What would YOU do?


April 28, 2003, 09:56 PM
At times i find myself hob-nobbing with the intellectual upper crusty types due to my ties with classical music. Saturday night found me at a little wine and cheeser that was being held as a fundraiser for local arts organizations. As always my CCW was in my pocket and I was giving it no thought. Next thing you know I'm being last minute invited to another function for sunday morning but I'm already all planned up to try out the new range i just joined. So i decline saying I had already made plans. Then the absolute most excitable of all the ladies present says to me, "What could you possibly be doing tomorrow?"

To which I replied, " I'm goin' shootin!"

"SHOOTING?!?!? YOU SHOOT GUNS!?!?!" (lots of eyes on me now)

Then she says. "Do you have a license to carry guns?"

"Yes I do." says I

"Do you have a gun on you now?" she asks.

To which I replied with a slow shaking of my head and the word, "Nope."

"Good," she says, "because if you did I would be very frightened."

and we moved on to other subjects.

What would YOU have done?

Lets say I am absolutely SURE there would have been quite the scene had i said yes.

I did manage to hook up with her Sunday evening where she was telling me how hard it was to open new CD cases.

So I told her (with the other SMALLER ccw in my pocket now) that next time i would bring my gun and she could shoot them open.

we chuckled about THAT idea for a little while...


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April 28, 2003, 10:02 PM
Ideal world: "Yup, what of it?"

Saying yes without saying yes: "Ma'am, that's a private matter I'd rather not discuss."

Too long of a day: *shrug* "Are you wearing panties?"

Probable reality: "No ma'am."

April 28, 2003, 10:03 PM
:D Hahahaha. Sorry, but I guess I have no time for the high fallutin hoity-toity.:D I like classical music too, but JEEZ.

April 28, 2003, 10:07 PM
There were 32 hoity toities present and 36 bottles of wine no longer existed thereafter.

was i drinking to excess myself? OF COURSE NOT!!


and if she wasn't wearing any unmentionables?

now THAT would be frightening...:what:

April 28, 2003, 10:17 PM
Perfect response. No need to cause an upset in a situation such as that. Being discreet is sometimes better than being honest but it's really a personal choise thing ...

April 28, 2003, 10:17 PM
I would ahve asked why she'd be frightened?

afterall, if there was something to fear... it would have already happened...

Or like I put it once... do you trust the Washington County Sheriff's Office?? to which they answered "yes" I replied, Well they trust me to carry this gun 24/7 for my own protection as well as the good of the community, so you see tehre is nothing to fear.

But most people will never see the light.

April 28, 2003, 10:19 PM
Too long of a day: *shrug* "Are you wearing panties?"

AH HA HA! That's the best one! I was just wondering today and was going to post a poll here asking "how many people know you're carrying - everyone you meet, only your closest friends, or no one"... I generally am of the opinion that it really is no one's business, so I think the panty response would have been quite appropriate. Of course, generally, if I'm with a bunch of "Them" I don't mention anything about guns or shooting... I don't really feel the need to justify my beliefs, and have gotten into the mindset where I don't want to have any remotely political discussions with anyone... probably because I live in a college town full of communists.

April 28, 2003, 10:20 PM
Fun read 280+,

I'll go to school off you if I ever get the chance to carry. I need some tack lessons. "You can frisk me if I can frisk you", comes to mind.

April 28, 2003, 10:24 PM
The problem with lying to people is that from that moment forward, you have to act as though their version of reality is yours. You weren't worried about printing before you said that "nope," but I bet afterward you patted your pocket or wanted to. Kinda puts a damper on things.

That said, you did the right thing. Unless you wanted to cause a scene, the best way out was the one you took.

Though cordex's "Are you wearing panties?" would have been a pretty good opening act for a lovely scene.


...you can never be happy and dress yourself solely in the glass of other men's approval. -- Nicholas Flood Davis

April 28, 2003, 10:38 PM
but nobody was any the wiser, i guess i'm a good liar at times.

it was my j frame airlight and it does print a little but nobody spotted it (loose pants, blazer) but still it caused my switch to the P-32 for the next night...

ya gotta love THAT little gun...


Standing Wolf
April 28, 2003, 10:48 PM
I believe my response would have been, "Would it bother you if I were?"

April 28, 2003, 11:06 PM
when asked if you had a license to carry a gun you should have said "you don't need a license for a gun. that's what the second amendment is for"

April 28, 2003, 11:08 PM
Your reference to people's different 'version of reality' nailed it. I think the same way but I didn't know how to express it. Folks don't like their 'version of reality' to be challenged by logic or reason. Sometimes it's just best to cater too it ...

April 28, 2003, 11:09 PM
I'm with Schweboner... I would have asked her why it would frighten her if I had a gun. You can't even convince anyone of anything in a social setting, but you can make them think about what they said later. I probably would have said something to the effect of, "do you think it's going to randomly jump out and shoot you?" I'd probably also point out the fact that all the people driving home drunk from that party are more of a danger to society than me having a gun.

April 28, 2003, 11:10 PM
I make it a point not to lie.
But, I never tell anyone I am packing, ever.
Now the one time I was being deposed, when I was asked under oath,
"do you have a permit to carry a gun?"
(that repeated about five times until my lawyer objected)
"Are you carrying a gun right now?"

There were no more questions about guns, the lawyer was visibly shaken...:evil:

April 28, 2003, 11:39 PM
After she asked if I had a permit I would have told her that a permit isn't required to go shooting. It would seem that she has a small mind and a big mouth, not the type of person I feel obligated to answer directly.

April 29, 2003, 08:12 AM
especially the drinking / driving aspect.

i didn't feel like a big gun rights discussion at that particular point in time


my last intention is to cause anyone (except the bg's of coure)any fear responses to my ccw so if lying kept her at ease i guess i can live with it.

i see her regularly so you can all bet i'll work on it with her as time goes by.

someone once said "disgression is the better part of valor."

i'll go with that.


April 29, 2003, 08:45 AM
Heinlein said only a fool tells the bald truth on social occasions. Makes sense to me.

Clarification note so I don't sound like I'm contradicting myself with reference to my comment to Rustyhammer in another thread...A wine & cheeser with adults isn't the same as big red bold print on a forum where kids visit. Kapish?

April 29, 2003, 11:30 AM
I've had this happen. If it's someone that I know reasonably well, I'll just say "yes." In your situation, I may have chosen my plan B response: "Not knowing whether I have a gun with me or not is part of what makes concealed carry so effective." The other response I've given is: "The way the concealed carry law is written, I can't tell you if I do or not." In my state it's technically true.

All but the first response seems to illicit interesting discussions and they're framed so the querant goes where you want them.

Oleg Volk
April 29, 2003, 11:44 AM
I'd say "Going to the firing range, would you like to join us?" or nothing at all.

April 29, 2003, 11:44 AM
I moved to Texas from Indiana about a year ago. Shortly after I arrived, during a staff meeting, my new boss remarks that Texas had CCW laws. He was speaking very quietly and trying not to freak me out, I think.

Boss: A lot of people down here have a CCW, I guess it's a Texas thing.

Me: (pulling out little pink CHL) Yeah, but Texas won't recognize my Indiana permit. Indiana will reciprocate and play nice with anyone, I guess that's just a Hoosier thing.

This led into some discussion about licensing cost/laws. I now know that just about everyone in my workgroup is a hunter or target shooter. You'd probably be surprised who has one in your social circles too. Sometimes you just got to be the first one to admit it (knowing when to keep quiet is good too).

April 29, 2003, 12:10 PM
the one time I was outright asked "are you carrying?" by an anti, (a friends wife) I said "please do not ask questions to which yoiu do not want an answer"

basically a "yes" with a warning that she shouldn't ask me that question ever again...

it musta worked, as she no longer asks anything about it... (but she has been to the range W/ me and him since then... we're working on her...

April 29, 2003, 12:11 PM
i DID discover a few closet shooters in the crowd and one was an older female english prof who used to own and shoot a sharps 1860 or the like.

"i could shoot a mosquito off your ear at 200 yards"

were, i think, her exact words...

:chuckling smilie:

i know what you guys are getting at with the technically correct answers. i based my snap decision and answer on 2 things

1. i didnt want her to freak out and cause a big scene, she would, believe me

2. i dont like anyone to know im carrying cause loose lips sink ships, the element of surprise is our most important asset as ccw citizens.

so i chose to not leave the question open like that.

April 29, 2003, 12:22 PM
For the women, I ask them how old they are and how much they weigh ;) Yeah. A lady never tells.

April 29, 2003, 12:53 PM
My impression of the situation is that she may actually have been relieved that you weren't going to CHURCH. :scrutiny: A worse crime in some circles than packing heat!

April 29, 2003, 12:53 PM
I like my uncles reply when he was talking to a lady about guns. She replied that guns scared her, and he said, " You know what really scares me? Violence!" He does get a kick out of shooting, and has more guns than I do:mad:

April 29, 2003, 01:16 PM
i would have said "Going to the range". maybe i'm talking about the driving range to hit a few golf balls. maybe its the firing range to shoot some paper. it isnt a lie, and if the person wants more information they can ask.

the misconception the uninformed have is that guns = violence, therefore a gunowner = violent person.

April 29, 2003, 01:18 PM
You know, I woulda been severely insulted...

And I let people know when they insult me. If they're going to flat-out accuse me of being a potential criminal, I'm going to confront 'em with what they just said.

It makes 'em think.

April 29, 2003, 02:06 PM
Not being critical of the original poster 280PLUS - in fact, I can definitely empathize - but I for one am sick and tired of being made to feel like some sort of social pariah or worse (implied criminal) just because I exercise my constitutional rights, for which I have also paid a LOT of money and had extensive background checks and been through innumerable hassles to get photos taken, been fingerprinted, and on and on and on.

It's almost like when you tell some people that you own guns, their reaction is as if you just admitted to being some kind of sick freak child molestor or something. I think even smokers have it better in some respects these days.

That said, there are no easy answers in situations like yours. I probably would have said something like well, if any of us knew when and where we might be robbed, carjacked, kidnapped, or whatever, it would sure make things a lot easier wouldn't it? That's why I submitted to a background check, been fingerprinted, paid a LOT of money, etc... to get my permit.

I would think that would've ended the discussion with most sheeple right there.

In the case of this lady, the fact that she knew you have to have a license to carry is kind of an opening in and of itself. Work on her.:evil:

April 29, 2003, 02:21 PM
"Do you have a gun on you now?" she asks.
"I'm just glad to see you".

April 29, 2003, 03:09 PM
Boy am I lucky to live where I do. Nobody but my wife knows I carry 24/7, but the knowledge probably would not suprise or alarm anyone I know.


April 29, 2003, 11:32 PM
I think you gave an outstanding response. Thinking on your feet and forming a response "spur of the moment". Great job! You are correct in trying to keep ccw truly concealed. The fewer that know, the better. I keep it very Q.T. Only my wife is really sure...but then, she sees me put it on.

April 30, 2003, 12:02 AM
"Do you have a gun on you now?" she asks. "I'm just glad to see you".
Winner! :D

I'm not with permit yet, but I do speak of going shooting openly. When someone at work asks me what I did over the weekend, I tell them all about it and usually offer an invite. Some are intrigued, others just say, "Oh...:uhoh:"

April 30, 2003, 12:27 AM
Personally.... I would not lie.

I guess answering depends on the mood I would be in:

"The only people I answer that for are the ones that will answer me their current and past Sexually Transmitted Disease status"

"Ma'am, In polite society, one does not ask about another's bank ballance or other highly personal questions..."

"Lets play strip poker and find out!" (Then promptly stack the deck...)

And most likely for me: "That is quite simply NONE of your business."


Admiral Thrawn
April 30, 2003, 12:53 AM
"Good," she says, "because if you did I would be very frightened."

:rolleyes: Frightened of WHAT, exactly?

April 30, 2003, 08:53 AM
why,,,frightened of guns...

they are frightening, in the wrong hands of course.

and i mean that in terms of the inexperienced/untrained as much as i mean in the hands of a bg.

i keep thinking about it.

asking someone if theyre packing IS equal to asking them any other personal questions eg. if theyre wearing panties

unfortunately the uninitiaited don't understand that.

and neither did i, i guess, at least i didnt take it that way, at first.

i'll fill her in next time i see her...

and maybe be a little better prepared the next time, if ever, the question comes up again.


April 30, 2003, 11:05 AM
Do you have a gun on you?

That's the question I was asked by another customer while waiting in a LONG checkout line at a major electronics and appliance retailer.

For a second, I thought I was "printing" and asked "Why?"

"Because if you do, just shoot me so I won't have to wait in this line any more!!!"

So I made a show of patting myself down and said "Oh, heck, I KNEW there was something I was forgetting this morning!!"

If he only knew . . . ;)

April 30, 2003, 02:27 PM
"You mean it`s allowed in here? I`ll be right back.":evil:

April 30, 2003, 09:35 PM
And if you had replied "yes I have a gun, I'm a policeman" I bet she would have gushed about how safe she felt. Bah! Or should I say, baa!

April 30, 2003, 10:50 PM
"I'd tell you but then I'd have to kill you."

Sorry, too easy, could not resist...

April 30, 2003, 10:59 PM
"DO YOU HAVE A PERMIT FOR THOSE GUNS?" :what: What kind of dumb question was that? You should have said, "Why yes I do because if I didn't it'd make me a criminal. Don't you know the laws?" Kind of reminds me when my sister says "I don't approve of guns." Well, I don't need her approval or anyone else's. I'm glad you're fast on your feet. I would have taken offense.

April 30, 2003, 11:08 PM
I'd have said, "Hangon, lemme check", and patted myself down, as if it was a distinct possibility that I had a few on me I might have forgotten about.

Then I'd have smiled and let her off the hook, "Nope, not today."

Andrew Wyatt
April 30, 2003, 11:44 PM
i'd have patted myself down, and said "nope. no more than usual."

April 30, 2003, 11:51 PM
i'd have patted myself down, and said "nope. no more than usual." Or ask her if she'd like to pat you down? :D

Sam Adams
May 1, 2003, 02:54 AM
I moved to Texas from Indiana about a year ago. Shortly after I arrived, during a staff meeting, my new boss remarks that Texas had CCW laws. He was speaking very quietly and trying not to freak me out, I think.

I moved to TX about 2 1/2 years ago from NJ (I worked in NYC most of the prior decade). What a change in attitude at work, let me tell you! I went from discussions with horrified hoplophobes about "why does anyone NEED a GUUUUNNNNN?" and the need to obtain a permit to purchase EACH AND EVERY HANDGUN, to a situation where the boss has a CHL and regularly invites me to go shooting with him and clients. The secretary has a revolver named Homer in the (locked at night) filing cabinet, and is going for her CHL in about 2 weeks. I got my CHL training about 10 months ago, and have been happily (if quietly) carrying since late August.

TX also has no restrictions on what one can own, unlike NJ. One of those "priceless" moments was when my wife and I crossed over the Delaware Memorial Bridge on the way out of NJ. I casually remarked, "Now you don't have to worry about bailing me out of jail anymore." (Yes, I was trying to elicit a response, all in the name of educating my then-uninformed wife). Quite naturally, she said, "WHAT! WHY?" To which I responded, "Well in NJ it is a felony with a potential 5-year penalty for owning a metal box with a spring in it, if the box is too big. Since I have over 40 of them in the back of the car, I could've been in jail until the 23rd century." She looked at me, wide-eyed, for a few seconds, shook her head (you know, the "I can't believe what a stubborn, stupid $OB I married" look) and said, "What a stupid law - they don't have stuff like that in Texas, do they?" I just smiled and shook my head.

Quite an improvement - I'll never go back, except for visits.

May 1, 2003, 03:27 AM
"I have already made plans"
if pushed further
" That is really a private matter now isn't it?"

Very few persons know I CCW. I tend to socialize with like-minded persons. I have been in situations as you 280.

Country Club and the topic about gun violence and gun control came up, by the out of town guests. We three other couples all have CCW( including wives and my date).

My date " Well we have all taken responsibility for ourselves , you and your wife seem to rely on blind faith and cell phones, we choose front sight and press."

Became real quiet and the topic changed - fast.

May 1, 2003, 04:06 AM
Pat yourself down, and then say:
"Dang. I think I forgot it in the men's room."

May 1, 2003, 07:18 AM
'if i tell you , i'll have to kill you"

that one DID cross my mind...


you guys are a riot...


May 1, 2003, 10:49 AM
I guess i'm in the minority on this. I refuse to feel ashamed, or like an outcast for doing something so normal. I would have taken the opportunity to educate the person about guns, and carrying them. Everyone in my car club knows I carry, because we have a message board, and as you know people ask questions on boards. I don't know if they all know how often I carry, but wouldn't hesitate to tell them if I am. I don't go up to people and say "Hi my name is John, and I carry a gun", but if the subject turns to guns, I'll be the first to ask "Have you gotten your CCW yet?" I do have a few friends who don't know I carry, but that is only because the subject of guns hasn't come up around them. I do get the occasional "Why are you so paranoid?" even from my gun owning friends, but the standard "Why do you wear a seat belt?" usually shuts them right up. Of course some people are beyond help, like one friends wife, who just wouldn't get it. She wanted us to stop talking about guns, and we wouldn't so she eventually just got the hint and walked away. I've no room in my life for those type of people anyways.

May 1, 2003, 11:08 AM
The secretary has a revolver named Homer...
LOL! When I finally do the Texas CHL thing and buy my CCW, I am going to name it Homer. :D

Yeah, down here lots more people talk about having them. I am told that Texans just like to brag.

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