Chinese M37


Detachment Charlie
September 16, 2006, 09:42 PM
First, I am old enough to know that an 870, 590, a genuine Model `97 or 37are better guns than any knock-off Chinese piece. So relax. Also I know that there hasn't been a $250 870 police trade-in around these parts since Fess Parker wore a coonskin cap -- and you Yuppies thought he was only famous for wine!)
My battery has been light in the defense shotgun category for a few years. Since the Chinese of Shung-Do Machinery Factory #2 (or something close to it) was offering their clone of an Ithica M37 for only $149 through an online distributor, I bought one. How crappy could it be?
Well, here’s the result with rifled slug (2-1/4”, 1 oz.) at 50 yds., iron sights and 60 year-old eyes. My 60 year-old shoulder called a halt to this frivolity after the last one, using a little Kentucky windage to bring it down a tad closer to the mark.
For about $180 with shipping and FFL fee, it’ll do. Oh, that little one on the right is from my High Power at 25 yds -- same 60 year-old eyes, but the gun and ammo was a lot younger.

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September 16, 2006, 09:45 PM
Interesting. I'd be curious to see how the 1887 93 and 97 Winchester replicas do as well. I know the 93s and 97s are pretty popular with the cowboy action shooters. Sounds like a great deal. Do they come with any warranty(yes I'm serious)?

Detachment Charlie
September 17, 2006, 03:20 PM
I think it has the same warranty that the Yugo used to have: If it breaks, "Yugo" get the parts.
There maybe some interchangeability with the Ithica M37, but I really don't know. Somebody here must, though.
With the group it shot this first trip to the range, if it breaks, I won'r cry too hard. Actually I'm rather impressed, and so is my shoulder.:D

hk lover
September 17, 2006, 11:16 PM
i just bought one 2 weeks ago and must say that for the money i am very surprised. was rather stiff at first but after about 100 rounds and a cleaning has been for slugs try win. 1600fps foster type you might be surprised.mine prints about 4 in. high but makes one ragged hole. i like consistancy.also it is an exact clone of a 37 and the barrels and furniture all interchange without a problem,as will the internal trigger assembly.keep shooting it will get better with a little range time. i cant wait for the hog hunt..make sure you clean it well as mine was full of chink grease. good luck

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