The truth finally. How much can an Aussie bear. part 2


June 21, 2006, 05:28 PM
The truth finally. read all of the profiles.

BY the way, this is un moderated.

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Don Gwinn
June 21, 2006, 06:10 PM
What is the point? I see a link to a bunch of chaotic and silly anti-gun posts, but what exactly do you wish to say about this? What does it have to do with anything?

June 21, 2006, 06:11 PM
Ok, I went for the bait and found this post on the link,



"It's a particular risk faced by travelers coming to Florida

"If YOU get into a road rage argument, the other person may feel he has
the right to use deadly force."

"Do not argue with local people."
Never in 10 Years on the web has anyone made a convincing argument
that guns dont KILL KIDS !!!!
Edit: Red color added

Does anyone have the link to the site that has the live webfeed of the gun NOT killing anyone?:D

Not that I support going out and debating these Bradybots, but the "guns kill kids" crack needs an answer.

June 21, 2006, 06:43 PM
I don't think many of the Aussiesook anti's will go there as it's an unmoderated forum and they cannot sook to their "Mate" the moderator and get pro-gun posters syn byn'd for saying something they disagree with.:barf: :barf:

It does however provide an opportunity to debate on what the AussieSook anti's are saying, (as Keith keeps dragging their crap over) without benefitting Keith (the AussieSook Anti) by hits on his website.:neener: :neener:

It also feels good to hand back some of the abuse these idiots have been firing at me. :neener: :neener:

June 21, 2006, 10:37 PM
John, the anti's were a fabrication,all of them. Check all the profiles for each poster, even tom. They are all from the same source. The only anti was the owner. They troll gun sites to get bait for anti's that dont exist. the more hits they get on their site, the more banners they can sell. there are a few members here that went there. I was just wanting them to know.

June 21, 2006, 10:42 PM
I thought Aussie bears were koalas....?


Here we go again.....:cool:

June 22, 2006, 01:22 AM
I know, but if we all visit the google group, join, post one or two items, can the anti's, including Keith the AussieSook Anti, and that group somehow ends up bigger than Matilda (only 45 members), won't Keith be happy :neener: :neener: :neener: :neener: :neener: :neener: :neener:

Come on fella's , you've got nothing better to do for the next ten minutes, give an anti the irits.

June 22, 2006, 01:53 AM
John, He gave the google group to us. i dont care if they spam it with pro gun material. It is ours, what do you think?

June 22, 2006, 09:16 AM
No, NRAmember Keith the AussieSook Anti hasn't given us the group, he's still playing his mindless games, I've just been banned from his Googlegroup. Guess he didn't like what I had to say :neener: :neener:

June 22, 2006, 09:45 PM
John go here.

all who would like please join this group. Post what you would like. I would like to see it grow. I created this group. NObody can be banned.

If anybody can't get on this group, send me a pm with your email and i can add it and you can post immediately.

June 23, 2006, 08:07 AM
Over on AussieSook's google page, Keith the AussieSook Anti has made an interesting admission

"Cardigan is the name or nic used by JJ in the office for posts received by email from by Zassy."

So "Cardgan" is in fact one of Keith the AussieSooks Antis employees.

This "Cardigan" is the person who on the 25th April posted on the AussieSeek forum advocating that all gun owners and their families should be dragged from their homes and shot, this person is an AussieSeek employee.

Fascinating, and Keith employs that sort of person. :fire: :fire: :fire: :cuss: :fire:

June 25, 2006, 11:14 PM
Today at 1:23am, jacobtowne wrote: on

And automobiles are responsible for 90% of deaths in auto accidents. I've also heard that knives are responsible for most stabbing deaths, and electricity is responsible for most electrocutions. HELLOOOO... people have to pull the triggers.


Zassy said in reply:scrutiny:

jacobtowne, Guns are not like cars or knives HELLLLOOOO. They are designed only to Kill
and maim.

True I understand People like you who like guns like knives. It's not so much a "weapon thing" as it's a "craftsmanship thing" and a "functionality" thing. ...But The death rate from gun robberies is at least three times as high as the death rate from knife robberies.

Youre just like Andu and Lennie who also post here
who have tried to muddy the true discussion to one they have
more of a chance of winning or banned troublemakers like
nramember or johnofmelb or cortez who can't put two words
together and resorted to abuse.

Your argument is That Cars and Knives should also be banned as well as Guns.

True You cant spread your butter on toast with Guns but there is no comparison

Because Guns are the Number One Killer worldwide..

Many medical studies have compared very similar sets of wounds (’all were penetrating wounds of the abdomen’), and found that the mortality rate in pistol wounds was much higher with guns, while the rate was much lower for knife wounds.

The study is in Annals of Surgery Vol 153 pp 639-649 “Civilian Penetrating Wounds of the Abdomen” by Wilson and Sherman. It covers stab (5% mortality) and gun shot wounds (17% mortality) to the abdomen.

Gunshot wounds are ALWAYS far more lethal. For example a study in The Journal of Trauma (36:4 pp516-524) looked at all injury admissions to a Seattle hospital over a six year period. The mortality rate for gunshot wounds was 22% while that for stab wounds was 4%. Even among patients that survived, gunshot wounds were more serious — the mean cost of treatment for these patients was more than twice that for stab wounds.

Repairing a large entry wound (like from a knife) or a small entry wound (like from a bullet) is not very difficult in either case. What is difficult is repairing vital organs. Large low-velocity things like knives tend to push them out the way, while small high-velocity things like bullets plow right into them.

Frankly, I’d be more inclined to trust the opinion of a physician who had treated some live patients. I talked to a friend who saw quite a few knife and gun-shot wounds when he worked at an inner-city hospital. He told me that that knife wounds were much less serious since again knives tend to push vital organs out of the way while bullets tend to plough straight in.

I know bull**** jacobtowne when I see it….I am employed as a research assistant for one of the worlds leading anti violence organisations and trust me you are a victim of NRA.SSAA and John Lott Spin.
The figures I quote are from quality stats and opposing content from some of the nets leading alternative gun posters.

When the attacker is armed with a gun it increased the chance of a dead victim by five times as when the attacker had a knife

Someone attempting suicide with a gun will probably aim at the head, but a a would-be knife suicide may well attempt disembowelment.

Mortality rates for wounds to other parts of the body may well be very different. For example, a low velocity weapon like a knife is far less likely to penetrate a skull than a high velocity projectile.

The distribution of wounds is different for knife assaults and gun assaults, since victims of knife assaults have more chance to dodge and block.

Medical treatment has improved since 1948. More recent results on abdominal wound mortality show that stab wounds are 1% lethal and gun shot wounds are 13% lethal.

For example Helllooooo !!!!!

Weapon Cases Deaths % Deaths 95% conf for mortality rate
Shotgun 49 10 20.4 11%-34%
Pistol 101 17 16.8 11%-25%
Ice Pick 14 2 14.3 4%-40%
Butcher Knife 15 2 13.3 4%-38%
Rifle 26 2 7.7 2%-24%
knife 17 1 5.9 1%-27%
Pocket knife 44 0 0 0%-8%
Unknown GSW 14 4 28.6 12%-55%
Other stab 172 9 5.2 3%-10%

All GSW 190 33 17.4 13%-23%
All stab 262 14 5.3 3%-9%

We see that mortalities for each pointed weapon are not significantly different from mortalities for all pointed weapons, but that mortalities for stab wounds are significantly LESS than mortalities from gun shots.

Without exception, gunshot wounds were more serious and more likely to lead to death than knives.

Unfortunately jacobtowne, your theories posted do not agree with actual observations of the real world.

Most of All of us here disagree with you. As for electricity is that called assault and battery?

June 26, 2006, 01:00 AM
Brisbane222 = AussieSeek?

Their "posting styles", if one can call them that, are awfully similar.

June 26, 2006, 01:35 AM
Try here.

June 26, 2006, 02:49 AM
I agree Diomed, Brisbane 222 is AussieSook by some other name.

All posts linked to Matilda.

Hello Keith the AussieSook Anti, I see you're posting on AFDF again, by the way, you left the door of "hell" open and we pinched it! HA HA!

June 26, 2006, 04:01 AM
John, when you bait a troll, you validate them.

June 26, 2006, 04:39 AM
I am not sure what Brisbane222 is trying to say. Yes guns are better at killing things, it is why they are used by the military, the police and hunters.
No cars are not designed as weapons, yet they kill 1000 times as many people as guns do (in Australia).
Perhaps soldiers should drive to battle?
As an "anti-violence activist"(?) brisbane222 should perhaps work at stopping the cause of violence rather that the tools which occasionaly are used. As a resident of Brisbane I can tell you that there are very few shootings-in fact the last was by a police officer a few nights ago defending himself from a grub who tried to attack him (the policeman was badly injured).
By far the greatest use of firearms in Australia is for shooting paper or clay or introduced feral animals.
I should add that I deal every day with the causes and immediate results of poverty and domestic violence as a Child Safety Officer (firearms are never a factor and I work in a 'bad' area). I think Bris222 and his ilk need a dose of the real world rather that whatever Uni campus they are studying at.:banghead:

June 29, 2006, 09:29 PM
He is a troll. He invites pro gun posters to his site and lets his band of fake anti's abuse them and when you come back with something he doesnt like, you are banned.
I am actually at a loss for word to describe the treatment i endured on that site.

Te google group he started, John and i now own it.

June 30, 2006, 06:44 PM
The latest laugh from AussieSook is we have Cardigan screaching "Unlike you I don't approve of ANY people being Killed by a Gun."

This is the same Cardigan who on 25th April on AussieSeek called for ALL firearms owners and their families to be dragged from their homes and shot.

He seems to think some of us forget.

June 30, 2006, 08:22 PM
:banghead: You cannot expect logical consistent debate/argument from these people-I don't know why so much HD space is devoted to storing their posts or time and emotion wasted on answering them:banghead:

July 1, 2006, 05:37 AM
For the Public Record :(
« Thread Started on Today at 7:42pm »

Posters here would be well aware of the banning of
three former pro-gun members using various names
( Hagar-Cortez,nramember and johnofmelb etc) for abuse
and bad language at

. This has continued with MORE bad language and death threats
(thankfully not here) elsewhere on the web with postings such as

"MATILDA'S Rule's?

More often called "Raffety's"

Rule's that are concocted by the random firing of the few remaining
neurons in the sad old fool's mind.

About time the dim eyed old fellah had the bit put in and led to a
paddock far away where he will annoy no one. "

Email Death threats etc are of course now a crimimal offence here in NSW after last week.

I am pretty happy that we have spared our posters at aussieseek and matilda from
these sorts of people.

Ive been assured that Gun owners are all not like this
but now I am not quite sure

July 1, 2006, 07:32 AM
For the public record..........

I have never made death threats, or indeed any other form of threatened violence towards AussieSeek/Keith/Brisbane222/Cardigan/JJ/Zassy or whatever this poor misguided old fellow is calling himself this week.

For the public record
Someone here posted the following on AussieSeek Discussion forum on the 25th April this year.

"There is NO REASON for anyone to own a gun, EVER! Guns kill and that's all they are good for. The kind of person who would own a gun is not fit to live amongst civilised peoples. They are cowardly, murdering, lying, [expletive]s who have never contributed anything to society and every one of the [expletive] mother[expletive] [expletive]-heads should be dragged out into the streets and executed with their own [expletive] guns along with their families!"

Perhaps this person would like to expand on their thoughts re. the "FINAL SOLUTION" to the gun debate and their policy of gun control by summary execution.

July 1, 2006, 01:42 PM
Why do you guys even bother? Aussieseek is obviously not going to change his views, and I'm tired of booting him off of this site.

So a couple of points of order:

Trying to convince a wholly incoherent idealogue ( of your position is fruitless. There are far better things to do with your time.

THR doesn't do forum wars. If you guys really want to go argue with Aussieseek on his turf, fine. But stop using THR for a rallying point.

So to sum up, just cut it out with the Aussieseek stuff. Do something more constructive than debate with a hateful crank.

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