35 Remington in 21" Contendr carbine barrel.


September 28, 2006, 07:46 AM
I'm about to start handloading a 35 Remington 21" barrel for a TC contender carbine iron sighted. The intended targets are deer or bear along the trap line. Distance will be short as this is the Adirondacks of Northern NY. I have handloaded for 358 and 35 whalen so I have many different bullets available. As this is a single shot I can also use pointed bullets. Also, any suggestions as to powders/bullets?

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September 28, 2006, 09:53 AM
Powder choices would run from 3031, 4198, RL7...mebbe Varget.

Plinking bullets can be any 357/38 bullet.

I loaded some up for my brothers 14" 35 Remmy and it shot pretty good. Loaded some 200 gr. Sierra RN Pro-hunters and he has harvested a few decent sized piggies and one 8 point...all well within 100 yards and all clean kills with no need to chase blood trails. Those bullets will expand at 35 Remmy velocities...

Since you have a rifle barrel, you can tweak your distance a bit more IF you need to, but as your location dictates shorter ranges, then you should be just fine. I would suggest either the factory iron sights or mebbe a nice 2x or 4x...go with a duplex reticle just in case you do have that long shot.

Lastly, make sure to neck size those cases....shoulders can be crushed just as easy as it is to crush a 22 Hornet neck...

hope this helps

September 29, 2006, 08:57 PM
I load the 158 Sierra HP pistol bullet, the 185 Speer FP, and the Hornady 200 RN for my Super 14 barrel. I use IMR 4227 for the lighter bullet, for plinking and varmint work; IMR 3031 or Hodgdon 322 for the heavier bullets for game loads. Powder charges in any good manual.

October 2, 2006, 07:42 PM
Thanks for the tips, I can't wait to try out some loads. All my 35cal. guns have been very accurate. The Rem 760 converted to 358 Win. will shoot the hornady 250 to one hole at 75yards.

October 2, 2006, 08:01 PM
I'm partial to Reloader 10; 36gr under Sierra 200s, 34gr under Speer 220s, and 38gr under Speer 180's. The Speer have a decent BC and I favor them for most work.

Bear in mind that most spitzer bullets will be design for expansion at 35 Whelen velocities and up, and won't give you reliable expansion at 35 Remington speeds. Start with the Speers and see what ya like...

October 3, 2006, 12:24 AM
Like rbernie said; Most of the Spitzers are made for much higher velocity centerfires. (IE: .35Whelen, .350RemMag.)

I've loaded for a variety of .35Rem's including a couple of friends T/C's.

Bear in mind that the t/c though strong, will show pressure signs sooner than a Marlin Leveraction, so isn't "happy" with warmer loads. You'll get best results with the max listed loads in the various manuals. The chambers run to the tight side, and one contender even required RCBS "small base" dies to get ammo the chamber, and action close easily. Any range "pickup" brass should be trimmed and full length sized and checked for chambering in the Contender before proceeding with loading, or you'll spend a LOT of time with a bullet puller. After the first firing, be sure to set the sizing die to just "kiss" the shoulder so you won't get excessive shoulder set back on sizing. This will keep the relatively thin sidewalls from stretching and causing premature case failure. This is COMMON in the .35 and WARM loads.

For all around best performance, I and numerous others have found H4895 to be "superior" in the .35Rem. The "books" list 38.5gr over a 200gr for 2,150fps. Accuracy is typically outstanding and this load is quite mild at about 32,000cup. With the stronger action rifles, you can go a bit higher safely, with awsome increase in performance. 2,250fps is "doable" but not preferably from the Contender. (NOT a BAD gun/action, but just sensative to higher pressure due to backthrust, hence the creation of the Encore)

Accuracy is especially good with BL-C2 and Win748 at 40.0-41.0gr.
IMR3031 and H322 also give good results.

I would recommend the Remington 200gr CorLokt RNSP. This bullet is the closest thing to perfection from the .35Remington. Second place IMO is the 200gr Sierra RN. It gives slightly superior accuracy to the Remington, but is about 2x more expensive for no significant improvement in overall effectiveness.

The 180 and 220gr Speers are too hard/tough for the .35. I've lost a number of deer with these finding out the hard way.

Perhaps the best long range bullet for the Contender is the Hornady 180gr SSP (Single Shot Pistol) bullet. It has the pointed profile of the 200gr Hornady PtdSP, but will expand/perform at the .35Rem velocities.

You'll find much more, and better reference material/data over at www.marlinowners.com. Especially heed .35Remington's postings and data. He's expended a LOT of time and effort to exploring the performance parameters of the .35Rem. hence the "name tag".

October 7, 2006, 09:03 PM
Point well taken on just kissing the shoulder on the 35 Rem. case, that is what I've been doing with the 357 Herrett for years in a super 14. Thanks for jaring the memory!

October 7, 2006, 10:05 PM
While I can't vouch for experience with a 21" TC barrel, I had done some work with the .35 Rem in a 24" barrel on a Brazilian SR Mauser.

The short of it is that I found Hodgdon H-335 to be a very good powder behind a Hornady 180 SSP(Single Shot Pistol) bullet. My final load was 42.0 grains in Remington cases, using a CCI 250 large rifle magnum primers. Averaged MV was 2395 fps, with extreme spread being 100 fps and average deviation of 33 fps. Groups were averaging between 1 1/8" to 1 3/8" at 100 yards from the bench. No pressure signs were exhibited and the differences between factory cases and mine at the expansion area, just ahead of the case web, were very minimal. Perhaps a bit more velocity could have been attained, but considering the design/performance window of the Hornady 180gr. SSP and case life, the little extra velocity wasn't considered worth the effort.

Relating to performance on game in the field, the loading worked very well on every deer that was taken with that rifle.

I agree with the resizing recommendations of previous posts, relating to the shoulder. My experience with BL-C2 was good for accuracy but not in the velocity that was desired before pressure signs were experienced(slight flattening of primers). The curious part of the developed load listed, is that when using either Winchester or Federal non-magnum larger rifle primers, slight pressure flattening was experienced. However, after some research turned up an article relating to use of magnum LRP's in similar circumstances/loadings, I backed off the charge weight and worked up the load again. No abnormal pressure signs when the desired velocity/accuracy was reached. Sometimes the reloading experiences can carry little surprises to what one would think is not to be logical. Just be careful, do your homework and go slow in developing any load.

I've always wondered if Varget would've worked in the .35 Rem?

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