Single-Six .17? Bisley?


Dollar An Hour
November 2, 2006, 01:14 PM
Looking for an accurate rimfire for plinking & target shooting. Initially was thinking Browning Buck Mark, but I do like the simplicity of a wheelgun and not having to field strip it.

I had a .22/.22WMR 6-5/8" single six years ago and foolishly sold it. :banghead:

What can you guys tell me about the .17HMR / .17HM2 model? It has scope mounts which is nice. I bet it's a lot of fun, and with a scope is probably accurate to 100+ yards. Are these two calibers the same bore diameter? I've heard the .22lr suffers in the Single-Six convertible due to the bore being .22WMR diameter.

What about the Bisley model? Trigger and hammer look a bit more comfortable, with the different grip angle I wonder if it's a nice shooter as well?

I guess the .17's are kinda irrational, but they seem fun anyway. :evil:

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November 2, 2006, 01:29 PM
Those things are neat. I've handled one (Bisley Hunter).

However, I'd think long and hard about .17 in a little revolver. It's always seemed like a mismatch to me.

For the same ammo price, you can shoot .38 Specials from a Blackhawk. If .17M2 came down to anywhere near the ballpark of .22LR ammo, it'd get more interesting.

I suppose with a scope and a rest, you could take some advantage of the .17's trajectory. I don't know how barrel length impacts muzzle velocity, though.

Seems like a specialized gun, the kind of thing that would appeal to a squirrel-hunting backpacker. Tree squirrels are off-limits for hunting in my half of my state, and ground squirrels seem less appetizing.:)

Anyway, if you get the gun, report back. I've been intrigued, just not enough to buy one!

November 2, 2006, 06:43 PM
Only problem I can see with the .17 or for that matter the .22 magnum is the prices of ammo and sometimes scarcity in my area. Also a few indoor ranges won't allow the .17 for some reason or other but I think it would be a fun gun especially for some hunting purposes. I do shoot a few of the magnums in my .22 occasionally but stick mostly with the .22 LR.

Jeff F
November 2, 2006, 07:50 PM
I feel the .17 is a fair hunting round out of a long gun, but out of a sidearm especially a plinker or shooter it would be expensive to shoot a lot. When I take out a 22.Lr revolver for some fun shooting I can go through a brick of ammo easy. That's about ten bucks for ammo. Ten boxes of .17 or even .22 mag is going to cost from 60.00 to 90.00 dollars depending on where and
what kind you buy.

November 2, 2006, 09:03 PM
My Ruger Single Six Stainless .17HMR Hunter is not a Bisely BUT it is my favorite ranch pistol. It is scoped with a Burris 2-7 scope and I carry it in an Uncle Mike Bandelier holster. It is quiet, like a .22 Stinger , and whacks everything to 100 yards about 3 times nastier than a .22LR Stinger! Nor NEAR as loud as a .22mag, for some odd reason!:cool:

Dollar An Hour
November 2, 2006, 10:56 PM
The Bisley is chambered in .17HMR and I don't want to spend $10/box on ammo... If I went Bisley I'd just get the .22. :)

I could go with the convertible-cylinder model and shoot .17 HM2 most of the time. HM2 ammo seems to cost about $6-$7 per box, or as much as higher-end target .22lr from Eley.

On one hand it's pricey ammo from a rimfire. OTOH, it's fast and flat-shooting past 100 yards and seems like it'd be fun to shoot with.

I admit it probably makes more sense to get the .22lr/.22WMR and run the WMR cylinder when I'm in the mood for some more zip...

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