Rusty Duck Black Off Solvent/GOJO?


October 14, 2006, 03:01 AM
I bought a 16 oz. jug of Rusty Duck "Black Off" Black Powder Cleaning Solvent at WalMart before they stopped selling guns & muzzle loading supplies here. Only used it a couple of times, but it worked well on the 777 residue that was left behind after using the Hoppe's 9 Plus the other day, which wasn't much but was still noticiable on tight fitting patches.
It has a very strong alcohol type of smell to it, but the only ingredient listed is Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether. :eek:
It's nice to have several different BP solvents around to provide a "1-2-3 punch" to help remove stubborn residue from whatever powder etc... that I happen to be shooting. It was inexpensive too at about $5 for the jug. ;)
Anybody else try this stuff or want to mention other commercial or homemade solvents?
When I visited the Traditions Warehouse Store recently, I noticed that they had a solvent that had "orange" in it. I guess that's one of the new solvent additives that the manufacturers are using. It was in a spray bottle. Anyone try anything with that ingredient in it yet?
Also, there is an experienced shooter on another forum who absolutely swears by his [nearly] exclusive use of the plain version of the hand cleaning product "GOJO" as a patch lubricant and cleaning agent. It contains mineral oil, lanolin and whatever other ingredients, and was originally developed to remove carbon black from the hands of rubber workers who worked in the Ohio rubber factories. He describes it as working so well as a patch lube at keeping his barrel clean, that I may even eventually try it out as another weapon in my solvent "arsenal"! It's also available at Walmart, Autozone etc... and very inexpensive ($1 on sale), but if you want to try it, only use the plain version without any coarse pumice type ingredients added.
It has some water in it so it will dry out a little if exposed to the air for very long which will make it not be as messy in the field if used as a patch lube, but someone else reportedly adds a little olive oil to it (15%) to keep it from drying out too much, and he said that this helps to improve it. Believe it or not? :D

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October 14, 2006, 05:12 PM
The only commercial BP solvent I've used it Hoppe's, and it seems to make a better lube for keeping fouling under control than it does a solvent.

I'm sold on Ballistol though. Since I've been using it, it has proven to be more effective at cleaning than Hoppe's or warm soapy water. It's very thorough and I use it on centerfire and rimfire guns too. It removes lead fouling also, which is a big plus with revolvers. "Dry patching" with it has shrunk my groups in every gun I've tried it in.

October 15, 2006, 05:25 PM
Rusty Duck "Black Off" Black Powder Cleaning Solvent, I just purchased some last week and wonder if it is safe for a nickel reciever

October 16, 2006, 06:39 PM
Nickel electro-plating is tough stuff, I have a nickeled Traditions that I wouldn't even worry about using it on. When in doubt, test it out...:D

Dave Markowitz
October 17, 2006, 09:52 PM
I used to use Hoppe's No.9 Plus BP solvent, and it works fine for cleaning and patch lube. However, I now use plain old Windex as a BP solvent. It works better than anything I've tried, it's cheap, and comes in a handy spray bottle.

I use Ballistol to lubricate the cylinder base pin on my Remington repros, for which purpose it excels. When I'm done cleaning the sixguns I leave them with a coat of Ballistol to prevent corrosion. It's also make a great CLP for them new fangled smokeless powder guns. ;) It's only downsides IMO are that it's not so cheap and it smells like stinky feet. :barf:

October 18, 2006, 06:13 PM
LOL. Ballistol smells horrid alright. Normally I don't much care about the smell of the chemicals and lubes I use. But Ballistol is just gross till it airs out a bit.

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