Just found this nice old H&R 929 "Sidekick" .22 revolver!


June 5, 2006, 09:07 PM
I just found this old Harrington and Richardson(4-inch)Model 929 "Sidekick" revolver(Vintage is 1974)and it was in like new condition-so, I bought this gun for lots of fun shooting .22's and, because it is such a classic H&R revolver!:

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James T Thomas
June 5, 2006, 09:47 PM
I have the H&R 999 "Sportsman;" top break, like a Webley and shoot it most of any of my pistols.

Your'e correct. It's a fun gun. I like mine for hunting, and if a rabbit or squirrel is missed then he will live for other seasons to come.

These guns are very simple in design, but I like them for that reason.

If I remember correctly I paid approximately $125 -new, perhaps 1978.

June 6, 2006, 08:46 AM
That's a beautiful gun right there.........perhaps you can scour my backyard w/me sometime and with my .17 HMR.....we can rid it of 'wabbits' and the like :D

June 6, 2006, 08:51 AM
I packed one of those on a trap line years ago.
The gun never gave me any problems and was more than accurate enough to take game from the traps.

Sort of illegal to carry a handgun on a trap line but I was young and got real tired of carrying my Ruger 10/22 and all the other gear through the woods.
The 929 I had was a very decent .22 and my very first, bought with my own money, handgun.

June 6, 2006, 02:51 PM
Here is my H&R 622, 2 1/2" with my Ruger Std Mod., 6". The 622 has gotten the nod the last 3 times I went to the family property. The Ruger is a tackdiver but the H&R is reasonablely accurate and likes to shoot Aguila Colibris (not Super) with a sound not unlike a weak cap gun (perfect for urban mouse sized pests). It also likes Aguila Super Subsonics (SSS), sending them to a half inch under POA. The last H&R (922, 7 1/2") I had was also a shooter (I would hate to live off the difference between My Ruger and it). I sold it to a sometime employer(he's not selling it back to me:( :D ).

In the near future I may get another to keep the 622 company. These are the most over looked "kit guns" around and I wish Marlin (the owners of H&R/NEF) would have continued the handgun line.


June 7, 2006, 07:01 AM
That is a fantastic little 22. It looks almost exactly like yours except that mine has some odd powdercoat on it.

I use it for training new shooters, and just good old fashioned plinking fun.

The ability to REMOVE the cylinder has allowed me to give (former) anti's the basics of safety and muzzle awareness in an environment that puts them at ease. It only takes about 10 mins for them to get those points, and then we put the cyl back in, and away we go!

Not to mention that I have 3 parts to this gun: cylinder, pin, frame. Each one needs a meticulous cleaning job that I give to my daughters aged 8 and 5. They have gotten very very good at cleaning the pin :) Get 'em started early.

June 7, 2006, 10:06 AM

1)Thanks for pointing out how reliable(And fun!)these H&R 929's are!:eek:

2)Do you happen to know where I might find the H&R instructions for my 929(Or, a copy?)? All I got with my 929 was the box-but nothing else!:confused:

3)Would you describe for me, how to remove the cylinder on these 929's as this would be beneficial to know, for easier gun cleaning etc.?:what: Thanks!

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