Remington Safety Mod


June 27, 2006, 08:28 PM
I did a search and found numerous threads that dance all around it, but none that addressed this specific issue.
A friend has a 700 that will "fall open while slung" according to him. It will open with the safety on. Mine (older) will not. He is very unhappy with that and would like to have the bolt locked while on safe. I haven't had the chance to examine his rifle yet and don't have a good mental picture of what could be the difference. Just trying to get a head start on the possible fix. Is there a standard way to convert the newer Remingtons to allow the bolt to stay locked while on safe? Certain part that has to be replaced/modified?
I'm more of a handgunner than a rifleman, so not much experience with Remington smithing. I have built several Mauser sporters though and am equiped with lathe, mill, several thou of Brownell's best tools, and an inquisitive nature. :p

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June 29, 2006, 03:34 PM
Might be a problem with the bolt release. See if the problem goes away when the stock is removed. If so, relieve the stock where it is hanging up. If the stock is not the problem, the bolt release should be checked to make sure it is not stuck in the open (pushed in) position.

Hope this helps.

Jim Watson
June 29, 2006, 03:47 PM
Before 1982 the Remington 700 safety locked the bolt closed.
After that they deleted the lock, I guess so you could unload the chamber with the safety on. They will still take it out of older guns. I cannot find anything about them putting a bolt lock into a later gun, I think it takes a cut in the bolt that is no longer there.

However, Ultra Light makes a three-way safety that will allow you to lock the bolt down. I THINK. Descriptions are fuzzy, best call before you/he buy.

From U.L.: "the unique patented Ultra light Arms two-position, three-function safety provides maximum security for you in the field or the range. This mechanism allows the bolt to be opened or locked, with the sear always blocked, while the safety is in the Safe or No Fire position."
Available for Remingtons from Brownells.
They say it lets you take the bolt clear out with the safety on, though I gather that is the opposite of what your guy wants.

June 29, 2006, 08:26 PM
Thanks fellows. Jim, I think that is probably the issue. My 700 is much older and I've never had occasion to examine a newer one up close. My understanding from talking to my friend is that it has always had the tendancy to "unbolt" itself while slung. His gun is late 80s vintage. I will compare the two when I get home for the weekend and talk to the Brownells techs about the possibilities of that Ultra Lite safety or any others that they might know of that will allow the bolt to stay locked on safe.

Regards, Bill

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