Chinese arms exports 'fuelling civil wars'


June 14, 2006, 12:18 AM
I figured with all the UN Arms Conference threads going, this particular issue needs a stand-alone discussion.

Groups like IANSA claim that "lax" US gun laws are the cause of crime in countries like Canada, Mexico, and Columbia. :confused:

The solution? A binding UN small arms "Agreement" for imposing UK/AUS-modeled domestic gun controls (despite the denial of such by the factually-challenged folk at the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence:

However, it seems the PRC will be eager to put a "special something" in the IANSA/UN punch bowl if UN countries do sign on to such an "Agreement":

Chinese arms exports 'fuelling civil wars'
By Richard Spencer in Beijing
(Filed: 12/06/2006)

Covert arms exports by China are fuelling repression, civil wars around the world and even street crime, Amnesty International claims in a report today which demands that the country joins international control efforts.

China's engagement with repressive regimes such as Sudan is helping them inflict human rights abuses on their people, according to the report.

Among the weapons thought to have been sold to Sudan are helicopters, guns and ammunition, which have been used in the civil war in Darfur and also in rebel incursions into neighbouring Chad.

The report also traces routes by which Chinese-made handguns are believed to come into the possession of criminals from Australia to South Africa. "China is fast emerging as one of the world's biggest, most secretive and irresponsible arms exporters," Amnesty said.

China pursues a foreign policy that promotes government-to-government links largely without reference to internal policies.

This has led to accusations that it is befriending pariah regimes such as Sudan, Zimbabwe and Iran, particularly those which can provide it with oil and minerals.

The value of its arms exports is unknown since China stopped contributing to the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms in 1997, but is put by Amnesty at more than $1 billion.

Among recent deals were 200 military lorries sold to Sudan last year, which were fitted with American-made engines.

It also exported 400 such lorries to Burma, whose regime is accused of waging civil wars with extreme violence and internal repression. At a time when other countries were stopping arms exports to Nepal, after King Gyanendra declared martial law, China supplied it with 25,000 rifles and 18,000 grenades.

The main targets of the Nepalese forces are a Marxist guerrilla group which claims to be inspired by China's former leader, Chairman Mao Tse-tung.

The report, China: Sustaining conflict and human rights abuses, focuses on conventional weapons, though China has also been linked to nuclear weapons proliferation, particularly via Pakistan.

It also says hand-guns made by Norinco, one of two giant arms companies linked to the People's Liberation Army, are increasingly being used in gun crime in South Africa.

It quotes a report from Thailand describing how hand-guns are exported by Norinco and another Chinese arms firm, Poly Technology, in crates that claim to have come from South Korea.

The report also says China is the only major arms exporter not to sign up to any multinational agreement on arms export control.

A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said last night that the government had yet to formulate a response to the report.

Last year it described its exports of conventional arms as "cautious and responsible".

The entire Amnesty International report is interesting reading and can be found here:

A broader report on international arms smuggling can be found here:$File/ACT3000806.pdf

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June 14, 2006, 01:25 AM
The market will decide, ban it and it becomes more profitable.

Fixing the social problems will cure war and no one's compentent to do that for someone else.

I figure in another two or three centuries the areas that are now at war will be civilized or we'll have gotten tired of it and shipped them off to a martian prison. I'm mostly concerned with keeping their toxic people away from me and mine.

June 14, 2006, 01:31 AM
China will be given a pass, just as they were with the Kyoto Protocol. This is their century, thanks to the plutocrats in the West.

Tom Bri
June 14, 2006, 02:12 AM
Full of bull. Guns don't cause or start or contribute to civil wars or any other kind. Are there any more wars, murder, crime now than in past ages before guns existed? Stupid people or liers tell these stories. Human beings just like to fight. Until we get a new type of human wars aren't going to just stop happening.

June 14, 2006, 02:51 AM
I have to agree with tom, take away the guns and they'll use machettes on eacheother. If anything, guns make the deaths of the victims less painfull. But they don't increase the overall numbers.

June 14, 2006, 08:09 AM
Firearms certainly represent some of the mechanical tools of civil wars, revolutions, insurgencies etc. But simply making even a vast number of firearms "available" is not going to do anything.

These upheavals have some common basic requirements before they can even get off the ground. They must be instigated, planned, organized, funded and sustained with an infrastructure and propaganda. And a big pile of money.

No small understaking, and historically are rarely spontaneous uprisings - rather they are instigated for a geo-political purpose. It could be to destabilize a country, wreck it's economy, because it has defied the status quo. Or it could be a simple matter of divide and conquer over an otherwise resilient populace who might be an otherwise tough nut to crack.

I would speculate that most revolutions, civil wars - and deaths - in modern history have been the direct result of the instigating criminals that run the United Nations since it's inception.


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