hull question


June 14, 2006, 06:31 PM
New to reloading and need to know if anyone knows where to get load data for reloading remington and winchester target loads with hodgdon clays powder?every place i have looked it si for the double A"s or the sts or the high dollar hulls.I have about a thousand of the walmart target hulls hate to just throw them away.i am going to start buying double A's for the future.
THanks Larry

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June 14, 2006, 07:20 PM
Larry, the best book I have found for loading less common shotshell hulls is right from Hodgdon. Mine is a hardbound book called 'Hodgdon Data Manual Shotshell'. IIRC it was around $20 and is worth every cent. The best part is that it tells you how to determine what hull you actually have, there are a LOT of different hulls out there and you need to know exactly which one you are using.

June 14, 2006, 09:25 PM
fordman 650

The el cheapo Remington & Winchester hulls sometime have issues for the reloader.

First, to reduce cost of production, they have steel bases as opposed to brass. While they may not expand enough to require resizing, if you find they do, they will give your resizing dye a bit more of a workout and require more force.

Second, it's been my expereince that the steel does not fold into the primer pocket very deeply. IOWs only a small ring of steel or more accurately a few steel petals folds in agaisnt the primer and holds it. De-prime a spent case and you'lll see what I mean. While that may work and work well for the first use as a factory loaded shotshell, the level of retention you get for the primer when you reload it the first time is less than convincing. Based on my tinkering I felt you might get only a couple of reloads before a significant % of primers started to back out.

For me personally I can buy once fired STS hulls from the range for 5 cents and not have to mess with these issue so that's what I did. They reload like AAs used to years ago, meaning several times before the primer pockets get weak or they split.

June 15, 2006, 08:50 AM
gents i have some once fired 12ga winchester super x rifled slug hulls i would like to know if i can reload them for trap shooting and hunting with 1 -1/8oz 7 1/2 shot?? or would i have to use the 1 oz loads? as that was what the slugs were ?and by some i mean several hundred hulls , have, blue duster wads, red dot . win 209 primers 7 1/2 shot mech 600 jr mark 5 have high dollar on order (AA handicap 9s a 100 shells )to reload later when my slug hulls go bad what to do ?

June 15, 2006, 04:31 PM
Lyman's manual is also good for shotshell hull identification. I use the Wally World Remington target hulls with Remington Unibody data and have had good luck,but the hull ID guide is a good idea to make sure of what you have.

Tim, rifled slug hulls are usually paper basewad hulls,and have widely varying capacities. They're not commonly reloaded by anyone that I know of,but you might get lucky since I'm sure someone somewhere has done it.
Slug loads are very different than shot loads. They are shot at far higher speeds and use different powders,as well as using paper,cork or fiber wads rather than 1 piece wad columns as in regular shot loads.

June 15, 2006, 06:52 PM
you have answered some of my questions as to the depth of the slug hulls compared to AA winchester they look alike only on the out side slugs seem to be deeper and thats one reason my crimp for shot loads doesnt look so good and have had some shot fall out and jam my old ithaca pump little shot in the sliding parts will hang every thing up even the fireing pin wouldnt fire trigger wouldnt pull with shot behind it between the gard and actual trigger after an hour of disection on my old ithaca pump i will now spend the money and buy the right hulls to reload that will crimp and work in my guns ,thanks for your reply as i am a newbie here and i cant learn unless i ask someone who knows and then advice is just that i rely upon printed info to be certain but some things arnt right at hand like a shot shell hull guide but i will go right out and purchase one ASAP thanks didnt know they had such info lesson learned somewhat the hard way but thanks for clearing up alot .

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