Took the plunge


July 7, 2006, 02:52 AM
And picked up my first C&B revolver. It's an Uberti Remington 1858, absolutely beautiful. Can't wait to get time for a range trip (hopefully next weekend) to try her out. :)

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July 7, 2006, 03:35 AM

July 8, 2006, 05:25 AM
You gotta love the French... if it's worth saying, it's worth saying LOUD! :D

I bought my Pietta steel-frame 1858 Remington replica a few years ago from Cabela's for a sweet price. I still think, cleaning aside, this is one of my favorite handguns to shoot. I get a kick of the .454 round ball's ballistics... over 30gr of Pyrodex Pistol, it'll blast through a pressure treated 2x4 with ease at 10 feet, but will leave a shallow dent in the same board at 100 yards.
I've been meaning to buy some conicals for this revolver for some time, but keep forgetting....

Anyway, you'll enjoy your new BP revolver I'm sure!

July 8, 2006, 07:14 AM
You gotta love the French... if it's worth saying, it's worth saying LOUD!

Bien sur mes amis - mais je suis ANGLAIS!


July 8, 2006, 11:04 AM
Congrats! I recently bought the same gun and couldnt be happier. 30-40grs is no sweat and get#10's not #11's which will fall off. Have fun you WILL love it.

July 8, 2006, 11:20 AM
What Duncan's sayin in that purty high brow talk is he's what the frenchies call a Bouef or somethin like that!

July 8, 2006, 02:32 PM
I predict another happy camper here.

July 9, 2006, 12:24 AM
my only unhappiness right now is that i haven't had the opportunity to take her out to the range yet to smell that beautiful FFFg.... :) I have a feeling that the 1 lb canister I bought won't be *NEARLY* enough. *grin*

July 9, 2006, 01:48 AM
Don't know what kind of loads you are going to shoot, but I only got 200 shots with my 1858 out of one pound of Goex. So no, it won't be enough, you can never have enough! :)

July 9, 2006, 02:06 AM
I'm probably gonna start with fairly moderate loads, say 20-25 grains of Goex. Manual states 30 grains is the max, 18 grains for target using round balls. Slightly lower limits for conicals. I'll give that a whirl, but of course, once i get a feel for her, i'll have to run at least one cylinder of 30 grains per chamber. :)

July 9, 2006, 08:10 AM
I was shooting 35 gr. in mine, with a couple of loads at 40 gr. for the fun of it. 35 was more accurate that 40.

July 9, 2006, 02:13 PM
are some velocities with various loads in a Uberti 58/ This is a fairly "fast" revolver and results will vary among guns, loading procedures and components. None of these loads are over pressure or dangerous: First number is velocity for 5-6 rounds. second number is the extreme spread per string. loading 40 grains requires a great deal of compression and is hard on the loading lever. minimum loads should be judged by whether or not the ram is long enough to seat the ball down on the powder (including whatever wads or fillers)
Load .454 Ball
28 Grain Pyrodex P 966 54
28 Grain Goex FFFg 795 31
28 Grain Swiss FFFg 959 32
35 Grain Swiss FFFg 1089 33
40 Grains Swiss FFFg 1104 37
40 Grains Pyrodex P 1125 35
*35 Gr/Vol. H777 1061 28
180 Grain Traditional Bullet
28 Gr/Vol. Pyrodex P 896 74
28 Grains Goex FFFg 712 45
28 Gr/vol. Swiss FFFg 962 68
200 Grain Lee Bullet .452
22 Grain/Vol. Pyrodex 777 14
28 Grain Goex FFFg 764 41
22 Grain Swiss FFFg 785 44
fps=feet per second

July 10, 2006, 03:22 PM

You wouldn't happen to have similiar information for a Pietta 1858, would you?

July 10, 2006, 03:48 PM
Not exactly. I recall that our Pietta- a 30 year old stainless example turned in somewhat lower velocities than the Uberti but velocities that were comparable to what we were getting with a Uberti 60 army. This Uberti remington is fast compaired to several .44s. I wouldn't expect anybody's revolver to do exactly like any other but the loads above coupled with these are a reasonable ball park. figures in BOLD indicate similar loads with indicated variations in the loading process, results with different revolvers or the same load as clocked on different days.

Loads with 1860 army replicasLoads 140-141 Grain Ball Velocity Energy
28 Grains Goex FFFg Second Generation Colt 822 55
28 Grains Goex FFFg Uberti 871 104
35 Grains Goex FFFg Second Generation Colt 855 37
35 Grains Swiss Uberti 1031 48
Same Load Different Day 1020 34

40 Grains Goex FFFg 992 3440 grains Goex FFFg with Wonder Wad 94230
40 Grains Swiss FFFg 1042 49
40 Grains Swiss FFFg with Wonder Wad 105580
22 Gr/Vol. Pyrodex P .457" 725 25
22 Gr/Vol. Pyrodex P .454" 712 27
28 Gr/Vol. Pyrodex P 841 54
35Gr/Vol. Pyrodex P
Same load Different day 1047 116
35 Gr/Vol Pyrodex P with Wonder Wad 1055 69
35 Gr/vol Pyrodex P different Day 1046 77
28 Gr/Vol American Pioneer 506 57
180 Grain Bullet Dixie Mould
28 Gr/Vol. Pyrodex P 821 50
28Gr/Vol Goex FFFg 649 81
200 Grain Lee Conical
28 Gr/Vol. Pyrodex P 967 46
35 Grains Goex FFFg 753 46

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