?

October 21, 2006, 09:31 PM
My choices are;
.22 long rifle
308/7.62 Nato
With the exception of my 94 trapper in 45 long colt these cover the weapons I currently have. I make a point of not buying any new weapons in calipers I don't have to simplify my supply needs. I wouldn't even have the 30-30 except that's my wife's rifle and at least around here the ammo's everywhere. By the way the reason I list 308 and 7.62 Nato together is that there is a certain amount of cross over in the headspace and many weapons can safely use both. Springfield M1A's are normally headspaced to use both safely. I shoot both rounds out of my M1A and my Remington 788.

October 21, 2006, 09:39 PM
1.7X64 brenneke for my steyr
2.7.5X55 for the K-31's and the t/c
3.444 for the win bb 94

3 kick ass rounds

October 21, 2006, 10:49 PM
I'd go with my friend Schleprok on the 7mm08 IF it was more readily available for those of us who don't reload.

IF it was as available as, say, .30/30, .308 or .30/06, I'd go with 7mm08 in a heartbeat. It's a fine rnd: flat, powerful, relatively lower recoil.

But given that's it's not widely available (for those of us who don't reload) and given the situations that I'm preparing for, I just can't justify it.

I'm leaning towards more widely available rnds these days, out of practical necessity.

Having said that about availability, usefulness, and given fungusmonkey's assertion (based on belton-deer-hunter's assertion) of the inclusion of 12 g in the mix, I'd now like to revise my list of "calibers".

The first two remain the same, while #3 changes:

.22 LR
12ga (replaces .45/70 in my original list; with slugs, 12 g ~ .70)

savage sam
October 21, 2006, 10:52 PM
Based on caliber merits alone:

.22 LR (game-getter/plinker). Because ammo is cheap and because it's a quiet round.

.223 Remington (HD/SD, varminting, paper punching). Because ammo is cheap, and it's powerful enough for two-legged varmints, and because it's accurate.

.30-06 Springfield (general-purpose big game hunting, long-range precision work). Because of it's versatility.

All three calibers have great ammo availability.

That said, if I were limited to only three rifles for the rest of my life, I would have to change the last round to the .308 for the sole purpose of having a semiauto with lots of cheap available surplus ammo in case I ever needed to defend myself or mine. So my three rifles would be as follows (all equipped with appropriate optics, slings, etc):

Ruger 10-22 (.22 LR)
Bushmaster 20" AR-15 with A3 flattop (.223 Rem.)
Springfield M1A Standard (.308 Win.)

October 21, 2006, 11:10 PM
O'Conner, legendary writer of the rifle, " If I could own only one rifle, it would be the 375H&H Mag. , if only two, I'd include the 270 Win."
The 375 H&H remains is the most versitile, widely accepted cartridge the world over even after some 80+ years from African cape buffalo, lion, lepoard to superb cross-canyon elk gun it can't be beat. It is the prefered cartridge in Alaska and will knock a charging brown bear to the ground or lift a 60 inch record moose off its feet & to the ground ( I did so.) Incidently, at my 155lb weight my Rem.700 Safari is not un-pleasant to shoot, a big push but not a painful jab of the 300. mags. Few realize that the 300 H&H and the 375 H&H were always the only two cartridges that headspace on the belt. The public related the belt to "magnum" so it was put on other cartridges (e.g., 7mm Rem.Mag.) as a sales gimick but served no purpose. I've carried my Win.Mod.70 , 270Win. for almost 50 years & shot everything from Elk in NM to jack rabbits, coyote & many mule deer -- never more than one shot. If you have the venerable 270 you'd be very foolish to trade it for any of the 7mm or 30 cal. mags. [PS You can load the 375 to 5,000 lb-ft. muzzle energy & as the saying goes for the 375.. 'you need fear nothing that walks on the planet."]

Texas Gunman
October 21, 2006, 11:13 PM
Narrowed it down to .22 LR,223/556 and 8mm.

Handgun 9mm & .45APC.


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