Want To Restore Springfield 1873 45-70 Trapdoor Carbine


August 24, 2006, 12:20 AM
U.S. Springfield Model 1873 Serial # 140_ _ _
This was given to my father about 85 years ago by his Church he attended at that time for Parade Purposes. When he passed away some 10 years ago it was left with me. It's been stored for many many year and I should say incorrectly so. I should add there are several missing parts too.
Yesterday I loaded the Barrel with PB Blaster, tonight I ran the Bore with Remington 40X & JB Bore Cleaners. It was rust on top of rust and still more rust! It"s clean enough to spot some signs of Lands and thats about it! How should I proceed from here? Who is selling correct parts at this time? I would really love to get this Prized Piece to be able to throw some lead !!!!!

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August 24, 2006, 07:40 AM
numrich will have some parts and I think Dixie used to have them. I won't mention any thing about loosing the value of your gun by trying to restore it. but I really would suggest having a good smith check it out before shooting it.

Jim Watson
August 24, 2006, 08:09 AM
Dixie Gun Works is your best chance for parts.
I don't see a lock in the picture, it is missing the whole sidelock?

If the barrel is hopeless, it can be relined but that would be a fairly expensive proposition.

I can't tell about the external appearance from your picture. If it were very nice outside and rough inside - black powder blanks, most likely - it might be of interest to a collector. If the outside is rough, anybody complains about you restoring a rusty relic should have money in hand to preserve history.

August 24, 2006, 09:36 AM
Gun Parts Inc. still had quite a bit of Springfield parts the last time I checked on stuff like this.
Dixie is an excellent place for parts but they don't have everything and they are getting pricey.

Jim K
August 24, 2006, 01:16 PM
You might also try


They have a lot of original parts as well as repro parts.


August 24, 2006, 11:04 PM
I said, "What the hell" today went scrubbing again. Seeing more lands! Also, I Trased the Serial Number http://www.armscollectors.com/srs.htm and here's what I got so far:
U. S. Springfield Model 1873 # 140345 looks to have been delivered to either Texas A&M or Troop L of the U.S. 7th Calvary. I may have a Custer Rifle here Folks :what: My father did say that when it was given to him it had Blood Stains on the Stock!
These are the Parts that I have

Jim Watson
August 24, 2006, 11:31 PM
Not likely a Custer rifle, according to that site, carbines in that SN range that went to the 7th had the 1877 improvements and Custer's last assignment at the Little Big Horn was in 1876.

Picture not clear, looks like it lacks a hammer, which can surely be had, exterior finish doesn't look bad.

Start looking around on this Google

In particular
for one nine numbers from yours.

Do NOT get carried away with cleaning up fixing up or refinishing your carbine, it may well be worth more like it is. A true restoration would be very expensive. Doug Turnbull could make it look like new, but it would cost a ton.

You need more expert advice beyond that than I can provide.

August 25, 2006, 12:01 AM
I know I'm missing the rear sight, barrel band and hammer! Wow those prices!:what:
Thanks for all the Info everyone!

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