Election 2006..(Florida)


Don't Tread On Me
August 27, 2006, 04:26 AM
If this is a duplicate -sorry.

We're not too far away from the primary election (for Governor) and then the general election. This is the legal and political section, and this is a critical time. The BEST approach for gun owners is to get out the vote on primaries, when you can choose the true second amendment supporter rather than get stuck with the RINO or moderate. Apathy is bad. In the end, you get left with two gun-haters (due to the otherside almost always being anti). Also, most Americans stay home for primaries, which means activists (like us) can sway the vote a hell of a lot more. We are a bigger % in primaries. Just look at how the progressives defeated Lieberman...same dynamic at work here. We can almost guarantee a pro-gun candidate will be in the running come november.

For governor, we've got Crist and Gallagher on the Republican side. Not going to bother with the gun-hating democrat extremists.

Who is the better choice? Christ claims to be NRA endorsed. However, the NRA has been wrong before. What is the real deal here? What's our best plan of action? IF we fail to put in a decent governor, you can bet that the pro-gun bills being passed in our state will be vetoed. If the bills are even the smallest bit controversial - they won't pass due to the need to gain a super majority.

So this election is important (like all are).

NOTE: Please, No "both parties suck" or "GOP is anti-gun too" trolls. We need to get a serious discussion going about the upcoming elections, not just for Florida, but for everywhere. I have no illusions that these people will be our saviours, they will not, I just want to dodge the bad ones and put in place the ones that will allow us to keep getting those reforming laws passed and signed.

Don't underestimate the power of internet forums like THR. The Democratic party has been completely altered because of the internet. Blogs, forums etc...have all changed the way information moves around and their supporters, while being extremists, are getting their party - slowly but surely - to better reflect their goals, beliefs and agendas. If they win, they'll have an activist government in place that WILL make changes -- changes we won't like. Changes that they've worked for. Key word - WORKED for. They are in a fanatical frenzy mode right now - they smell blood.

We gotta start talking and thinking. Being 2 months out, there's an unusually low number of election threads. That worries me because in the past, this place was rocking and getting the word out. This time around, there's a lot of disappointment and disgust - despite victories (at least) for the Second Amendment.

Misery, aggravation, and complaining is contagious. Bad attitudes and sour moods about politics, even in discussion forums sways opinion and lowers motivation. We need less of that, and more hope. Morale killing is bad. When you have hope - you have something to look forward to, something that's a goal. We as gunowners as a whole have not had any "goals" lately. Either we believe there's nothing more we can do, or that we've done enough and are complacent. We need more wins because change is made not in massive leaps, but step by step, chip by chip...just the way they've done it to us the last 60 years.

Time to wake up and kick it into gear.

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August 27, 2006, 01:01 PM
It is difficult to draw any solid conclusions due to both candidates putting their best foot forward.

However, only Gallagher has a CCW and only he seems to be unashamedly pro-gun. Crist seems to be a bit more wishy-washy. No comment on the democrat candidates.

My hunch is that Crist is probably a B+ to C+ level candidate on guns while Gallagher is A+ to A- at worst.

August 27, 2006, 01:45 PM
Was that Crist or Christ? Inquiring minds want to know.

August 27, 2006, 01:59 PM
Yeah, youre right. It is just Crist. I was just copying the OP. I thought it seemed an odd spelling.

August 27, 2006, 02:08 PM
As the state attorney general he gave the thumbs up to our governor on all of our recent firearms related laws, listed at end of post. The only concern I have about him is that I understand (like Jeb) that he supports the illegal alien amnesty bill passed by the Senate a few months ago.

(This statement is not conservative or liberal in nature, moderators I have seen several threads shut down on this subject but it is very germane to the 2A as many of the immigrants illegal or otherwise come from countries where guns are banned alltogether for civilian use and we don't know how that will play out for us in the future -- it seems to me we are better off without huge numbers of non-assimilated immigrants as we seem to be making progress with the status quo.)

So essentially if you liked Jeb vote for Crist, this is not to disparage Gallagher but I haven't had any dealings with him.

Having said that, I also feel obligated to vote for him in the primary as I promised I would two years ago when I was e-mailing and writing him concerning all of new gun laws, especially park carry.

HB 249 -- Protection of Persons/Use of Force; authorizes person to use force,
including deadly force, against intruder or attacker in dwelling,
residence, or vehicle under specified circumstances; provides that
person is justified in using deadly force under certain circumstances;
provides immunity from criminal prosecution or civil action for using
deadly force; defines term "criminal prosecution", etc.

HB-125 Hunter/Voter -- by Rep. Greg Evers (R-Milton) and Sen. Carey Baker (R-Eustis) Provides that people who purchase a hunting or fishing license by phone, over the Internet or in person will have the opportunity to get a voter registration application. PASSED the HOUSE 110-6 and the SENATE 31-8. Signed

HB-265 No-Net-Loss of Hunting Lands -- by Rep. Don Brown (R-DeFuniak Springs) and Sen. Nancy Argenziano (R-Crystal River) Requires Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) to support, promote, & enhance hunting opportunities & to provide comparable acreage for any loss of existing hunting lands; requires agencies & water management districts to cooperate with FWC in designating replacement hunting lands. PASSED the HOUSE 118-0 and the SENATE 40-0. Signed

HB-285 To Prohibit Confiscation of Firearms -- by Rep. Mitch Needelman (R-Palm Bay) and Sen. Carey Baker (R-Eustis) Prohibits confiscation, seizure, or taking of firearms that are lawfully possessed by law-abiding citizens during a state of emergency (as was done in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina). PASSED the HOUSE 116-0 and the SENATE 40-0. Signed

HB-687 To Protect Personal Information of Concealed Weapons Licenseholders -- by Rep. Sandy Adams (R-Oviedo) and Sen. Mike Haridopolis (R-Melbourne) Provides confidentiality and exemption from public records requirements of personal identifying information, names, addresses, birth dates, social security numbers, phone numbers, & license numbers contained in records maintained by the Division of Licensing of DOACS of individuals who have applied for or received licenses to carry concealed weapons or firearms PASSED the HOUSE 83-27 and t he SENATE 37-2. Signed

HB-1029 Firearms in National Forests & State Parks -- by Rep. Dennis Baxley (R-Ocala) and Sen. Bill Posey (R-Rockledge) Restores the right to possess firearms for self-defense and other lawful purposes in National Forests and State Parks by repealing the laws and regulations that have banned firearms in those areas. PASSED the HOUSE 90-27 and the SENATE 31-6. Signed

SB-1290 Concealed Weapons/License Renewal/Military -- by Sen. Mike Fasano (R-New Port Richey) and Rep. Marti Coley (R-Marianna) Provides that a concealed weapons/firearms license of a United States Armed Services member does not expire while the service member is on active duty away from home. Extends the life of the license for 180 days after returning home. PASSED the HOUSE 120-0 and the SENATE 39-0. Signed

August 27, 2006, 05:34 PM
Christ claims to be NRA endorsed
Pilate (spelling corrected to ease the pain of others) must have been anti gun then.

I seriously doubt that with Marion Hammer leading the pro gun faction in Florida and with the legislation that has already been passed, that gun issues take priority in the upcomming election here.

We have a serious insurance crisis in many different avenues that are much more important. Gallagher is in the insurance industries pockets,(my opinion based on his tenure as insurance commissioner and what happened after Andrew) Crist is not and will fight for us home and business owners.
Crist will also fight FPL from gouging consumers for their lack of maintenance to satisfy stockholders.

Rising property taxes and talk about eliminating the homestead exemption are also important.

12 people I know have moved out of Florida because of the above issues.

Gun ownership won't mean much if you can't afford to live here.

If you live in Florida, don't be so short sighted.
And for you renters, what effects the property owners will effect you in rent.

August 27, 2006, 06:46 PM
Give me a link to proof of Gallagher being an insurance puppet? If that was true, I honestly would vote for Crist without hesitation. I dont think either of them would turn the state into CA or even MD for that matter.

Insurance and property taxes are getting to be a giant pain in the ass all across Florida. Right now a lot of people are having huge problems because they bought 100k dollar homes and are paying out tons of money for insurance and property tax. It is very hard to sell such a house because the people that can afford the insurance want to live in a mansion and the people that can afford the house can't afford the insurance. Part of the problem is that FL is just plain crappy in terms of property hazards with all the hurricanes and sinkholes.

August 27, 2006, 08:28 PM
Pilot must have been anti gun then.

Pilots fly airplanes, but thats not important right now.

I think you mean Pilate.

August 27, 2006, 08:47 PM
Not so much in affording the insurance as that is a big problem, its being able to get coverage at all and not just on homes.

I corrected my statement on Gallagher which I should have stated in the original post.

Don't Tread On Me
August 28, 2006, 01:51 AM
OK OK enough about the misspelling already! :) I typed it correctly the first time, and wrong the 2nd time....

Don't Tread On Me
August 28, 2006, 02:22 AM
However, only Gallagher has a CCW and only he seems to be unashamedly pro-gun

Yes, but Feinswine had a CWP too. That holds no water in my view. Although, I'd love to see info on what qualifies him as pro-gun.

I seriously doubt that with Marion Hammer leading the pro gun faction in Florida and with the legislation that has already been passed, that gun issues take priority in the upcomming election here.

Insurance is the biggie this time around - no doubt. Going from $2,300 to $3,900 in one year is a little bit extreme to me. This state is becoming unaffordable. If they don't do something, this State is going down.

Remember, when things SUCK - it was the incumbants who did it, or at the very least, the incumbants that did nothing to fix it from the previous incumbants. Solution? Get someone new. At least Crist has an excuse - he was AG which has nothing to do with insurance.

That's all interesting and extremely important - but because this is a firearms related forum - we should stick to who's going to be the better defender of the 2nd Amendment.

I'm leaning Crist, although he doesn't seem to be a natural supporter of the gun rights. He seems like he's a platform supporter - something he knows he needs to be for support. Something he'll represent us on, not because it might be his personal beliefs, but because that's what he was sent by us to do. Kind of like Jeb Bush. None of the Bush clan are truly pro-gun, but the sons are far more respective of guns in terms of upholding the will of their constituents, unlike daddy. To these types of guys, it is another political issue they understand is critical to being a poltician in Florida and they'll play ball as their focus for being in power rests on other issues.

Lacoochee, has a point. As AG, he didn't oppose any of these critical bills. One of them was controversial and the antis made a stink in the media, but that didn't deter his support (that's a good sign). We've got a known vs. an unknown unless someone has more info about Gallagher.

August 28, 2006, 07:44 AM
I personally am going with Crist:

First, I've been very impressed with how he's carried out his duties as AG, especially during the 2004 hurricane season when he promptly went after the scammers and price goughers. It tells me he takes his job very seriously and is a man of action, not someone to sit around and hold meetings about what to do. He hasn't been shy at all about taking on judges that have made rulings that appear to be more legislative in nature than judicial.

Gallagher, on the other hand, hasn't shown me anything other than being your typical state representative taking up space. If he was so pro-2A then why didn't he sponsor any of those bills? He may have voted for them, but so did the majority of the state reps. He's not considered a leader in the state legislature and I think that's what the newspapers are alluding to when they say he's "embarrassingly unqualified."

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