A big thanks to A-Human-Right


June 22, 2006, 04:53 AM
Well, I've always been pro-gun person from a sporting shooter's point of view but over the past few years I've also become very pro-gun in a self-defence and 'rifle on the wall' sort of way. My partner however, did not agree. Like most Britons, she believed guns were horrible things and should be banned (even more than they already are). However, two things have changed her mind. First, I took her to the National Shooting Center to try her hand at various types of shooting and she loved it. Sporting guns were now acceptable to her, but carrying a gun in public and so on was still unacceptable to her. Well that's where A-Human-Right came in. I found the website a little while ago and decided it was so good that I'd make her read it, which she did. Now, she's completely on my side. I think the rapist themed pictures were what did it. So now my Marlin stays right by my side of the bed, and her over-and-under 12 bore stays on her side. She'd carry a handgun every day if it were legal here, as would I. So anyway, big thanks to Oleg Volk and anyone else who helped make that site.

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June 22, 2006, 08:31 AM
Fosbery, welcome to The High Road. This is a great place with a great number of knowledgeable folks of all persuasions, I hope you will enjoy yourselves here.

THR actively seeks to promote responsible firearms ownership and enjoyment and reflects a lot of the values you found portayed in the artwork at "A Human Right", along with a lively discussion about Freedom and Liberty, particularly in the context of the Second Amendment of our Bill of

Again, Welcome!

June 22, 2006, 10:48 AM

Welcome aboard :)

It sounds like you and your partner will fit right in here. This is a great forum, and there are a lot of knowledgeable folks on here.

We've also got a few other folks from across the pond :) I'm sure they'll be chiming in soon. Maybe you guys can get together, and throw out those silly gun bans you have over there :evil:

Take care,


June 22, 2006, 10:53 AM
But I did not know that when I meet her. I found out on our third date. I found out because I took her to the range. Now, it was winter, so we went to an indoor range, that from the outside looks like just a warehouse. We walk inside, she sees the guns in the counter, and on the wall, and her face goes ghost white, and her hands start shaking. That’s when I found out that not only was she anti, but also terrified of guns. I calmly said “just try it, if you don’t like it we will leave right away”. She just looked at me. I gave her the old “you trust me right?” I gave her ears and eyes, and walked into the range. Before pulling out a gun or any thing I let her just sit there and get used to the sound of the shots. When the flinching stopped, I waited for the person who was shooting to stop, and explained the rules and how to sight. I loaded 1 round in the mag of my ruger .22, put the safety on, and put it into her shaking hands. To take her mind off of things I just calmly repeated pointers on breathing and sight alignment. She squeezed the trigger and instantly, a huge smile appeared. No more shaking. She put the gun down and said “that was fun, can I do it again?”. Ever since then I have the best looking shooting buddy at the range (IMHO).:D

Oleg Volk
June 22, 2006, 09:59 PM
Glad to hear that my site was useful to you. Welcome to THR.

June 22, 2006, 10:05 PM
Wow, that's fantastic news! Very glad she came to "see the light". :) I hope I can get my wife to do the same thing, but she's pretty hardcore. :(


June 22, 2006, 10:26 PM
Well, someone has to say it- you have an absolutely great handle. Someday I'd really like to shoot a Webley Fosbery...welcome aboard!


June 23, 2006, 10:28 AM
Heh, as would I. Since it's pre-1919 I can actually own one here in the UK but it's finding/paying for one that's the problem :(

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