Need Sighting System Advice


May 14, 2003, 10:56 PM
I picked up a used Marlin 30/30 today. It came with a set of look through style rings mounted directly to the gun and a cheap Tasco 4x32 scope. It seems accurate enough (dead on at 100 yards) and I can still use the iron sights. I sort of like the setup but am not completely sold on it.

I am considering some ghost ring style sights or maybe even a red dot or holo type sight. Cany anyone give me any advice on brands and style? I don't even really know what is available except for the AO ghost ring sights which seem really expensive for a $200.00 gun.

Thanks for the help.

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May 15, 2003, 07:52 AM
First, welcome to THR.

As for sights remember that sights are the most important thing on a rifle or pistol. Without them.... well you don't get the (sight) picture.

Good fixed sights are precision machined, so the cost will be higher then just a piece of metal with a hole/notch/etc cut in it and a metal "stick" on the front.

As for Red Dot scopes there are many out there. Almost everyone makes them now. Again, cost will kind of determine quality... to an extent.

You may want to check out the Panorama Sight (Do a search here).. Fairly inexpensive, multiple aiming reticles and brightnesses. However, they are up there in price (though not as high as others). We have sold a lot of Panorama to customers (for from their .22 pistols, to their Turkey Shotguns) after they see the priceing of others (Aimpoint, Leopold, etc). There are cheaper ones out there but keep in mind the age old adage "You get waht you pay for".

Art Eatman
May 15, 2003, 08:21 AM
A "however": Before you go spending money, try a box or two of shells, shooting offhand or with a hasty rest at impromptu targets such as tin cans at different distances. 40-50 yards; 75 or so...You have a good hunting rifle, so, to me, practicing with it in "hunting mode" makes sense.

If some practice makes you comfortable with what you have, fine. If it doesn't, you can then think seriously about changing your sighting system...


May 15, 2003, 08:56 AM
Thanks for the welcome. I used to sculk around over at The Firing Line but never joined. I followed you guys over here and decided to join.

Yeah, I agree about getting what you pay for. I learned that lesson the hard way years ago. I bought this gun because I am not joining a hunt club this year which means that me and a friend will be hunting game management land. We can't clear lanes and can't use food plots so we will be doing some stalking. I thought I would have better luck stalking with a 30/30 than I would with any of my bolt guns. I may use a pistol some this year as well. I don't plan to be able to see much past 60-70 yards (I have scouted the land and it is thick cover) hence the question about the sights.

I am going to shoot the gun the way it is setup now a good bit more to see if I like it and can get used to it. But, my vision is perfect and I can see a deer just fine at those distances with standard type sights. I have ghost ring sights on a defense shotgun and have trained with them. I like how quickly target acquisition takes place using them. It seems for stalking, they are almost ideal compared to iron sights or peep sights (or even a scope). My only problem with loosing the scope is that at low-light, I will be at a disadvantage. Not that the Tasco is going to be overly bright at low-light anyway.

I will check out the sights you mentioned and thanks for the help.

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