I would like your opinions on the Baer TRS


November 3, 2006, 10:14 AM
Please give me your opinions on the Baer TRS:
a. Value
b. Quality
c. Fit/Finish
d. Features
e. Accuracy
f. Overall

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November 3, 2006, 10:55 AM
a. Value
The price is at the low end of the custom 1911 market.
b. Quality
Locals who are savy shooters consider it better than some of the more expensive custom/semi custom 1911s
c. Fit/Finish
Most of them have a brown tint to the blue. This is fine with me. The metal work is excellent and the "melt" is subtile.
d. Features
I really like the absence of an ambi safety and would probable like it even better if it had the standard A1 safety. The sights are easy to pick up. I didnt' think I would like the narrow TR special grip panels but find I shoot it as well or better than my other 1911s.
They are tight (bushing/slide-frame, etc and this presuppoes a break -in period I've had two ftf last round out of a few hundred rounds but otherwise it functions ball/ soft ball and swc just fine.
e. Accuracy
It will shoot right along with my target revolvers which is saying something.
f. Overall
Glad I have it. A bonus is that Les Baer treates his customers right.Some custom gunsmiths consider bad manners to be a badge of honor


November 3, 2006, 11:03 AM
I have a LB Custom Carry which is very nearly the same gun. I only wish I had bought a LB YEARS ago!

When it arrived, it was SO TIGHT that I knew it would be impossible for it to function. NO slack or movement anywhere. I was wrong! It NEVER missed a beat!!! And it is as accurate as they claim it to be. It now has 795 rounds through it and is just now beginning to be broken in. It is as slick and smooth as any firearm I have ever handled.

I don't think you can go wrong with a LB of any model and they are WELL worth the cost I feel.

Chuck R.
November 3, 2006, 01:57 PM
I donít have a TRS, but I do have a Concept V, and a Stinger. All of the Baer models are basically the same, with a couple of feature/ upgrade differences between them.

Please give me your opinions on the Baer TRS:

a. Value: Probably the best value in a semi-custom going. I donít think you can piece together a gun using quality parts and have the total cost equal the price of a Baer.

b. Quality: Well, Iíve got two with no complaints

c. Fit/Finish: Very, very, good. I think Brownís are better, but they cost a lot more and I'd feel guilty getting holster wear.

d. Features: IHMO the TRS costs more because of the badge on the slide. Order a custom carry, get thin grips, a single side safety, and itís the same gun. You could also order a PII with fixed sights, single safety and thin grips. The main reason I didnít order a TRS was/is the badge on the side, I just canít stand that sort of thing. :barf: The standard features on all Baer guns are very good. On my Concept V I added a serrated top & rear of slide, night sights, and checkering under the trigger guard. Iím thinking of sending my Stinger back in for slide serration and the under the trigger guard checkering. The bottom line is, IF you go through a place like Sporting Arms, you can order your Baer with any features you want.

e. Accuracy: This is just plain AWESOME. IF you donít think the 3Ē @ 50 will do it for you, you can get the 1.5Ē @ 50 guarantee, but if you can shoot a 3Ē @ 50 yard gun past itís potential then you belong on the Olympic team. :D

f. Overall: Like I said, Iíve got two and I secretly scheme of ways to get a 3rd. If my first born wasn't turning out so well, I'd probably have a 3rd Baer by now.

My Concept V went past the 10K mark yesterday, I put 700 rounds through it in two days. The gun started out tight, and is still tight, no rattles, no play. It is at the same time reliable enough to get through 400 LSWC reloads at a sitting. The slide is like glass on glass or well-greased bearings.

The only downside is that I'm going broke feeding the things, and my postman now wears a back-brace from the flat rate bullet deliveries.


Black Majik
November 3, 2006, 02:11 PM
Les Baers are one of those guns that you fire for the first time, unload and stare at it for a while. Well... at least I did that... twice... ;)

Please give me your opinions on the Baer TRS:

I'll give my opinion of Baers in general since they're all essentially the same.

a. Value
- Great value. Les Baers are what I consider "value" Semi-custom 1911s, except that they use only premium parts. Very high quality, though they use generic bluing, instead of the latest and greatest "tactical black" supercoating.

b. Quality
- Amazing quality. Period. Dunno how else to say it. No plastic anywhere? No MIM.

c. Fit/Finish
- Gorgeous blue finish. I actually like the plum colored slides that come out on some Baers. My Custom Carry has only been holstered 3 times, and I cringed every time when I put it back in the holster. But, I had to run a stage at night and needed the nightsights. I'm trying to keep that finish pristine. My PII is my usual workhorse, finish down to bare metal on the slide and frame.

Fit is amazing. You'll truly appreciate how freaking close the tolerances are when you detail strip the damn thing. It took me close to 4 hours to put it back together, mainly getting the sear pin back in through the sear and disconnector. Initially when brand new, the gun will be VERY tight, you'll have to break the gun in. Once you get a few thousand rounds through it, it's quite amazine how smooth the gun turns out. To this day I still need a bushing wrench to turn the bushing. Though now its easier to turn on its own. I also still have to lightly tap out the bushing with the barrel to get the bushing/barrel out of the slide.

Well, I'll also put it this way. No matter how nice any other 1911 is from NHC, Ed Brown, or Wilson.... they all feel like rattle traps now. You'll appreciate picking up a Baer and it feeling you'll like you're holding one solid piece of steel.

d. Features
- They have all the features you can think of, every combination to make new models. I can't even keep up anymore. It's really something you'll have to look into. I remember wanting a fixed sight Baer, so I had to choose between a TRS and a Custom Carry. Same gun with VERY few differences. Mainly checkered vs serrated MSH, full vs. 3-hole trigger, different rollmarks, and single vs. ambi safety. I ended up with a Custom Carry in the end, but essentially its the same thing.

The PII has the BIGGEST damn manual safety ever. But it works well. I love it. It has proven to be great for shooters that shoot high thumb, which I do.

For the TRS. You get a lot of great features. Fixed nightsights, dehorned edges, GREAT trigger, ext thumb safety, KART barrel, beveled magwell, thin grips, beavertail, skeleton hammer, and mainly a gun that just knows how to SHOOT!

e. Accuracy
Well, 3" @ 50 yards should say something. Or 1.5" @ 50 yards. Does it get any more accurate than that out of a handgun?

Lets put it this way, most manufacturers rate their accuracy at 25 yards. Only Les Baer rates theirs at 50 yards. Clark Customs is the only one that rates at 50 yards too, but he's full on custom!

f. Overall
- Get the Les Baer. Dunno how else to put it except that you'll want more because they're just THAT GOOD. I've ran my PII hard through matches, classes etc, and they just keep going. If I do my part (and luck), I can hit 8" steel at 100 yards. Sometimes it's nice to know that if you miss, it's all you and not the gun. :D


Chuck R.
November 3, 2006, 03:20 PM
Black Majik

I smile every time I see that picture of your well worn PII, itís nice to see a gun with honest use.

Are those Carbon Creation grips on the CC?

I ordered a set for my stinger. Iím getting the mat-black, double diamond cut for a mag-well. I went round and round for a while between Carbon Creationís, Alumagrips, and VZs.

How do you like them?


November 4, 2006, 01:26 PM
Les Baer TRS is an outstanding gun. I have owned 5 LB guns and now own 2 TRS. Their value is excellent for a semi-custom, fit/finish is the best out there. Accuracy and reliability are as good as it gets.:)

Black Majik
November 4, 2006, 02:37 PM
Hi Chuck,

Thank you. Yes those are Carbon Creations on the Custom Carry. I love them the grips are quite strong and dont wear very easily. The checkering is aggressive for good grip.

I used to have Alumagrips, but the checkering was very shallow so I got rid of them. Those are beautiful grips however, they even add some weight. No experience yet with VZ grips, but they look like they provide great traction.

Anyways, sorry for the thread drift... back to the regularly scheduled programming... :)

El Tejon
November 4, 2006, 02:41 PM
I own 4 TRSs. Great guns. Had a problem with gun #4, metal spurs that prevented the weapon from being reassembled. Les fixed it without delay.

Take the silly overtravel screw out so your trigger does not freeze (I cannot imagine why Smith had these put in, it so goes against his philosophy). Wear the weapon it. Keep the springs changed, buy lots and lots of mags and rotate your guns, you'll do great.:)

Ala Dan
November 4, 2006, 07:50 PM
Value: I will have too say, it cost several $$$ more than those
from Kimber's Custom Shop; but not as much as some of the other
quality gun makers products. Got mine NIB (with all accessory's) for
a shade over $1500~!:cool:

Quality: I know that the old military 1911's would rattle when
shook, and fit and finish were not the best in the world. When you
move up too a Baer TRS, it takes a little getting use too. Much more
tighter tolerances go into this gun; and in my way of thinking, it aids
in accuracy. The quality of fit and finish is surperb; Les doen't put his
money into fancy boxes or gimmick products. Your gun will arrive in a
"Plain Jane" cardboard box, with a Baer patch, three magazines, and
a small bottle of metal conditioner, and instruction booklet. That is
it-, don't expect anything else.~!:uhoh:

Accuracy: This gun comes with Trijicon night sights from the
factory. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of any manufactuer'ers
night sights; as I simply trust my instincts and my vision. But, I do
see these Trijicon's better for unknown reasons; than I did on my
factory SIG's. The best night sights I've ever used were the Mepro-
lights, on a 5" Kimber Raptor. But weapon, didn't come with the 1.5"
guarnatee; but if I do my part, I can make head shots that touch
each other (3-shot groups) from the 25 yard line.

Features: I love the 30 lines per inch checkering of the front
strap. Once you reach for, and grab a hold of this weapon - its there~!
No slipping, fumbling, or adjusting your grip is necessary. It has the long
solid aluminum (Colt style) trigger, and my gun is set right at 4.5 lbs.
I also like the TRS logo cocoabolo wood grips, as they are very thin
and fit my hands just right.:D

Chuck R.
November 5, 2006, 09:49 PM

Black Majik,

Sorry to resurrect the thread AND hijack it, but my CC grips came in on Sat. Even though, they're matt-black you can see the tell-tale stripes.

My Stinger's got no where near the character your PII does, but I'm working on it:D

Sorry for the lousy pic, and I can't for the life of me figure out how to make it smaller.


November 5, 2006, 10:00 PM
MEC !!! :what:

You've gotten better groups than that from a couple of your charcoal burners, Dude!!! You'd better send that Baer clunker to me for... er ... environmentaly correct... er ... disposal !!! :D

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