What is the best 9mm to start with ?


August 21, 2006, 01:58 PM
Hello everybody,
I am looking into buy a 9mm for shooting range mainly and home defense. I was told by a friend that Glocks and Sig Arms are the best.

I went to the store last week and I really like the Walther models I saw. I am kind of confused since my friend told me to buy just one of those two.

In your opinion what is really the best brand/model with less jamming problems, accuracy and best overall.

Thanks in advance !

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August 21, 2006, 02:08 PM
Buy what fits your hand. Everybodys gonna tell ya to buy what they have, but get what you like. I asked the same question, and CZ75 came up the winner. I picked up every 9mm I could afford, and a few I couldnt, and I bought the CZ. Have fun shopping:) Almost forgot, welcome to THR.

August 21, 2006, 02:23 PM
My first pistol was a beretta m96 (.40) It shoot nice groups
I traded it off for SW1911 still a good pistol. But i miss my beretta
G17 my brother has is also flawless except I cant group with it.
If I were you i would stay away from glock swM&p till you get some
good shooting in Their triggers are difficlut to get use to.
I feel glocks were ment to be more reliable than accurate
Then again you said home defence so g17 woud be excelent or the new
swM&P. Plus they carry 15 rounds in .40 not shure about 9mm prolly more
The only wather i have is a ppks in .380 nice little carry gun.
If you have questions private message me.

August 21, 2006, 02:35 PM
i agree with JD in that you should buy something that fits your hand, but your budget as well. the first 9mm i shot was a beretta 92fs that i rented at a shooting range. i loved it but i dont have any expierience with anything else. i have heard good things about glocks. what you might want to do is go to your local range and rent different models they have to get a feel for some different guns before you buy. hope ive helped at least a bit.

p.s. if youre looking for home defense invest in hollow points if theyre legal in youre area. and whatever you buy DO NOT BUY ANYTHING CHAMBERED FOR .380! stick to at least a 9mm luger. ive heard nothing good about .380s, supposedly they have ridiculously heavy trigger pull, low stopping power, and are notorious for jamming.

August 21, 2006, 03:00 PM
like everyone said , go try them out and buy what you like . There are some very nice 9mm out there and a wide price range. I have been through alot of 9mm and I settled on a SIG P226. On the cheaper end I like the XD9

August 21, 2006, 04:06 PM
Personally, I'd go with a Browning Hi-Power or a Sig226 as a first 9mm, but you can't really go wrong with a Glock17, Beretta92, XD9, USP9, CZ75 or any other offering from a major manufacturer.

Find a range that will let you try out a bunch of different models and get the one you like and shoot the best.

August 21, 2006, 04:33 PM
I am unclear, is this your first hand gun or first 9mm?

If it is your first had gun I would advise against Glocks or similar guns. They are great guns, but the lack of a manual safety is not a good thing for new a shooter. Get a gun with a safety until you are comfortable safely handling a pistol, this will reduce the chance of a negligent discharge.

If you are not going to be carrying this gun for a CCW I would suggest a steel frame over a polymer. 9mm doesn't kick much, but can be a little "snappy" out of a polymer gun. Steal guns are usually more pleasant to shoot and a comfortable gun will be shot more and you will improve faster.

Before you buy, Try: Go to a store that has a good selection and handle a bunch of guns. Look for the ones that fit your hand well and you can reach all the controls w/o moving your hand far out of firing position. Once you have narrowed it down to a few choices go to a range and fire off a few rounds. Do not buy a new gun w/o firing it. Nothing is worse than coming home after a dissapointing range day with your brand new $500 gun.

Some suggestions to try.

Steel Guns:
CZ-75 and related (all really solid/reliable guns)
EAA Witness
Baby Eagle
FN/Browning Hi Power (John Browning's other gun)
Beretta 92 (Dozens of Hong Kong directors can't be wrong)

Poly Guns:
Glock (take your pick)
Springfield Armory XD (some would argue just as good as Glock)
Walther P99 (some love it, some hate it)
Beretta PX4

August 21, 2006, 04:46 PM
and whatever you buy DO NOT BUY ANYTHING CHAMBERED FOR .380! stick to at least a 9mm luger. ive heard nothing good about .380s, supposedly they have ridiculously heavy trigger pull, low stopping power, and are notorious for jamming.

You need to find some new people to listen to and it isn't the ex "Delta" guy at the water cooler or behind the gun counter....

Any of the major brands will do for a first time 9MM (SA, Taurus, S&W, Beretta, CZ, Browning, etc). However, with any firearm, you may find yourself needing to send it back to the factory. I would also second the suggestion you start with a design that incorporates a manual safety.

Finding something with the right ergonomics is the key and you may not get it on the first try. Also, as you become more familiar with shooting - your ideas and conceptions will change as well. 9MM is a good choice to start since you have plenty of different designs to choose from and ammo is relatively inexpensive.

For me, 3 of the nicest feeling pistols are the Beretta PX4, SA XD and Taurus 24/7. The Beretta I own and the Taurus and XD I am considering.

Black Majik
August 21, 2006, 04:55 PM
I'd go with anything fullsize:

Beretta 92FS
SIG P226
SIG P225
HK P2000 :D
Browning Hipower
Glock 17/19
Walther P99

My favorite so far is still the SIG P226.

Good luck!

August 21, 2006, 05:00 PM
a local shooting range would be a great place to rent some of the guns mentioned in this thread...sigs, beretta & glock would be my top three picks..

there are some good deals on nice used models..take your time each brand will have some pros & cons..but you will find something you like



August 21, 2006, 05:38 PM
Buy what fits your hand.

We have a winner! Halt the presses, close the thread. This one's over before it even heated up!

All I'd add is, try to shoot whatever you can get your hands on.

August 21, 2006, 05:43 PM
Buy what fits your hand. I like Walthers, CZs, and High-Powers best. Glocks and Sigs do not fit my hand well, but I've shot them both and they go boom just fine. I've held the SA XDs, but they just didn't do it for me. I have 2 Walthers now and a CZ75B that I just got last Friday. I think that the CZ is going to become my favorite for a while.

August 21, 2006, 06:23 PM
Get an ex LEO S&W 5904 or 5906 for $300-$350 to see if you even like the caliber and configuration. In my worthless opinion a Glock is not a good "starter" gun or nightstand gun for home protection.

August 21, 2006, 06:39 PM
Your friend is right. You can't go wrong with either a sig or a Glock. Sigs and Glocks come in various sizes find one you like.

Ala Dan
August 21, 2006, 06:45 PM
Mine just so happens too be a very early:

West German SIG-SAUER P228

Spec ops Grunt
August 21, 2006, 08:06 PM
Berreta 92.

August 21, 2006, 08:40 PM
Sig,Glock or Ruger will do you good. I personally do not like the xd's or cz's

Dave R
August 21, 2006, 08:46 PM
Just don't get a Hi-Power a first pistol. If you do, nothing else will ever seem as good.

August 21, 2006, 08:50 PM
For your first gun, I recommend you get a nice modern polymer-framed gun that is foremost reliable.

Buy an HK USP if you can afford one. Full-size USP if it fits your hand well, a P2000 otherwise.

If you can't afford a USP, shoot a Glock (you can always rent one of these at the range) and see if you like their trigger-mounted safeties. If you can hang with it, get the largest-frame Glock that fits your hand.

August 21, 2006, 08:53 PM
I already have several 9mm pistols so I'm not really in the market for another but the Walther 99 is a nice pistol...nice ergos, really nice trigger & from what I've read & experienced...good shooters too! Get the one you like & will shoot & go from there.

August 21, 2006, 09:20 PM
After trying and handling several different types while attempting to answer your very question I found my solution. My friend's Ruger P89 was the fit for me. I bought one today acually... this weekend can't come fast enough now :neener:

August 21, 2006, 10:41 PM
Welcome to THR!:)

I will suggest that you take a whole day off work go to the biggest and best gun shop you can find and handle every single 9mm pistol that they have there, and others as well. Take a little note book and narrow it down, to the ones that fit you best and the ones you are most comfortable with and then decide from them. spend all day there if you need to, you wanna get something that fits you and your needs. I sometimes go to the shop knowing exactly what i want and still end up spending hours, checking, double checking and so on. everyone has there favorites and there opinions, but get what you like and what fits you and you won't go wrong.

I personally prefer xd's check them out!:)

August 21, 2006, 10:52 PM
At a range, rent plenty different guns and buy what works for you.

August 21, 2006, 11:11 PM
I am getting ready to get a 9mm for range shooting, and it will be either a Glock 17 or a Springfield Armory XD9 with a 4" barrel. I currently have an H&K P7M8, but it is not the gun I carry.

I carry a Springfield TRP 1911 90% of the time, a Glock 21 the rest of the time.

August 21, 2006, 11:52 PM
He said that his favorite is the SIG 226. While the 226 is debatably the best gun on that list, if it is your first gun, I would go with either the Beretta 92 or the H&K USP, depending which one fits your hand best. I like these because they are simple to operate, while still having a manual saftey. I may get flamed for this, but I think that that a manual saftey is important untill you get enough experience to use a gun that is "merley, decocked". I teach a lot of people to shoot, and I use guns with a saftey because I feel that it is the best method. Some may disagree, but the manual saftey is some thing that people are familiar with, and incase they stop shooting half way through a mag, provides the safest way to place a gun down on the counter.

just my thoughts,


August 22, 2006, 05:03 PM
"p.s. if youre looking for home defense invest in hollow points if theyre legal in youre area. and whatever you buy DO NOT BUY ANYTHING CHAMBERED FOR .380! stick to at least a 9mm luger. ive heard nothing good about .380s, supposedly they have ridiculously heavy trigger pull, low stopping power, and are notorious for jamming."

I have a Beretta 84F. It doesn't have a heavy trigger, it doesn't jam, and it's calculated to have a 71% chance of incapacitation with one shot (as opposed to 9mm's 90-something). So the stopping power is low relative to some, higher relative to others.

August 23, 2006, 01:41 PM
1) Go to a Gun Shop and Handle everything you can put your mitts on...

2) Find one that expresses itself as a natural extension to your hand... you gotta LOVE the way it feels...

3) Now go to a range that will rent that same model and shoot several boxes of ammo thru it...

All else aside, Browning Hi Power and CZ P01 - BOTH are a Great Place to Start!!!

Seismic Sam
August 23, 2006, 03:15 PM
With the 9mm Browning Hi-Power. Originally created by John Moses Browning in the 1930's, (after he created the 1911) the total number of guns created with this design has been HUGE compared to practically anything else. It's a masterpiece of design, still sold all over the world, and it's a true classic. For CCW it's not the best with its SA action, but as a starter 9mm you'll probably never wind up selling it. It was the first handgun I ever bought when I tured 21 in 1971, and I still have mine!! :D :p

August 23, 2006, 03:32 PM
Most of the 9mms on the market today are pretty darned good quality. Go to an indoor range that rents pistols. Try 5 of them:

Browning HP
Glock 19 (good middle of the road size)
SA XD 4"
1 other of your own choosing

Fire 20 rounds through each. Purchase the one that feels the best. I have had Glock, Browning, Ruger, Springfield in 9mm. They were all excellent.

Given that fact, I would then go with price. Point of ratiionality (get the most for the least). If that doesn't clear it up, determine if you want polymer, aluminum or steel for the frame.

Good luck,


December 11, 2009, 01:17 PM
Buying a handgun is a very personal process. You need to buy what fits you best and what you like to shoot. If you have a price point, take care in looking at more expensive guns. I have already doubled my budget. I do believe you get what you pay for.
If you plan to carry, you may find yourself buying a gun for different seasons.
I am a new shooter myself, but I have already shot 10 different handguns.
I have on order a sig p226 blackwater tactical. This will be my winter gun. It is big, rugged and accurate and comes with siglite sights and four 20 rd. mags.

I am already seeking my second gun for late spring and early autumn. I am looking at a Walther p99. have not shot yet, but it felt good in my large hand and I like that has no hammer, but can be switched from da to sa, even when charged.

I am also looking at a HKusp in 9mm. My groupings with this were as good as with the sig 226. It has a hammer, the decocker is integrated with a thumb safety. Either one can be had in a compact version and may also be my wife's first gun.

Good luck, and above all shoot safe and have fun.

December 11, 2009, 01:22 PM
The Glock 19 is the probably the best selling 9 mm pistol in the world and also used world wide! Closely followed in market share by the G17 and G26 and should be give diligent consideration.


4. Users

* Australia: Royal Australian Air Force (Glock 19), Australian Customs (Glock 17), and all Australian police services (Glock 17, 19, 22, 23, 26, 27) except the South Australia Police and Victoria Police. A Glock 17 outfitted with a thumb safety was designed specifically for the Tasmania Police. [43]
* Austria: Austrian Armed Forces (Glock 17 designated Pistole 80). [44] [45]
* Belgium: Belgian police (Glock 17), [45] Belgian State Security Service. [46]
* Canada: Numerous local law enforcement agencies to include: Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Saskatoon, South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority Police Service, Toronto. [45]
* Ecuador: National Police, various special police units such as the GOE and GIR. [45]
* Fiji: Tactical Response Unit. [47]
* Finland: The primary service firearm of the police. [48] Also in use by the Defence Forces, Department of Corrections (Vankeinhoitolaitos) and Border Guard. [49]
* France: French Army—certain naval and parachute units (Glock 17). [50]
* Georgia: Special forces. [45]
* Germany: GSG 9 of the German Federal Police, [45] Spezialeinsatzkommandos (special response teams) of several state police departments.
* Hong Kong: Special Duties Unit, Hong Kong Police Force. [45]
* Iceland: Icelandic National Police, Víkingasveitin, ICRU. [51] [52] [53]
* India: National Security Guards (Glock 17). [45]
* Indonesia: Indonesian Army Kopassus, Indonesian National Police, Detachment 88.[citation needed]
* Iraq: Iraqi security forces (largest user, purchased 125,163 Glock 19s). [54]
* Italy: Italian special forces—GIS, NOCS, "Col Moschin" Regiment, COMSUBIN, Intelligence and State Security.[citation needed]
* Jordan: Presidential Guard. [45]
* Latvia: Latvian Military (Glock 17), police. [55]
* Lebanon: Used by various police and army units.
* Lithuania: Lithuanian Armed Forces (Glock 17). [56]
* Luxembourg: Glock 17 and 26 variants used by the Unité Spéciale de la Police of the Grand Ducal Police. [57] [58]
* Macedonia: Special police forces, traffic police[citation needed]
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* Mexico: Secretaria de Marina. [45]
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* Poland: Polish police, [66] Polish Military Police (Glock 17).
* Portugal: Used in the police HK PSP, GNR (Glock 19) , In the Portuguese armed forces (Glock 17)... Glock 18c is also used in the DAE.[citation needed]
* Romania: Issued to deployed and several special operations units.[citation needed]
* Russia: Ministry of Internal Affairs. [67]
* Spain: Guardia Civil's UEI (Glock 17). [68]
* Sweden: Swedish Armed Forces (Glock 17 designated Pistol 88 and Glock 19 as Pistol 88B, [69] [70] ) Swedish Customs Service, Swedish Coast Guard.
* Switzerland : Police (Gendarmerie) Cantonal of Geneva are equipped with the Glock 19 [71] The Glarus Cantonal Police also use the Glock 19.
* Taiwan: Garrison Command. National Intelligence Coordinating Agency.[citation needed]
* Thailand: Policeman in 3 south province by G2G buying condition. (Glock 19, 2,238 pcs.) and some policeman, soldier and citizen nationwide. (some models) [45]
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* Venezuela [45]

bdb benzino
December 11, 2009, 01:27 PM
Talk about a blast from the past, this one's over three years old!!

December 11, 2009, 01:33 PM
Talk about a blast from the past, this one's over three years old!!
The older the violin the sweeter the music!

December 11, 2009, 02:08 PM
I was thinking the same thing. pfffttttt NooBs. Kinda like having over 200 posts in a 10 day period.

December 11, 2009, 02:14 PM
I was thinking the same thing. pfffttttt NooBs. Kinda like having over 200 posts in a 10 day period.
Does a post count really matter? I just want to help folks and be friendly boys. I am sorry if I am taken up so much of your bragging room. You should see the fan email I get PMed to me. Send me one and we can talk!.........:D

December 11, 2009, 02:59 PM
Short answer: The weapon that feels, fits and shoots best [for you]. Keep in mind that a weapon with a 5" barrel is great for say, HD, but as a CCW it may not be appropriate. Hence, sub-4" barrels may be a better solution for CC, if thats your thing.

In terms of brand, well there are many greats out there. For 9mm I prefer Sig Sauer P226 or P239 and the Springfield Armory XD9's. But, these are only preferences based on my own experience. Ive also heard great things about Glock in 9mm. But, for me, the Glock just does not "feel" right.

Just dont take anybodys word for it. Do a bit of research, find roughly 3 weapons you can afford, "rent" and shoot them (assuming your local range allows for rentals) and go from there. Also, investigate different trigger mechanisms such as DA/SA, DAK (Sig Sauer), DAO. In addition, there are hammer fire weapons (these are your "traditional" style handguns) and striker fire weapons (such as Glocks and XDs) to consider. Research this as well.

Happy hunting!

December 11, 2009, 03:20 PM
Doesn't matter at all which is why I am always perplexed when someone always has something to say and is so self absorbed / self important to think that he/she must post something even if they are way off on their information they pass off as truth.
My post are not required reading material sir and you are in no position of authority to control or comment on them. I have several happy readers!

I do wish you well and sorry I have jumped into your sandbox, but I am here!

December 11, 2009, 03:31 PM
Talk about a blast from the past, this one's over three years old!!

Yeah...this reminds me of an issue I posed to the admins earlier. Oh well...Im hoping that, in the very least, newcomers will get something out of this thread. ;)

Big Bill
December 11, 2009, 09:17 PM
I have several happy readers!I'm one of them. keep up the good work Pappy!

December 11, 2009, 09:30 PM
Glock police trade-ins are a good place to start. G17 w/hi-caps and night sights.

December 11, 2009, 10:17 PM
I'd say any of the major manufacturers full size 9mm will suite your needs. Concentrate on learning how to handle and sight a pistol.....The full sized models will be your most reliable also......I'll echo the "make sure it fits your hand" crowd.

December 11, 2009, 11:32 PM
Glock 19 is probably the best all around 9mm. Not too big to conceal but big enough to shoot easily, very reliable and tough, and very affordable.

Full Metal Jacket
December 11, 2009, 11:54 PM
What is the best 9mm to start with ?

this one....


December 12, 2009, 01:56 AM

Glock 17,19,26


SW Sigma
taurus 92

December 12, 2009, 02:02 AM
...the Ruger P89 and P95 are both resonably priced on the used market...around $300-350...in stainless...I prefer the decocker model but either is great value...I wouldn't buy a brand new gun for my first one...too much chance that you won't like it and take a hit on the trade-in..a less expensive one might end up being put up and brought out later...I buy two Rugers for less than some new top-end guns and have reliability and accuracy...

December 12, 2009, 02:03 AM
"...Buy what fits your hand..." Exactly. Nothing else matters. Price, maybe, but if the most expensive handgun doesn't fit your hand, you might as well have a sharp stick.
"...the best selling 9 mm pistol in the world..." Means exactly nothing.

December 12, 2009, 02:09 AM
...I didn't notice that the thread was old, either...but my post and several others were sincere efforts to help the OP or any other new guys who ran across this once it was bumped...I think this is the main intent of the forum...to post helpful info and opinions....NOT break into a thread with snide remarks and personal attacks...contributing nothing...kinda makes it hard to hear the mockingbird sing when there's crows cawing on the high line....

December 12, 2009, 02:11 AM
Umm...I hate to point this out, but this thread was begun over 3 years ago.

December 12, 2009, 02:19 AM
cz 75

December 12, 2009, 02:23 AM
...yeah, it are...but when I hit "New Posts" and go to the recent reply posted today that bumped it back up to the top...it doesn't let me know when it was started...and I'll bet there's a newbie who'll benefit from this question...it's all good...

December 12, 2009, 02:33 AM
Yeah, sheepdog, that's the irony.
It's an old post but we keep it new by posting on it.
I often go to "New Posts" myself and don't bother looking when it was started.
Like you say, it's all good.

December 12, 2009, 02:40 AM
...hey, I'd forgotten Mr. Camp's here...I reference his articles all the time...he's a good writer...we got some knowledge in this little library, don't we!!!

December 12, 2009, 10:56 AM
Chances are the original poster has chosen a 9mm pistol by now. In fact he may have went through several and ended up shooting another caliber all together.

2006 guys.........

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