Specialized Shotguns


September 20, 2006, 09:49 PM
Leaving out social work do you have task specific shotguns?

What are they for (skeet, upland, turkey, waterfowl, deer, etc)?
How are they different ( bbl length, weight, action)?

Lets ignore the ability to change chokes to create a specialty at this moment.

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Dave McCracken
September 20, 2006, 10:13 PM

I have two slug shooters that double as HD tools.

I have a trap gun that weighs a good lb more than the one I use for Wobble, birds and GPs.

I have another one built from parts I use for just about everything but trap and slugs.

All of the above are 870s.

September 20, 2006, 10:23 PM
Small thread drift....

How much more familiar do you feel with the 870 using it for everything? I have an 870 for HD but Winchesters for everything else. I'm considering getting another 870 for hunting/games just for the advantage of similar arms.

September 20, 2006, 10:33 PM
BPS 10 ga Pump 30" Barrel for all my waterfowl needs: I load my own steel shot using T for geese and 1 for ducks.I shoot it with a Modified choke for steel shot.
I also use it with #2 Bismuth and a full tube for turkeys.

Browning BSS sxs 12ga. 28" Imp. cyl and Modified used with Target 7.5s for doves and pigeon seasons.I like the big 12ga shot cloud for these racers!

For upland game I am putting down my old Browning A-5 light 26" mod. 20ga for my new (to me ) Winchester 101 Lightning 20ga. with 27" imp. Cylinder and Modified chokes. I use 20 ga for chukar, grouse , pheasant and SOME quail hunting.I vary the loads but they usually are heavy game loads of some sort.

I like my Browning Citori Skeet .410 with Skeet 1 & skeet 2 for brushy quail and skeet.

My old 3200 Remington is my Clay sports gun. I have a set of 28" skeet bored barrels and a 30" Modified and Improved modified set for trap or longer clays.I traded my old Belgian "Lightning '' Superposed as I didn't do near as well at clays with it as the 3200 Remington!

Every once in a couple years I went on a fancy "plantation " type hunt and I pull out the 16 ga. 27" 6 pound Darne silver recievered English Bird style double to impress the snoots!

My old H&R 'folding' .410 is in the barn for chores.

I have lots of other shotties which I MAY use instead of these 'regulars' if I get a mood swing. The 1100s and 870s are set up with 'defense' barrels:D

Lastly my wife has a fitted Mod. 37 Ultra light with a 25" Deer Slayer 20 ga. barrel she uses for everything around the ranch, but switchs to my old 37 20 ga Featherlight 28" modfied when she goes (rarely) hunting.

September 20, 2006, 11:28 PM
I have a scattergun that I use for everything. Just change chokes.
Was planning on using one for Skeet and one for Trap but found out I like my Remington 1100 Competition for both. Now the 11-87 needs a good home.

Chuck R.
September 20, 2006, 11:40 PM
The way I look at it, shotguns are a lot like golf clubs. I have:

Benelli SBE 12 GA 3.5”, 28” Waterfowl (primary)
BPS 10 3.5” Ga 28” Geese
Rem 11-87 12 GA 3” 28” Loaner for guests
Browning Superposed 12 GA 30” Trap, Doubles and wobble
Browning 325 12 GA 27.5” Upland Gun
Browning GTI 12 GA 30” Skeet/Sporting Clays
WIN Mod 12, Y Model 30” Trap
WIN Mod 12 20 Ga 26” I dunno, seemed like a good idea at the Time
A.H Fox 20GA 26” 3rd Generation family gun, Quail, on really, really nice days
SKB O/U 20 GA 28” Wife’s Upland Gun
Parker SxS 16 Ga 26" 3rd generation family gun
Win 1897 12 GA 20” Cowboy Action
Mosberg Bolt Action .410 My first Shotgun
Benelli M1S90 12GA 18.5" HD


September 21, 2006, 03:18 AM
i have several which play different roles but most were gifts. here goes.

870 wingmaster t.b. model 12ga 30in vent ribbed two beads trap use.(gift from dad)
870 wingmaster 12ga three barrels full, improved cyl, and modified(handdown from grandpa) used for turkey and waterfoul mainly.
870 wingmaster 12ga three barrels also (got from a guy who owed me two hundred dollars) in perfect condition.
870 wingmaster 20ga 28in full choke barrel. favorite shotgun for taking squirrels. my first shotgun(gift from dad)
870 express 20ga 28in vent rib barrel with chokes, 20in rifled barrel for slugs. now scoped for deer gun. (gift from stepdad.)
1100 28in vent ribbed, skeet sporting clays (gift from dad)
1100 phesant,dove, and quail. (hand down from grandpa)
ithca model 37 d.s. police special riot gun. 8 rounds of 00buck for home defence.

all wingmasters are older than me, 28 years now, still are in perfect condition, only had one jam (short shucked the 20 once squirrel hunting when i was 13 i think. and are my favorite guns that i own. i love hunting with the ones passed down to me from my grandpa the most. my dad used to shoot trap and skeet and got me into it at a young age. so the 870 trap, and 1100 skeet guns have been used the most. while one 870 with multiple chokes could serve all my needs i guess its sentimental value that makes me want to switch it up.

September 21, 2006, 08:43 AM

Besides the two HD SG's I have posted about elsewhere in the forum, I only have one other SG (Not counting my new used .410 bolt action here). Its also an 870. This gun is set up with a relatively short 23" vent rib barrel with screw in choke tubes. I have used it for all my hunting needs: Small Game, Ducks, Pheasants and everything in between. I have even shot a round or two of Trap and Sporting Clays with it.


Dave McCracken
September 21, 2006, 08:45 AM
Bratch, using the same model of repeater for everything,including defense means practice with one is practice with all. The "Chops" are the same, and I won't have trouble recalling where the slide release is at a point of crisis.

It matters little what brand of shotguns we use, as long as we use them enough to groove in the MOA.

September 21, 2006, 09:51 AM
Every shotgun I own has a task assigned to it but only two are assigned to specific single tasks.

The first is my 12 gauge sxs. It's custom made, 28 inch barrels, choked skeet and light modified and weighs in at 6-1/2 lbs. Its sole task is upland bird hunting.

The second is my clay target o/u. It's 12 gauge with 32" barrels, Briley thin-wall chokes and weighs 8lbs. This is the gun with which I shoot all the clay target games. It has no other function.

The other guns have multiple tasks. The 28 gauge o/u, made by the same manufacturer as my 12 gauge, has 32" barrels, Teague chokes and is my subgauge clays shooter and serves as a back-up for upland hunting and preserve shooting. The 32" barrels are a touch unwieldy in thick cover but I went with longer barrels because its primary task is clay target shooting.

My 12 gauge Beretta 391 with 30" barrels is my loaner/back up clays gun and my waterfowl/crow hunting gun.

Finally there is my 870 12 gauge. With shorter barrels it's my predator control gun and slug hunter. With the addition of a 30" barrel it also fills the role of back-up waterfowler should the need arise.

With these five guns I'm covered for anything that I might want to do.

September 21, 2006, 02:44 PM
Two single barrel trap guns (BT-99 and a 686 topsingle. Both with 34" barrels. Definately unitaskers.).

Two classic game guns. SxS. Double triggers, straight grips, splinter fore ends. One is a E. Harrison (predecessor of Cogswell and Harrison) round body box lock (pretty strange, as most round body guns are sidelocks) assisted opening. The other from a Spanish maker. Only used on upland birds and a little bit of skeet for practice.

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