New Keltec P-11


October 28, 2006, 07:23 PM
After doing some reading about them on the forum, I decided to try one. Bought it this afternoon and then met a buddy at the range to try it out. This is my first Kel Tec (have a Sig 226 and a Glock 23). Put a hundred rounds through it. Sort of a revolver DA pull with out the clicks (I do like my 642). Not as nice as the Sig but smoother than the Glock. I think in another 3 or four boxes, I'll be very comfortable with it.

I need to read the manual more thoroughly and it may be in there but thought I'd ask anyway.....any problem with dry firing?



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October 28, 2006, 07:31 PM
Don't dry fire it, always use a snap cap. You can damage the breachface, firing pin, or firing pin screw, at least in theory.

Congrats on your P-11, the trigger will lighten up and smooth out a good bit as you fire it more.

October 28, 2006, 08:25 PM
I took my new (bought less than a month ago) P11 to the range this morning, wanted to check the sights and see how it grouped. I was surprised. I was seated using a rest and at 15 yards, after two or three fliers, settled down and put the next 40 rounds in about an eight inch group. This isn't perfection, but the light was a little dim and I wasn't using my peep attachment which I normally clip to my shooting glasses. Gun shot to point of aim with no adjustment to the sights. Awesome for a pistol right out of the box. No FTF or FTE. The range owner who was my FFL said he has sold several P3AT's and no complaints. Like you say I believe the trigger will get even better.

October 28, 2006, 09:43 PM
one slight caution... DO NOT use birchwood casey gun cleaner on the slide....the white dots, on the rear of your slide....will vanish...also the night sights kel-tec offers, ($80)..has just a 5 year warranty....other then that...a great little pocket weapon.

October 29, 2006, 02:40 AM
welcome to THR, i am happy to see that you are happy with the new pistol and by the way congrats, i am also glad to read on this thread and others that people like them so much. i have been thinking about one for summer time carry and think it would be perfect iwb holster, and they are so light that I am sure it would be comfortable, and i might even forget i am wearing it!

October 29, 2006, 04:10 AM was the best site but it looks like their database was wiped out. Another good site is

October 29, 2006, 09:07 AM
My link still works:)

October 29, 2006, 09:08 AM

October 29, 2006, 10:29 AM
It's a great little gun. I gave mine a heavy melt job and had it nickel plated by Jack Fuselier. The trigger shoe helps with the loooong heavy trigger pull. I carried mine IWB with the belt clip. It went unnoticed. Unfortunately I sold it because the trigger pull was aweful. I have since switched over to wheelguns for off duty and find their trigger pull nowhere near as bad as the P-11. If it wasn't for the trigger pull on those things, it would be my favorite off duty CCW. There's someone on selling 12rd flush fit Keltec P-11 magazines for $20 each if you are interested. I paid $25 + shipping for mine from KT. There's also a guy on Freakbay selling 10rd mags for $9.99.

October 29, 2006, 11:49 AM
The KTOG forum appears to be Kaput! Although it looks like the rest of the site is functioning.:what:

October 30, 2006, 11:16 AM
Thanks for all the replies. I've been reading the KT forums all weekend (except yesterday when the org database went to problem land; someone on that site said the database was intact but the forum interface was messed up).

I've got the belt clip ordered from KT to try. I can carry it in my jeans pocket (front) and it looks like I've got a small note book or large palm pilot like device. My 642 works better for that mode as it looks like a wallet. I tried it with an uncle Mike's holster for iwb and although the holster was not the right one, I could tell that the iwb mode of carry would be no problem.

I read that the short barrel likes lighter bullets; 115 to 125 grain to get good expansion. Wall mart had 147 only in JHP so will sniff around at the gun stores.

I made my own snap cap (hard plastic disk set in hot glue in primer pocket) but will get proper snap caps also. I like to dry fire as that educates my trigger finger (and strengthens as well).

I need to do some more study as I had read that you can adjust the firing spring in the handle to lighten the pull but needed to do another mod inside to bring the AD from a drop back up to proper safety level. Some one mentioned with both mods that the trigger was lighter and actually safer than stock. Anyone have any insight on this issue?



Dirty Bob
October 30, 2006, 01:25 PM
Congrats on a great purchase! The P-11 is light, compact, fairly powerful, and more accurate than most of us realize.

I don't know about the spring modification, but a homemade trigger stop can help and costs almost nothing. A-ZOOM snap caps are about $15 from Midway. They'll give you some very cheap and helpful practice.

My favorite P-11 holster is the Galco "USA" model. It's a thin, tuckable holster that hooks under the belt. I wear in front, in the "appendix" position, and tucking is really not a huge hassle when I need to do it. My drawstroke is the same in either case. I carry one spare 10-round mag in a Schrade knife pouch (any cellphone or knife pouch might work for this, but I'd prefer one with a belt loop, not a spring clip: you want the pouch to stay on your belt when you're nervous and don't know your own strength).

Welcome to the cult!
Dirty Bob

October 30, 2006, 01:35 PM
I did the trigger spring mod to mine as well as the rest of the fluff and buff, and it made the trigger much nicer. Not light, but easier and smoother, which makes the still slightly heavy pull less noticeable. As far as ammo, I shot a bunch of the WWB for practice, some of the PD Hydrashok for familiarity, and carried the PD HS for a year or so (shooting a little bit of it now and then for reassurance). About a year ago I read about the Federal EFMJ, and wanted to try some of it. I called all around, and the only place I could find it (or anyone else that had heard of it) was at Midway shooters Supply. I ordered 4 20 rnd boxes, shot 2 1/2 of them to prove reliability, and that is what I carry now. It is peppy, but does not feel like +P, and in fact is a little easier to shoot than the PD HS loads (probably because of bullet weight (105 gr. I believe). They shot through some 3/4" plywood we set up and still burried 5-6" in soft dirt backstop. The recovered bullets (I can't find the pics I took (actually, I can't remember what I named them)):confused: , but they all looked just like the pics in the advertisement. You can check here, or just search Federal EFMJ, and lots of info will come up.

October 30, 2006, 01:38 PM
D Bob,

Thanks for the welcome. I've got a Galco tuckable for my glock 23 (which I thought would be a good carry but is too large for many situations I'm in). I carry in the same appendix position for iwb. If the clip doesn't work for me, that tuckable holster would be the next step.

Actually, I may end up with the Galco anyway when I want to carry the p11 and need to tuck my shirt in.

Good idea on the mag in a pouch. I'm in construction and a lot of the contractors have two phones so a second "phone" in my case would not look odd.


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