Silly thread for Halloween, what shotgun load?


October 5, 2006, 08:04 PM
Ok so where I live we always have a contest for Halloween decor. The neighborhood association judges the winner. This year I am going for a morgue theme on my front porch. I plan to have a dummy on a gurney out front with a gun shot wound. I plan to stuff a freezer bag full of stage blood, and organ meat :barf: :evil: in the chest. I intend to shoot it with a shotgun for total realism. What load/distance do you think would create the most gruesome effects? I can use anything 12ga up to a 3 1/2" mag. I know a silly thread but have some fun with it. Feel free to share any other ideas. Usually the most gruesome display wins.

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October 5, 2006, 09:26 PM
Cheap target loat of 7 1/2's at about 10 paces. If it doesn't look bad enough, shoot it again. Still not gruesome enough? shoot it several more times.

Its not going to go down after a single shot so theres no need for expensive turkey loads or 3.5" shoulder bruisers.

Have fun and be safe.

Dusty Rusty
October 5, 2006, 09:32 PM
I would get arrested if I did something like that in the city limits. Make sure it's legal or is this a joke? :confused:

Wes Janson
October 5, 2006, 09:50 PM
I don't think he intends to shoot it while it's on the porch.

October 5, 2006, 10:12 PM
I don't think he intends to shoot it while it's on the porch.

Geeeez! I hope not. I had assumed he would take it someplace safe and shoot it then bring it home to set up his display.

If he wanted to scare the crap out of the neighbors he could shoot it on the porch while the judges are there. He'd probably win. The ride down town in the back of a black-n-white would give him some time to plan next years display.:D

All in fun GF. No harm intended ;) .

October 5, 2006, 10:38 PM
God no I dont plan to shoot it on the porch :what: . I thought common sense would tell you all that, guess I should have been more specific :confused: .

October 5, 2006, 10:40 PM
I came to this thread thinking you were asking what load of shot to use on TP'ers and pumpkin smashing hooligans :D


the 22 junkie
October 5, 2006, 10:46 PM
Remind me not to wrap your house, old man. :D :p :neener:

October 5, 2006, 11:28 PM
Nah you aren't being hardcore enough. Why don't you just grab a little child from the streets and then shoot him. That would be totally real....... :evil:

Note:Extreme sarcasm / joke

October 6, 2006, 12:01 AM
probably #1, as there's more pellets than 00, but they're about the same size in a 3" load. 4 yards for distance. Consider a head shot, too.

October 6, 2006, 01:01 AM
Use karo syrup and red food coloring for the blood. It works better than the real stuff.

Organ meat? Are you freakin' serious? Yech. Just put some sliced pieces of tarp or something on the thing, and it'll look gruesome without stinking to high heaven.

October 6, 2006, 01:28 AM
What load for Halloween?

Pumpkin Seeds.

I was the one that taught the Great Pumpkin this btw...

All I did was remove pellets from some promo dove/quail loads in 12 ga, replace with pumpkin seeds, and re-crimp.

I just substituted pumpkin seeds for shot, when I reloaded some 2 1/2" .410 hulls.

Hey, the kiddos of folks I knew and shot shotguns with thought it was pretty cool...[parents went a bit nuts too]

Yes they work! We shot them to pattern, bust balloons and all later. By far, the "favoritest" was the .410 for the kiddos.

Now you know who taught the Great Pumpkin this reloading tidbit...might be in a Trivial Pursuit game or something ...

Your Welcome.


October 6, 2006, 01:42 AM
fletchet order them from the back of many gun mags...dont know that I would shoot them out of a high value gun though...not sure, but would probably be hell on a barrel, not to mention the dummy you are shooting...

October 6, 2006, 01:56 AM
Organ meat? Are you freakin' serious? Yech.

Yes I am. I want maximum gore :D . I wont put it out till the day of, and plan to toss it afterwards. The weather around here is chilly this time of year so it shouldnt smell to bad. You should see what I did last year.

October 6, 2006, 02:03 AM
Foam rubber soaked in the Karo/red food color also makes for great simulated flesh. Small bits of the foam look just like muscle tissue when placed strategically, and it doesn't rot either.

October 6, 2006, 02:05 AM
I hope you're planning on taking pictures. :-P

October 6, 2006, 02:24 AM
I hope you're planning on taking pictures. :-P

Mods permiting I will post them. This thread may be a bit off topic, and not in very good taste.

October 6, 2006, 10:58 AM
Wrong question, you should have asked:

"Witch shotgun load for Halloween?" :D

Samhain toilichte dhuibh :)

October 6, 2006, 11:32 AM
Maybe some #5 shot from close range, im sure that would be pretty messy.

October 6, 2006, 12:11 PM
Somehow, this just doesn't seem all that consistent with "Promoting the Responsible Use of Firearms".

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