slug question?


September 30, 2006, 10:50 PM
ok if you fire a rifled slug out of a smooth bore 870 barrel and you have a extra full choke on what will happen? what choke are you supposed to use when firing slugs besides rifled?

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September 30, 2006, 11:10 PM
1, You can damage the threads of the barrel or even split the choke or barrel if you do it too much.
2, Get a crap patern.

Get an I/C, Modified or Cylinder choke tube.

October 1, 2006, 12:05 AM
Not to take issue with anyone, but you can fire rfiled slugs out of ANY choke. Conventional wisdom has always been that cylinder bore was the best for slugs. This is not necessarily true. There are essentially 2 types of slugs available today: The traditional "rifled" slug; this rifling on the slug is quite useless, it does NOT rotate the slug. The slug is weighted with the bias in the extreme forward part of the slug, this is what keeps it going point forward(if point rightly describes the usually blunt nose of the slug). This includes the slugs with a wad attached to the rear. The other type is the sabot slug which is totally encased in a plastic sabot. The slug is much smaller than the 12 gauge bore, and the sabot is smaller than the bore of a smoothbore SG. They are designed for use in specialty rifled barrels, which are bored to engaged the sabot, giving it a spin, and when the projectile leaves the barrel it loses the sabot and the slug(usually about 50 caliber) continues to rotate giving far greater accuracy that the 1st type of slug.
Both types of slugs can be fired from any appropriate gauge gun, rifled or not. choked or not. Using sabot rounds in a smooth bore is simply wasteful as you are paying for a premium slug and letting it just about rattle down the barrel. Using "rifled" sligs in a rifled barrel dosen't get you much more accuracy tham using them in a smoothbore gun. Hence: Use sabot rounds in an appropriate bore rifled barrel, and use the old style slug in a smoothbore with whatever choke shoots it best. Most have found that improved cylinder is a good one for a smoothbore, some use them in full chokes with no damage at all. I have never heard of an otherwise good condition SG barrel being affected in any way by shooting slugs through any degree of choke. This is because as all of the weight is forward in the nose, and the hollow base, which in theory will expand to engage the bore, is very easily deformable, and will swage down to any choke, including extra full. If you don't believe me, sacrifice one slug, take it out of the case, and bang it against just about anything harder than lead and see how the hollow skirt of the slug deforms, frequently to hand pressure(strong hands).
My old VN shotgun was an Ithaca which was bored full choke-many of them were for some reason-and I fired many slugs out of it with no damage to the barrel. I still have it, and it still measures full choke.
The way to go is use whatever SG you have, and find out what slugs it "likes", they come in 5 round boxes so experimenting is not too expensive.

October 1, 2006, 12:26 AM
the reason i was asking is just wondering what choke ishould use for saftey i know which barrel sabots go in and what rifled slug go in go in:scrutiny:

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