Winchester 1400 Mag plug


August 31, 2006, 11:49 PM
I have inherited a Winchester Model 1400 MK II auto-loader and have no clue how to take out the magazine plug.

I using it for skeet shooting and just plain shooting random items and I want more mag capacity.

Is it possible to get more capacity in a 1400 by removing a plug? If so, how? The mag doesn't simply unscrew like my Mossberg does.

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September 1, 2006, 12:47 AM
Gun is restricted to 3 rds by design.
No mag plug, that is where the gas system is.
No, one cannot add a mag extension either - again the reason being the gas system.

1400 is the softest shooting semi-auto shotgun that has ever been made. Very good gun, but it likes to shoot what is was designed to shoot. 2 3/4 dr equiv, 1 1/8 oz loads min will run this gun all day long. 1oz might run, I cannot recall if these were popular loadings at the time the 1400 was mfg or not.

Take down. Hard to for me share using this medium, and being honest it has been awhile. If I handled the gun, it would come to me, thinking about it I would miss a step, or not be clear.

It is not hard, just has some nuances like most firearms.

Harly Nolden here on THR most likely has the owners manual. His forum is down below. If he does not catch this thread, PM him and ask him.
Mr. Nolden is a super nice guy!

That 1400 flat works! It is not a SX1 or anything, still bone stock as it is , it flat works and the Winchokes are proven in my experiences as being great.

I used the 1400 in 20 from everything from teaching students, to skeet, 5 stand, Sporting clays, quail, doves...and loaned to folks that have used for same and includes taking deer.

Just shoot it, clean and lube it, and feed it more ammo. All it needs.

September 1, 2006, 04:39 PM
I agree with you that the 1400 is very reliable and has very low recoil. Mine is very old (I don't know exactly how long, but OLD). After it was sitting in my dads storage room for 20 years I took it out and fired it without cleaning or lubing it at all. It still runs perfect and I have had no jams or misfires after putting probably 1000 shells through it in the past 3 months.

The only thing I dislike about it is the very long barrel, heavy weight, and now that you have informed me, the inability to extend the mag.

Other than that its a good gun, especially for going through 3 generations without any problems of any kind.

September 1, 2006, 07:34 PM
I know quite a few folks using a 1400 as a Serious Shotgun. I have been in the courthouse where all the folks viewing this case, took note of "just a regular old shotgun like used for bird hunting".

Now game wardens checking for plugs mandated for Migratory birds shake heads when they take off a 1400 mag cap and there is NO plug, but the gun is restricted to 3 shells...

Quite a few of us folks use bone stock shotguns for Serious needs, we don't have extended mags, and we know whacking off a barrel not only removes any choke, but on a semi-auto, messes with dwell timing and the gun may not run.

Now, folks been hoarding regular old shotguns for a long long time. 1400 is one of the ones we play dumb and pay too little money for. Not always, but sometimes we get them for little money because someone "has to have" the newest, lastest greatest" serious shotgun or other firearm, and well we wait to snicker until we have gone down the road a bit.

Now a bunch of us did / do impromtu training, using bone stock guns. Just what liable to be found on farm, ranch, city or whatnot. Bone stock shotguns, lever actions, revolvers like Model 10s semis like bone stock Gov't Model of 1911 or S&W 3913, bolt rifles like Model 70 in '06...

I'd keep it as is, some sentimental value and all.

My serious situation gun btw is a NEF Youth Model 20 ga single shot.
I like slugs too...

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