any smiths in louisiana


August 18, 2006, 01:36 AM
looking for a smith in the new orleans area to redo a makarov i lost in the storm looking to get the gun refinished and some pits from rust refilled

heres what it did look like before i boiled it 5 times and got the rust off

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August 18, 2006, 10:57 AM
Where do you live? N.O., Slidell, Laplace? There's only 2 on the Northshore, 1 isn't taking any guns and the other may or may not work on makarov's. Are you new to the area? Most places like Elliott's send their stuff out but I don't know where anymore. Contact me and I'll give direction to someone that works in their backyard. Vince

August 18, 2006, 08:07 PM
Most are pretty busy...but are sending them out to other refinishers.

Don't know where you lived, I was 1/2 block from where the 17th street canal let go (my old house on 40th street has been on the news oten.. on the tour bus route) and I couldn't get back in for 29days. Water was moving fast, tossing a truck trhough the back bed room and dropping a giant oak on the house.

Ruined both safes, had to come back..knock it on it's side...cut with torch (house structually unsound, so it was a bit more exciting that it sounds).

OF the guns in the two safes, salvaged a handful. Past a certain point, rust eats enough that salvaging is just too costly. Most of the non-salvaged ones rest in the blue water of the Gulf now (took them fishing).

NOTHING is going to make them pretty again. If you are lucky, it's a common handgun and can replace the parts too damaged to salvage. For the outside, cleaning...bead blasting...parkerizing (with a shake-n-bake paint job if that's your preference).

The one you posted the picture on should slavage...if the ore is OK (if not, will have to replace that).
Did bluff my way in on day 15. Waited until there was a "kid" guardsman on the Hammon Highway bridge...was dressed in my doctore outfit...he let me pass.

Couldn't get into my house...was a devil of a fight getting to it on foot and i'm less than a mile from that bridge. Were bodies tied to lamp posts (Harrison Ave. and Filmore Ave.)...pretty nasty. Seems predators like the hands/feet/face, so next time will marks-a-lot my name and SS number on my torso someplace.

August 18, 2006, 09:39 PM
well it was in chalmette where my gun was underwater.its alot cleaner now and fires flawlessly no rust just a few pits on the outside dont seem too bad to me. im looking to get it redone in like a molycoat gray mabye change out the hammer and stuff but the frame is in fair condition ill post some new pics and take ur opnion on weather or not to fix it i know its not worth much it has more of a centimental value to me it was my dads gun that he gave to me

August 18, 2006, 11:01 PM
Saved a couple of my father's guns as well...won't be too pretty, but are in functional shape.

St. Bernard did get hosed...still mostly is as far as I can tell, just dry rather than wet. One of the ones out there who could do great work from a little home-shop didn't make it... Frank Chambers...good gunsmith...sad to see his name on the dead-list. Years ago he had a big shot in that strip-mall near the "Nickle Pickle".

The other local guys, mostly who did a few guns now and again as piece work for the local shops, are scattered here and there. I had a few guns to do, so got the park. materials and shake-n-bake paint from Brownel's and did it my self (after all, had a good bit of time on my hnads after Katrina).

Reguardless of who you go to in N.O. or Jefferson (and the choices are few), the work is going to be sent out.

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