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May 13, 2003, 06:35 PM
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America's Aggressive Civil Rights Organization
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April 29, 2003


Many supporters have asked JPFO to state our position on the
pending legislation to extend the Clinton "assault weapons"
ban beyond its scheduled sunset.

Here is where we stand: We have no position whatsoever on this
or any other legislation.

Before you go off mad, believing JPFO has joined the ranks of
apathetic compromisers, let us explain. JPFO is a 501(c)(3)
charitable organization. We do not get involved directly in
the political process. What we do is even more crucial to
freedom in the long run: We win hearts. We educate minds. We
remind the world of the value of freedom and the fatal danger
of surrendering even a little of it.

JPFO's mission isn't to fight Second-Amendment brush fires.
It's to create a world in which "gun control" legislation
would never be introduced in the first place.

Here's how we do that:

We publish articles designed to create a Bill of Rights
culture -- a culture in which "assault weapons" bans would
never even be considered in Congress, let alone passed.

We're producing the film "Innocents Betrayed" to continue our
long-term work of reminding the world that "gun control" lays
the groundwork for genocides and helps make possible the death
of millions. (

We're getting the message out in the simplest, most
understandable form through friendly Gran'pa Jack booklets.

We put well-documented materials out there that any gun-rights
supporter can use to educate people. (Here's one example of how
someone has used our historic research very effectively to
combat bad laws in his own state:

So no, we aren't going to join our good friends at, Gun Owners of America, and other gun-rights
groups in their valiant lobbying coalition against the "assault
weapons" ban -- although we wish them well and thank them for
their work.

We aren't going to stand at the side of the NRA as it pleads
with Congress, once again. Frankly, if the NRA had listened to
us nine years ago and quit compromising
(, this battle wouldn't even have
to be fought now.

There's a valuable role for people who fight bad legislation.
But JPFO's unique job is to make the activists' jobs easier in
the long run. If we can get out the word that "gun control" is
nothing but a tool of tyranny and a boon to criminals, then our
friends can fight more effectively and with greater chance of

And if we -- with your faithful support -- do our job right,
eventually, people who cherish their freedoms, including their
right to self defense, won't have to fight a purely defensive

Win their hearts and minds and we'll change the tide. Tell
people the truth about the benefits of an armed citizenry and
a lot of bad legislation will wash away and sink into the
depths where it belongs.

If we don't succeed at changing the culture, then we will all
be "innocents betrayed," and no amount of lobbying will hold
back the tide of tyranny.

The Liberty Crew

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